Haven Power Ltd is a renewable business electricity supplier based in Ipswich. Offering bespoke variable and fixed-rate tariffs for small, medium and large businesses, its energy plans are adaptable to your specific business needs.

Haven Power in Summary

Electricity: Renewables, Natural Gas, Nuclear & Coal  Nearly 100% renewable electricty (93.4%)
Fuel mix score: ★★★★  Personalised service & adaptable tariffs
Domestic Market: England, Scotland, Wales (business electricity)  Offers smart meters & help to get electrical vehicles
Customers: 17,000 businesses  Mixed customer reviews
Selectra score: ★★★  Customers complain about high prices

Haven Power

Haven Power Limited primarily supplies renewable electricity to businesses, focusing on small to medium-sized businesses, as well as industrial and commercial companies. Founded in 2006, it has over 10 years of experience in the energy industry.

Haven Power is based in Ipswich, England, but supplies electricity to businesses across the UK. Up until September 2019, the CEO of Haven Power was Jonathan Kini. He became CEO of Drax retail, which includes Opus and Haven Power in early 2016. The current CEO of Drax Group, and therefore the overall CEO of Haven Power, is Will Gardiner.

Drax Group

Haven Power is owned by Drax Group, a company that operates the largest renewable energy generator in the UK, the UK’s largest power station and Europe’s largest decarbonisation project.

As well as Haven Power, Drax Group also owns UK energy supplier Opus Energy. In late 2018, it also agreed to buy Scottish Power’s pumped storage, hydro and gas-generation from its parent company Iberdrola. This includes many of Scottish Power’s power stations, such as Rye House power station and Blackburn Mill power station.


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Haven power customer reviews are quite limited online, and where reviews do feature, the supplier doesn’t exactly shine.

For example, Haven Power reviews on Google are mainly negative, with the supplier having a star rating of just 1.9 out of 5. The majority of bad reviews focus on price, claiming the company charges very high prices, as well as inaccurate bills. Haven Power customer service also takes a bashing, with some customers claiming it is nearly ‘non-existent’.

Another major complaint featured in Haven Power customer reviews is difficulty leaving the supplier. A number of customers mention being tied into an unsatisfactory contract that they cannot leave.

Customer service doesn't exist, they might as well employ robots!...they tie you into a contract then make it impossible to leave.

The supplier doesn’t fare that much better on Trustpilot, with a rating of 2.7 out of 5. In fact, 71% of Haven Power Trustpilot reviews rate the supplier as ‘bad’ (the worst category available on the site). Like Google, reviews here complain about high prices and poor customer service.

Despite the majority of Haven Power customer reviews being negative, there are a few positive ones left by happy customers. These customers praise the personalised service and like having a dedicated customer service advisor, which means they can talk to the same person for any issue.

Surprisingly considering the amount of negative Haven Power reviews left by customers, Citizens Advice ranked the supplier 8th out of 16 business providers in its October to December 2019 performance report.

While this ranking means Haven outperformed some of the Big Five suppliers, it came in below its sister company, Opus, as well as other members of the Big Five, including EDF Energy and E.ON. It’s halfway ranking shows it neither shines nor provides a shockingly bad service - it’s just average and can improve.

Business login

Customers can manage their energy account through the Haven Power portal, including submit meter readings, make payments and track energy usage. For customers on variable tariffs, the portal also gives access to trading information and position reports.

The Haven Power login process is easy to follow - use the steps below as a login guide.

  1. Access the Haven Power login page - You cannot access this page from Haven Power’s website. The easiest way is to type Haven Power business login into your search engine and click the result that reads Home Page - Haven Power. This will take you straight to the customer portal.
  2. Enter your username - this will be the email address attached to your Haven Power account and used for all correspondence.
  3. Enter your password
  4. Press the Log In button

If all your details have been entered correctly, you should now have successfully logged in to the Haven customer portal.

Forgotten password?Forgotten passwords can be easily reset, simply click the link that reads Forgotten Password? on the Haven Power login page. You will be directed to enter your username and answer a number of security questions before an email containing a link to reset your password is sent to you.


Unfortunately, there is no Haven Power app available. All account management needs to be done through the online customer portal.

Business energy tariffs & prices

Haven Power Ltd offers fixed and variable rate tariffs with renewable electricity to businesses. Their clients range from small and medium-sized businesses to large industrial and commercial companies.

Fixed tariffs

Haven Power’s Fixed Plans offer price security as prices are fixed up-front for a set amount of time. This makes it easier to manage your energy budget and reduces the risk of your energy bills shooting up.

Haven Power Limited has a range of fixed tariffs for large business owners to choose from:

  1. Complete - this covers both energy and non-energy related costs, so you know the price of your tariff before you buy it.
  2. Assured - this covers energy costs and some non-energy related expenses. As well as some third party costs such as Capacity Market, Contract for Difference and Energy Intensive Industry Schemes.
  3. Pass-through - your energy costs are fixed and you only pay for the Third Party Costs.

Variable tariffs

Haven Power’s variable tariffs are known as Flex tariffs. These allow you to benefit from rises and falls in the wholesale price of energy.

With a Flex tariff, businesses buy their own energy through Haven Power. To make sure you get consistently good deals, you have access to Haven’s market data and constant contact with the supplier’s expert Flex traders.

Haven’s Flex tariffs are based around the customer, meaning there is no set tariff plan. To find out more and get a personal business quote, contact Haven Power customer service on 01473 855720.

The provider advises that businesses which use less than 2GWh (Gigawatt hours) of electricity will not benefit from tracking the wholesale price of energy, making a fixed-rate tariff the best choice. If you are a small business owner, contact Haven Power to see what fixed tariffs they have available. Alternatively, give Selectra a call on 020 3318 3633 or get a free personalised quote. Our energy experts can help you find the right energy deal for your business.

What are Third-Party Costs?

When discussing Haven Power’s fixed tariffs, we mentioned Third-Party Costs that are added to your bill. These can account for up to 60% of your energy bill! They are sometimes known as non-energy costs or non-commodity charges. These are obligatory charges, levies and taxes which help to maintain the energy industry in the UK, and can generally be divided into two categories:

 Network costs – cover the delivery of power to meters and maintenance of the power grid. Examples of these are Distribution Use of System (DUoS), Transmission Use of System (TNUoS) and Balancing Use of System (BSUoS).
 Policy costs – government policies aimed at encouraging decarbonisation and renewable energy development. These include charges such as the Climate Change Levy (CCL), as well as subsidy schemes including Renewables Obligation (RO), Feed-in-tariff (FiT) and Contracts for Difference (CFD).

Haven Power deemed rates

Deemed rates, or out-of-contract rates, refer to the unit rate and standing charges you will be charged if you stay with Haven Power when your contract ends. If you do not switch suppliers or take out a new contract with Haven when your current contract finishes, you will automatically be charged these rates.

The Haven Power deemed rates as of July 2021 are listed in the table below. These can change, but the provider must give you 30 days notice.

Haven Power deemed rates
Profile case Day unit rate (per kWh) Night unit rate (per kWh) Standing charge (per day) Extra charges
1,2,3,4 23p 14p 50p n/a
5,6,7,8 23p 14p 500p n/a
0 (half-hourly) 25p plus TNUoS* n/a 1000 + HHAC* Metering / DA* / DC*/ Reactive power at cost

* TNUoS - Transmission Network Use of System; HHAC - Half Hourly Availability Charge; DA - Data Aggregator; DC - Data Collector. Prices correct as of June 2021. Rates in the table above exclude Climate Change Levy, VAT and any other applicable taxes.

Fuel mix

Fuel mix refers to the sources a provider gets its energy from. Haven Power consistently advertises itself as a renewable supplier and gets most of its electricity from its parent company Drax. Drax is one of the biggest generators of green energy in the UK, as it uses compressed wood pellets rather than coal to generate electricity. This source produces 86% less carbon than coal and also supports worked forests, further aiding climate change

While Haven Power Ltd is not a 100% renewable supplier, it comes in pretty close, getting 93.4% of its electricity (April 2018-March 2019) from sustainable sources. These sources include solar photovoltaic power (41%), wind power (26%), biomass (24.2%) and hydropower (8.8%).

Haven Power smart meters

Haven Power offers all of its customers smart meters. These meters make your energy usage more intuitive as they automatically track your usage, helping your business be more energy-efficient and spend less on your energy bills.

Current customers can register for a smart meter installation on the supplier’s website. You will need to provide your name, email address, company name and address, and your Haven Power account number.

Potential customers can also use this service to register for an installation appointment, but you will need to take out a Haven Power tariff before the company will install a smart meter in your premises.

Extra services

As well as electricity tariffs, Haven Power Limited also offers a handful of extra services to its business clients.

1. Support services

Various support services are available to help clients manage their energy use, including:

  • Demand side response management
  • Energy optimisation
  • Risk Management
  • Renewable power purchasing agreements

2. Electric vehicles

In the name of renewable energy, Haven Power offers a service to help businesses switch to an electric fleet. This can include business owned cars and vans, as well as the cars owned by your staff. If you are interested in the service, Haven Power’s dedicated EV team can help you in three simple steps:

  1. Survey - experts will visit your site to assess what vehicles you use and need, as well as the on-site energy capacity. This is to determine if electric vehicles are practical for your business and that you have the ability to charge them.
  2. Install - the team will then install electric vehicle charges on your site for your operational fleet, staff and even visitors to use.
  3. Electrify - when you have the capability to charge them, the team will help you choose and switch to electric vehicles

Haven Power contact

Haven Power has a range of different contact details. If your issue is urgent, the best option is to call the Haven Power contact number in order to speak directly with a customer service agent. If you are not in a rush, you can contact the supplier by email, post or even social media. All relevant contact details are listed in the table below.

Haven Power contact details
Haven Power contact number 01473 855720 (Monday to Friday:8am to 5:30pm)
Email address [email protected]
Haven Power address Haven Power Ltd, The Havens, Ransomes Industrial Estate,
Ipswich IP3 9SJ, United Kingdom
Social media
Smart meter queries [email protected]
EV team [email protected]
Moving team [email protected]
Press queries [email protected]

You can also contact Haven Power by filling out the online contact form. This allows you to select the reason for contact so you are put through to the right team. Options include:

  • General enquiry
  • Request a callback
  • Request a quote
  • Smart meter enquiry
  • Change of tenancy
  • Submit a meter reading
  • I’m an energy broker
  • New connection

Can't get through to Haven Power? Give Selectra a call on 020 3318 3633 instead. Our agents can answer your questions and offer expert energy advice.


The Haven Power complaints process is fairly straightforward. First, if you have a complaint you need to get in touch with the Haven Power customer service:

  • Haven power contact number: 1473 855720 (Monday to Friday:8am to 5:30pm)
  • Haven Power address: Haven Power Ltd, The Havens, Ransomes Industrial Estate, Ipswich IP3 9SJ, United Kingdom

The team will try to resolve the issue in one working day. If this is not possible, the problem will be escalated to the Haven Power customer care team, who will update you every 5 working days on the progress of your complaint until it is solved.

If you are not happy with the proposed solution, the final stage of the Haven Power complaints process is to escalate the issue to senior staff by emailing [email protected].

If you cannot reach a satisfactory resolution with Haven Power, you can take your complaint to the Energy Ombudsman.

Moving/change of tenancy

moving truck

Haven Power has a three-step Change of Tenancy process you need to complete if your business is moving its premises.

 Fill out the appropriate form and send it to [email protected]. There are three forms to choose from and all are available on the company’s website.
  • Moving in - to set up a Haven account at your new address
  • Moving out - to get a final bill and close your account
  • Landlords - to set up an account for new tenants
 You will need to send one or more of the following to [email protected]:
  • Lease agreement
  • Deed of surrender
  • Freehold, Leasehold or Transfer of Title (TR1) documents from the Land Registry
  • A letter from your solicitor
 Haven Power will sort out the termination of your account and/or set up of an account at your new address.


All current Haven Power jobs are advertised on the supplier’s website, under the subsection ‘Join us’. The supplier welcomes applications from all backgrounds, including those who are looking to start their career with Haven Power, and employs around 450 people in its two offices based in Ipswich.

Roles range from administration and customer service to engineering and legal services. On occasion, apprenticeships and roles for graduates are even offered. Keep an eye on the website for a job that catches your eye.


The provider also works with brokers to sell its energy. Haven Power brokers have access to account management services and an online portal where they can get instant quotes and send contacts to clients. To work with the supplier, you need to contact Haven Power using one of the methods mentioned above or fill out the online contact form.