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British Gas to raise electricity prices from September 2017

British gas car

Electricity is going up in Great Britain

British Gas have recently announced a price hike in their standard variable tariff by 12.5%, which as by no surprise, has angered their many loyal customers.

More than 3 million homes will be affected by this rise in electricity, only weeks after the government vowed to cap rising energy bills.

The rise of the tariff is at almost £100 extra added to your bill.

2040 countdown: Electric cars vs fuel powered cars

As the UK prepare to be committed in electric cars, is their anyone actually buying them?

Petrol nosel versus Electric charger

Electric cars to take over by 2040

It was announced recently by the UK government, that all car manufacturers will have to end all sales of gas and fuel powered cars by 2040, with a complete national ban on internal combustion engined cars by 2050.

Renewable Energy in the UK - The Ultimate Guide

As we continue to grow larger in numbers and advance technologically, the demand for energy is growing dramatically. This is not helped by the limited amount of fossil fuels that remain on the planet. As such, we are having to think outside of the box and come up with ways in which to power the world without dipping into our traditional energy sources: oil; gas; and coal. Currently around 85% of the energy consumed worldwide comes from fossil fuels.