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Transmission & Distribution Companies UK (Gas & Electricity)

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In both gas and electricity, transmission and distribution are the steps taken to have energy delivered safely to your home. There are a great deal of differences in the two methods, especially within electricity, but both are just as important as eachother. In order to really understand how your gas and electricity bills work, learning about the transmission and distribution networks across the country is vital.

Distribution is the main reason as to why you have a standing charge in your bills as the many companies operating nationwide all have a different fee that they charge your supplier.

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Transmission companies

When we talk about the transmission network in the UK, especially when referring to electricity, we usually call it the national grid. This, however, should not be confused with the company, National Grid, which controls all British gas transmission and the entirity of English and Welsh electricity transmission.

Transmission companies in the energy sector are split primarily into two main categories: gas and electricity (before we subcategorise by region). You can find each transmission company currently operating in Great Britain below:

Gas Transmission companies

Electricity Transmission companies

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Distribution companies

The distribution network in the UK is a little bit more complex. There are a large number of companies all of which operate in different areas of the country, and they all have different pricing structures and operating methods. Each supply company is subject to one of the 13 different regional pricing zones due to the static charges incurred by these distribution companies.

Once again, distribution companies are split into two main categories: gas and electricity. Below you can find each distribution company currently operating in the UK:

Gas distribution companies

Electricity distribution companies

Which company relates to my area?

So, you might know the names of each of the transmission and distribution companies, but how do you know which one relates to your area? Find your tranmission and distribution companies here.