One of the world’s largest independent electricity producers, Engie offers energy solutions to businesses of all sizes in different sectors. Whether you’re looking for the supplier’s tariffs and products, searching for contact numbers and login details, or just want more information about careers with Engie, you’ll find it all in our guide.

Engie in summary:

Electricity: Natural gas, renewables, nuclear, coal and other  Broad range of services for businesses of all sizes
Market: England, Scotland and Wales  Renewable energy options
Customers: 30,000+ business premises  Not many reviews for Engie business energy operations online

Who are Engie UK?

Engie was formed in 2006, through the merger of French energy multinationals Gaz de France and Suez SA. However, its roots can be traced all the way back to 1858, as the corporation in charge of constructing the Suez Canal. 

Today, Engie is a large multinational with a focus on the sustainable creation and distribution of electricity. In recent years it has invested heavily in renewables and cut all investment in coal plants.

In the UK, it operates solely in the business energy market, having sold its 70,000 residential customers to Octopus in January 2020. Engie has tariff options for businesses of all sizes, from microbusinesses to commercial enterprises, including a 100% renewable electricity plan.

Engie Customer Reviews

At the time of writing, Engie had over 1,000 reviews on the consumer rating site Trustpilot, with a rating of 4.0 out of 5 stars. However, it must be noted that many of these reviews are for its residential energy supply arm, which was sold off to Octopus in early 2020.

The vast majority of the Engie customer reviews on Trustpilot are positive, with 91% rating the supplier as either ‘Excellent’ or ‘Great’. Meanwhile, just 8% of customers have ranked Engie as ‘Bad’ or ‘Poor’.

Engie business tariffs and products

For smaller to medium-sized businesses, Engie offers fixed-rate tariffs on contracts that last between one and five years. Compared to many other business energy suppliers, Engie offers greener and more sustainable energy options. It will also advise on ways for your business to become more energy efficient.

Larger businesses have the option of fully tailored contracts and also have the flexibility of choosing between either a fixed or a variable tariff.

The following are some examples of the Engie business supply contracts available to SMEs.


  • Fixed price for up to five years, inclusive of third party charges
  • Available as a standard or green electricity and gas contract


  • Fixed price unit rate with no daily standing charges
  • Available as a standard gas contract only


  • Fixed network charges, with government charges such as the CfD, CM and RO passed through at the current rate
  • Available as a standard or green electricity and gas contract

Extra Services

In addition to its basic energy supply tariffs and products, Engie provides a few additional services to help its customers manage their commercial energy accounts and lessen their environmental impact.

Renewable energy

Engie offers a variety of cost-effective renewable energy options to help your business achieve its sustainability goals and reduce its carbon footprint.

All of Engie’s renewable energy is traceable through UK Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origin (REGOs) or EU Guarantee of Origin certification (GoOs). As a result, you'll be able to track all of the electricity you buy back to specific renewable generators.

Business Smart & AMR meters

As part of the UK government’s commitment to meeting carbon reduction targets, Engie is taking all reasonable steps to roll out smart meters or Advanced Meter Reading (AMR) equipment to all businesses and homes by 2025. 

Both AMR and smart meters enable your business to know exactly how much energy it is using and where, while automatic readings should bring an end to estimated bills. 

Microbusinesses with Engie can request a smart meter installation directly from the supplier. All gas and Non-Half Hourly (NHH) electricity customers that are eligible for an AMR meter are automatically enrolled onto Engie's AMR rollout programme when they sign up with the supplier.

Moving Business Premises

If you're moving out of premises where Engie is the supplier, you'll need to confirm your new address and close your current account. You can do so by filling in the moving out form on the customer area section of its website or calling the supplier directly using the contact information further down this page. 

If you would like Engie to continue supplying the energy at your new business location, you will need to contact the supplier to set up a new account and switch the supply over. Again, you can do this via the moving in form on the supplier's website's customer area section or calling them directly using the information provided further down this page. 

Engie Deemed and Out of Contract Rates

Magnifying glass and deemed rates

Out of contract rates are usually imposed when a customer's contract expires and they fail to agree to a new tariff. 

Customers who move into premises where Engie is already the supplier will usually be charged deemed rates. These rates will apply until the customer either signs a new contract with Engie or switches their business energy provider.

If you find yourself on deemed or out of contract rates, we recommend switching suppliers or agreeing to a new plan with Engie as soon as possible, as these rates are typically more expensive than other market options. To learn more about switching your business energy, you can speak to a Selectra business energy expert on 020 3318 3633 or get a free personalised online quote now.

Engie Gas Deemed Rates

Engie deemed gas rates
Standing charge Unit rate
480p per day (per meter) 5.98p per kWh

Prices correct as of June 2021. Rates in the table above exclude Climate Change Levy, VAT and any other applicable taxes.

Engie Electricity Deemed Rates

Engie deemed electricity rates
Meter Profile Class Standing charge Day unit rate Night unit rate
Half Hourly 300p per day 25.22p per kWh 21.41p per kWh

Prices correct as of June 2021. Rates in the table above exclude Climate Change Levy, VAT and any other applicable taxes.

Engie Out of Contract Gas Rates

Engie out of contract gas rates
Standing charge Unit rate
480p per day (per meter) 5.98p per kWh

Prices correct as of June 2021. Rates in the table above exclude Climate Change Levy, VAT and any other applicable taxes.

Engie Out of Contract Electricity Rates

Engie deemed electricity rates
Meter Profile Class Standing charge Day unit rate Night unit rate
Half Hourly 300p per day 25.22p per kWh 21.41p per kWh

Prices correct as of June 2021. Rates in the table above exclude Climate Change Levy, VAT and any other applicable taxes.

Engie business login: online account access

Engie customers can easily manage all their business energy needs with their online account. You can use your Engie login to access a variety of online services including:

  • Invoices and transactions
  • Direct Debit management
  • Online payments
  • Automated Meter Reading data
  • Customer support

How do I set up my Engie online account?

If you’re already signed up with Engie, you can register for your online account by visiting and clicking ‘Register’ in the right-hand corner of the page.

Next, you’ll need to fill in the following details:

  • The email address associated with your Engie business energy account
  • Your eight-digit account number - you can find this in both the top right corner of your energy invoice and your welcome email
  • Your business site postcode

Once you’ve submitted the above information, follow the steps to complete your registration and get access to your Engie online account.

How do I sign in to my Engie online account?

Logging into your Engie online account is simple. Just follow these four easy steps to login to your account and manage your energy online.

  1. Visit the Engie login page at
  2. In the box headed ‘Email’, enter the email address associated with your Engie business account.
  3. In the box titled ‘Password’, enter the password that is linked to your account. If you don’t remember your password, click below the box where it says ‘Forgotten your password? Click to reset’.
  4. Click the blue ‘Sign In’ button below where you entered your email address and password.

I can’t login to my Engie online account

Unable to access your online account using your Engie login details? Try the solutions below.

  • If you’ve forgotten your password, visit the Engie login page and click ‘Forgotten your password? Click to reset’. You will receive an email from the supplier with a link to reset your password and choose a new one.
  • If you have any other issues, please contact Engie using the contact information listed further down this page. Remember to have your account number to hand so that your issue can be resolved as quickly as possible.

Engie UK Fuel Mix

All UK energy providers are required to publicly disclose their fuel mix to demonstrate how their electricity is sourced and produced.

This is done so that you can make an informed decision about where your business energy comes from and how it will affect your company's carbon footprint. In its most recent fuel mix disclosure provided to Ofgem, Engie’s breakdown was as follows:

*Relates to electricity supplied in the period April 2019 to March 2020.UK Average = Coal 3.9%, Natural Gas: 39.4%, Nuclear: 16.6%, Renewable: 37.9%, Other 2.2%.

Meanwhile, it produced 0.000351g of radioactive waste per kWh while emitting 230.84g of CO2. In comparison, CO2 emissions from all UK suppliers average around 205g per kWh, while radioactive waste averages 0.0012g per kWh.

How do I contact Engie?

There are many ways to contact Engie, whether by phone, email, social media or good old pen and paper. Check our detailed guide to contacting Engie to make sure you get through to the right person.

Engie Complaints Procedure

Do you need to contact Engie to file a complaint? If you're dissatisfied with your supplier's service, follow the steps outlined below to file a formal complaint.

  1. Contact Engie directly to register your complaint either by sending an email to [email protected] or by calling the customer service number listed above between 9am and 5pm from Monday to Friday.
  2. If the Engie customer service team cannot resolve your complaint immediately, they will acknowledge your complaint in writing and issue you with a complaint reference number. Engie will keep you updated on the status of your complaint while it is open, at agreed-upon times and dates.
  3. If you and Engie are unable to reach an agreement, the supplier will send you a final offer ‘deadlock’ letter. If your company is classified as a microbusiness, the Energy Ombudsman can help you figure out what to do next. If you are not a microbusiness, you have the option of seeking independent legal advice instead.
  • Your company is considered a microbusiness if it...
  • Employs fewer than 10 employees (or their full-time equivalent) and has an annual turnover or balance sheet no greater than €2 million
  • Uses no more than 100,000 kWh of electricity per year or
  • Uses no more than 293,000 kWh of gas per year.

Contact the Energy Ombudsman service

The Energy Ombudsman exists to assist energy suppliers and their customers in resolving disputes. It's free to use, and they're completely impartial, so they don't take sides and make decisions solely on the basis of the information and evidence available. You are under no obligation to accept their decision, but if you do agree with their decision, Engie must act on it.

By post

Ombudsman Services: Energy
PO Box 966
Warrington WA4 9DF

By phone

Energy Ombudsman Contact Number Opening hours
0330 440 1624 Mon-Fri: 8am-8pm, Sat: 8am-1pm

Calls to the Energy Ombudsman contact number are charged at the same rate as a standard local landline call.

By email

[email protected]

Engie Jobs

Engie currently employs over 17,000 staff across the UK and Ireland, working in areas such as energy, technical services, facilities management, and business support. To learn more about Engie jobs, including its graduate schemes and internship opportunities, visit

Engie Apprenticeships

An apprenticeship provides you with all the necessary knowledge and training for the job, without requiring any prior experience or qualifications. Engie offers 12-48 month apprenticeships in a variety of fields, including Business, Management and Administration, Construction, Customer Service, Finance and IT.

Apprenticeship positions are advertised year-round and can be applied for online by visiting the Engie Jobs page at

Engie UK