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Scottish and Southern Energy Networks

Scottish and Southern Energy Networks is part of SSE. It’s offices are based around the areas in which it serves: part of Southern England, including West London; and the North of Scotland. It carries electricity to over 3.7 million homes and businesses, supported by engineers and customer services teams in Reading, Portsmouth, Perth and Inverness. Their network has 130,000km of overhead and underground lines, 106,000 substations and over 100 subsea cables to power island communities. This extensive distribution network employs over 4,000 people.

What is a substation?A substation is where electricity passes through in order to be reduced in voltage.

Below is a map of the distribution network in the UK ordered by DNO. Scottish & Southern Energy Networks, is denoted by the numbers 1 and 9:

Scottish and Southern Energy Networks currently employ over 4,000 people in the UK. Why not become part of their team? If you are interested in pursuing a career with any of the SSE companies, click here to visit their careers page.

If you have a customer service enquiry and wish to contact Scottish and Southern Energy Networks, use the following information to contact the company via your preferred method:

Customer Information
Scottish and Southern Energy Networks
0345 026 2658
Online email form
Scottish and Southern Energy Networks
PO Box 7506

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