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Boiler Cover for Landlords 2019: Tenants Will Love You

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You’re a landlord who wants to let out a property with low bills to pay, right? You also want to protect your home knowing that any electric or gas boiler problems won’t lead to an angry tenant’s phone call in the middle of the night.

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Boiler Cover For Insuring Landlords. Why do I need it?

Landlord boiler insurance cover will save you lots of time with few energy bills if ever your tenant has a boiler breakdown. Even though you’ll be the authorised policyholder, you won't have to lift a finger while it all gets sorted out for you. You’ll get a Landlord Gas Safety Certificate while keeping your tenants happy who will love you for the home energy guarantees they’re getting.

Under the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998, you have legal obligations which can be easily fulfilled with a landlord boiler insurance policy which includes boiler repair. Your responsibilities as a landlord are to obtain the following:

  1. A Gas Safety Certificate every twelve months. This confirms correct boiler installation and boiler maintenance.
  2. A Gas Safe Registered engineer must provide you with the certificate after having checked that the pipework to radiators, gas flues, thermostat and boiler controls are working properly for optimal boiler heating.
  3. Copies of the safety inspection reports from the last two years which you must keep safe. This still applies even if you have a new boiler.
  4. A copy of the Landlord Gas Safety Certificate to give to your tenants within 28 days of the inspection. For new tenants, you must give it to them before they move in.
Expert’s tip…

Do you have an estate agent managing your property? The contract between you will state clearly whose responsibility it is to ensure the gas boiler is serviced. If the agent has the responsibility, then the obligations of the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998 are passed on to them. So read the contract carefully!

How do I compare boiler cover for landlords?

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Which landlord boiler cover is best for you and your property? How do you compare quotes and insurance policies? The best boiler cover for you is one that will cover you for the following:

  1. Properties which are let to tenants. A broader, more general homes insurance policy for “homeowners” won’t offer you the best deal. General insurance of this kind is more appropriate for live-in homeowners.
  2. Your type of boiler. Whether yours is a heating boiler, oil boiler, combi boiler or condensing boiler, it should be covered. If you don’t know which boiler type you have, find out here.
  3. The faulty boiler part. Regardless of whether the exchanger, valve or any other boiler part is to blame, your insurance provider should have it repaired or replaced. First, see what the common boiler parts are and the role they play in your boiler.
  4. Callouts at any time of the day. Even in an emergency, the Gas Safe registered engineer will arrive at your home and sort it out, while you sit back and sip your cup of tea.
  5. The size of the home and the number of tenants in occupation. The bigger the house, the more tenants you have, the greater the risk of a boiler breakdown and the greater the excess you will want.

We’ve analysed lots of landlord boiler cover reviews for you. That way you can compare boiler cover and choose the best landlord boiler insurer so that you’re paying less and making a saving.

Good To KnowSince 1st October 2010, it has been a legal requirement to have a CO alarm installed in the same room as a new or replacement fixed fossil fuel burning heating appliance. This is the best way to make sure your tenants are safe from the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning.

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British Gas Landlord Cover: What boiler insurance does it offer?

British Gas landlord insurance is found in its HomeCare packages. These offer a range of services depending on their monthly premium:

  1. From £14.00 a month you get very basic features...only an annual service and cover for the boiler and its controls.
  2. From £16.00 a month, in addition to the above, you get central heating cover.
  3. From £20.00 a month they throw in cover for plumbing and drains.
  4. From £22.00 a month you get all of the above, plus home electrics insurance. This covers your electrical appliances and any devices powered by electricity.

Reviews for British Gas landlord insurance according to Trustpilot, a consumer review website, raised some concerns about the level of customer service given to British Gas HomeCare landlords. These included cancellation of appointments by their engineers and a long delay in responding to claims to fix boilers. The level of quality of British Gas landlord boiler cover as a whole was also questioned in several reviews.

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Corgi Boiler Cover: Not Landlord-Specific, But Still Any Good?

Corgi openly admits that it does not provide specific buy-to-let cover for landlords, which was a bit disappointing. However, they do offer 4 plans which include some of the features that may attract landlords:

  1. From £11.05 a month, their cover only includes the central heating and boiler system as well as an annual boiler service.
  2. From £12.75 a month, you get the above, plus cover for plumbing and electrics.
  3. From £15.30 a month, they also throw in cover for the gas and water supply pipes as well as internal drains.
  4. From £17.85 a month, you get all of the above, plus cover for external drains, boiler replacement, taps and toilets as well as an emergency helpline.

We thought that their £60 fee for each call out was a bit steep. The good news is that this fee only applies for call outs made after 30 days from the initial one.

When reading the TrustPilot Reviews on Corgi Boiler Cover, we expected to see more positive comments from customers on their most expensive package. Not so! It was disappointing to see that their “Priority Emergency Helpline” was a bit misleading for their customers who were expecting emergency cover.

One customer reported having to wait several days to get in contact with Corgi, only to be refused a call out visit until he produced evidence that a power flush had been done. This meant having to dig deep into his pockets to pay the high costs. Not nice when you realise that their so-called “Complete” package is not so complete after all!

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Direct Line Landlord Insurance: Are you really going direct?

We were pleasantly surprised to see that Direct Line does offer specific Landlord Boiler Cover as part of their landlord buildings insurance package. It was disappointing that they don’t offer a call out service, which may prove to be unhelpful if you need an engineer to come round. However, if your boiler needs replacing, they will cover the cost for this.

Direct Line Landlord Insurance does not offer fixed packages like the others mentioned above. Instead, you have to “get a quote” by adding some details about your property online. We created our own personalised quote based on a semi-detached home occupied by 3 tenants with only £5,000 damage cover for items in the common areas. It generated a whopping £30.13 premium per month! That's about double the monthly fee you’d pay for its competitors. In addition to Boiler Cover, let’s see what other protection you get for your money:

  • Structural damage to the building
  • Damage caused by the escape of water
  • Payment to rehouse tenants if the property isn't fit to live in due to fire or flood.

Before we even began reading their TrustPilot reviews, we were shocked by their overall 1 out 5 star rating! As expected, we saw a flood of negative comments from some very disgruntled customers. According to one of them who purchased Landlord Insurance Cover, he had no communication with Direct Line, but rather a middle-man, Sedwick Ltd, their outsourced company.

They also use a separate loss adjuster company. With no united in-house structure, the customer felt that Direct Line was “passing the buck” in response to his claim. Our advice...if ever you take out Direct Line Landlord Insurance, be sure to read the small print of their long contract which explains all the subcontracted companies you’ll have to deal with.

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24/7 Home Rescue Plan: Does it Rescue Landlords?

24/7 Home Rescue was a breath of fresh air as we finally saw boiler cover specifically catered for landlords. They won’t tie you into a contract as its competitors do. Instead, you get a monthly rolling cover plan in which your tenants can report faults directly to them.

That means that if the boiler in one of your rented properties malfunctions, you won’t need to do anything. 24 7 Home Rescue steps in on your behalf and sorts it out. Let’s take a close look at what you get with each of their packages:

  1. From £5.60 per month, you get:
    • Boiler breakdown cover
    • Central heating system cover
    • Unlimited call outs
    • Nationwide coverage to fix your boiler
    • No charge for parts and labour
    • 24 hour UK helpline to ask any questions or concerns about your boiler
  2. From £8.70 per month, in addition to the above features, you also get the following thrown in:
    • CP12 Certificate
    • Carbon Monoxide Test
    • Gas Safety Check
    • Unlimited claims
    • Free annual boiler service
  3. From £11.10 per month, you get all of the above, plus the following extras:
    • 24 Hour Call Outs
    • Unlimited Call Outs
    • Internal Plumbing and Drainage
    • Home Security
    • Central Heating System

cupcake with cherry on top

The icing on the cake for us was their extra 10% off on all their excess cover plans for new customers. So if you’re not already a 24/7 Home Rescue customer, now’s the time to get on the phone and grab their limited-time deal.

The cherry on top was their multiple property discount if you have more than one property to cover. The sweet deals offered by 24/7 HomeCare Rescue perhaps explain why it receives glowing reviews in Trustpilot, with the overwhelming majority of them classed as “excellent”!

Gas Safety Certificate: what does it include?


A gas safety registered engineer will certify the following at the property you’re renting out to tenants:

  • Gas appliances will be checked for gas tightness, including standing and working pressure.
  • The burner pressure and gas rate will be tested against the manufacturer's data plate.
  • All flame failure devices will be assessed to ensure that they’re operating as they should.
  • Flue flow will undergo a checkup to make sure products of combustion are removed.
  • The provision of all necessary ventilation will be thorough analysed.
  • Stability brackets will be checked for their physical stability and effectiveness.


  1. Rental properties are not suited to general home insurance packages. That’s because you have no control over how your tenants are complying with the policy terms. Instead, you’re better off getting specialist insurance for landlords.
  2. Keep your costs down. Don’t pay a high monthly premium when you don’t have to. Look for insurance quotes between £10-£15 a month.
  3. Your package should include a wide range of features to ensure your boiler is fully covered. A Gas Safety Certificate should be included to stay within the law.
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