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Set up an electricity connection in your new-build property

In this guide you’ll find out how to set up a permanent domestic or temporary electricity connection for your new-build property. If you are having your new home built through a contractor, it is very common that they will handle the organisation and correspondance with the energy distributors; charges incurred will usually be billed and added to your quotation. However, if this is not the case then you should follow this guide as if you were doing a self-build house: In order for you to receive your new electricity connection you need to first establish a connection by contacting your local Distribution Network Operator (DNO) and then signing up for your supply with an energy utility company.

Temporary Connection

If you’re building the property through your own means, it would be advisable to think about having a temporary electric supply for your equipment, tools or if you are living on-site during the construction process, your caravan. If this is something you are interested in, you should apply through your local distributor (details of which can be found a little further down) for a temporary connection within the boundaries of your construction site. Once you have completed your build, this connection can also be re-routed into your house as a domestic connection. After your connection has been established you need to contact an energy supplier in order to arrange a meter installation. If you do not have a meter, you will not be able to receive electricity from an energy supplier.

The Connection Process

In order to begin the process of installing your new property with a domestic electricity connection, you need to request a ‘New Domestic Connection Application/Quotation’ from your local DNO. Alternatively this can be filled out online. Below are the application links and contact numbers for each DNO.

Area Company Website Download Application
North Scotland SSE Power Distribution Download here
Central and Southern Scotland SP Energy Networks Download here
North East England Northern Powergrid Download here
North West England Electricity North West Download here
Yorkshire Northern Powergrid Download here
Merseyside, Cheshire, North Wales & North Shropshire SP Energy Networks Download here
East Midlands, West Midlands, South Wales & South West England Western Power Distribution Download here
Eastern England UK Power Networks Download here
Southern England SSE Power Distribution Download here
London UK Power Networks Download here
South East England UK Power Networks Download here
Northern Ireland Northern Ireland Electricity Download here

Along with your application, you may have to include the following:

  • If your supply will cross through any third party private land, you may need consent forms.
  • Maps of your plot location.
  • Location of your temporary supply (if applicable)

After you have made contact with your local DNO, you should receive a date for your new electricity connection. You should also receive a ‘Meter Point Administration Number’ (MPAN). This will allow you to go ahead and contact your chosen energy provider. Upon making contact with them, you will need to arrange for the installation of your new meter; however, the connection from your DNO does need to be in place before the meter can be installed.

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