Pozitive Energy is a commercial energy supplier with an emphasis on providing sustainable - yet low-cost - gas and electricity. Pozitive Energy also aims to help businesses cut down on wasted energy through its use of technology, which is great news for environmentally-conscious enterprises.

Who are Pozitive Energy?

Pozitive Energy was founded in 2016 to offer low-cost green energy to business customers, purchased from local suppliers. It started out offering only electricity, but in January 2020, Pozitive Energy announced a five-year trading partnership with Shell Energy to provide carbon-neutral gas through offsets and renewable gas certificates.

Pozitive Energy focuses on multi-site businesses, such as hotel and restaurant chains, educational institutions, retailers and government organisations, but also offers tariffs for smaller companies too.

Fuel Mix

The good news for businesses that put an emphasis on their green credentials is that Pozitive Energy sources all of its electricity from sustainable sources, such as solar, wind and hydropower.

Pozitive Energy’s gas supply, meanwhile, is carbon neutral. It achieves this by using carbon offsets and renewable gas certificates through Shell Energy.

Tariffs and prices

At present, Pozitive Energy offers both fixed and variable tariffs for businesses. The supplier creates tailor-made business energy plans based on several aspects, such as the business size and how much energy it uses, therefore Pozitive Energy does not publish a list of tariffs to choose from.

Whichever Pozitive Energy plan you are offered, as a business you will also be charged an extra environmental tax on commercial electricity and gas usage, known as the Climate Change Levy (CCL). However, there are some exemptions from this. If your business consumes less than 1,000 kWh electricity or 4,397 kWh gas per month, a reduced VAT rate will automatically be applied. You may also be exempt if your business already has an existing Climate Change Agreement in place.

Magnifying glass and energy bill

For a quote from Pozitive Energy, you or your energy broker should email the provider at [email protected] with the following details:

Deemed rate tariff

If your business has moved into premises already supplied by Pozitive Energy, you’ll automatically be charged the deemed rate, which is a variable price plan. This means that your energy costs will fluctuate from month-to-month, depending on the market price.

If you find yourself on deemed or out of contract rates, we recommend switching suppliers or agreeing to a new plan with Pozitive Energy as soon as possible as these rates are usually much more expensive than other options on the market. You can reach out to a Selectra business energy expert on 020 3318 3633 or request a free personalised quote by simply filling out a few details online.

Pozitive Energy Variable & Deemed Prices
Type of Meter Standing Charge Day kWh Night kWh Evening & Weekends kWh
Single Electricity 75p per day 21p - -
Day & Night Electricity 75p 21p 17p -
Day & Evening/Weekend Electricity 75p 21p - 19p
Day, Night & Evening/Weekend Electricity 75p 21p 17p 19p
Gas 75p 4p - -

Prices correct as of July 2021. Rates in the table above exclude Climate Change Levy, VAT and any other applicable taxes.

Does Pozitive Energy offer smart meters?

Rather than a smart meter, when you sign up with Pozitive Energy, the supplier will install an Automatic Meter Read (AMR) meter at your property to cover both your electricity and gas readings. This AMR is free of charge and provides automatic and accurate reads, meaning you can keep an eye on the energy consumption of your business and make adjustments where you see fit.

If you prefer not to install an AMR or it isn’t possible due to a lack of signal coverage, you can instead submit meter readings either using your Pozitive Energy login on the Enalytics portal, over the phone or by email.


Your Pozitive Energy login allows you to access its online portal, named Enalytics. You can use your Pozitive Energy login to:

  • View and edit account details
  • View bills and make payments
  • Submit meter readings
  • Monitor and measure energy consumption by site
  • Contact Pozitive Energy

Where can I find my Pozitive Energy login details?

You should receive a welcome pack by post and email shortly after signing up with the supplier, which will include your Pozitive Energy login details. Go to the homepage on either the website or app and enter your Enalytics username and default password. On your first time logging in, you will be asked to create a new password.

I’ve forgotten my Pozitive Energy login details

If you’ve mislaid your login details, simply click ‘forgot password’ on the login page. From here you’ll be sent to another page, where you can enter your account ID or email address to begin the process of recovering your password.

Customer reviews

Pozitive Energy reviews online are mixed overall, with customers very much divided into two camps. For example, on consumer review site Trustpilot, exactly half of the 52 reviews at the time of writing rated Pozitive Energy 1 star out of 5, while 46% gave the supplier full marks.

Pozitive Energy customers’ main gripes were billing issues and lack of communication, with a number of reviewers expressing their frustration at the difficulty in leaving the provider either once their contract had expired or if they had moved into a property where Pozitive Energy was already the supplier.

At the other end of the spectrum, most positive Pozitive Energy reviews focused on the energy provider’s friendly customer service team and its app’s ease of use. In particular, customers were pleased with how quickly most minor issues were dealt with.

Pozitive Energy in summary
Tailored energy plans managed through online account and app. Mixed customer reviews.
100% renewable electricity and carbon-neutral gas. Energy prices unavailable online, so not easy to see how tariffs compare to other suppliers.

For multisite businesses that want 100% sustainable energy without having to pay a premium, you could see what Pozitive Energy has to offer. However, if you’re not entirely convinced, there are plenty of other commercial energy suppliers out there which offer renewable energy plans, such as Good Energy, Bulb or Green Energy UK.

If you’d like to find out more, you can take a look at our business energy provider guides.

How do I contact Pozitive Energy?

No matter whether you prefer to call, email or send an old-fashioned letter by post, there are a number of different ways you can get in touch with Pozitive Energy.

Contact Pozitive Energy by Phone

Whether you’re already a Pozitive Energy customer or just looking to see what it can offer your business, the energy provider has just one phone number for all enquiries. You can contact Pozitive Energy by phone on 03333 70 9900 (Monday to Friday, from 9am until 5.30pm. Lines are closed weekends and public holidays.)

Email Pozitive Energy

If you prefer to get in touch with Pozitive Energy by email, you can contact the supplier using the following details.

General enquiries

You can contact Pozitive Energy by email at [email protected] for any business customer enquiries, such as billing, payment or switching tariffs.

Pozitive Energy Complaints

Unfortunately the complaints procedure for Pozitive Energy can be quite a lengthy one, with the supplier only providing one phone number to speak to a member of its customer service team. If you’re unhappy with the service provided for whatever reason, you should follow these steps:

  1. Your first port of call is to speak to the Pozitive Energy customer care team on 03333 70 9900 or email customercare@pozitive energy.
  2. The supplier aims to solve any customer issues at the first stage, but if they are unable to, you should email the Pozitive Energy complaints team at [email protected]. Pozitive Energy will give you a unique reference number so you can keep track of the complaint process.
  3. If your issue has still not been resolved, the next step would be to escalate your complaint to the Compliance Management team by emailing [email protected].
  4. If you have not come to a satisfactory agreement within eight weeks, you are free to contact the Energy Ombudsman on 0330 440 1624 for free and impartial advice. Depending on the size of your business, you may also need to seek independent legal advice on which steps to take next.

If you’re not already a Pozitive Energy customer

If you’re not yet a Pozitive Energy customer, but would like to see what the provider can offer your business, you can email the provider at [email protected]. For an accurate quote, don’t forget to include your business name and postcode, the earliest date you’ll require energy, whether you are on a single or double rate meter, your MPAN and EAC.

Email Pozitive Energy as a third party intermediary

If you are an energy broker looking for the best plan for your client, you should email [email protected] with the above information.

Pozitive Energy address

If you’d prefer to write to Pozitive Energy or would like to book an appointment to meet in person, you can find its head office at:

7th Floor Wellington House
90-92 Butt Road

Pozitive Energy emergency contact numbers

If you are involved in either a gas emergency or a power cut, you should contact the following emergency numbers, rather than Pozitive Energy.

Gas leak emergency number

If you can smell gas or you’re concerned about a gas leak, you should call the National Gas Emergency Services line on 0800 111 999. This number is free to call and operators are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Where possible, switch off all gas appliances, open the windows and wait outside the property until a gas safe registered engineer arrives.

Power cut emergency number

If you’re experiencing a power cut, you should get in touch with your Distribution Network Operator (DNO) by calling 105. This number is free to call from most UK landlines and mobiles.

Pozitive Energy on social media

Another way to get in touch with your energy provider is through social media. You may expect to find a supplier which touts its use of cutting edge technology on all the usual channels, however, we could only track Pozitive Energy down on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Moving premises with Pozitive Energy

Whether your business is moving out or it’s just moved into premises supplied by Pozitive Energy, you’re going to need to get in touch with the energy provider to let them know.

Moving out

Box of gas and electricity

If you’re moving out of premises where Pozitive Energy is the supplier, you’ll need to inform the provider you’ll be closing your account. As this can take some time to process, it’s best to do so as far in advance as possible, to avoid any unexpected charges.

You’ll also need to provide a closing meter reading on the day your business moves out, in order to calculate your final bill. You can do this by calling the Pozitive Energy customer service team on 03333 70 9900. This line is open Monday to Friday, from 9am until 5.30pm, so if you are moving outside of these hours, you will need to contact Pozitive Energy at the next available opportunity to submit your meter reading.

Moving in

If your business has just moved into premises supplied by Pozitive Energy, you will automatically be put on a deemed rate tariff.

Energy prices under these conditions are usually a lot higher than setting up a tailored fixed price plan, so we recommend either signing up to another provider or getting in touch with Pozitive Energy as soon as possible, to see which energy plans it can offer your business.

All Pozitive Energy contact details

Department Pozitive Energy contact information
General enquiries 03333 70 9900 (Monday-Friday, 9am-5.30pm)
Gas emergencies 0800 111 999 (24/7)
Power cut emergencies 105 (24/7)
General enquiries - email [email protected]
Smart Export Guarantee team [email protected]
Energy360 [email protected]