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Landlord Boiler Cover

Landlord boiler cover is designed to cover any repairs and replacement of parts if they break. It can also provide a replacement boiler if it cannot be repaired. Boiler cover for landlords can be sold as a standalone policy or in combination with over insurance.

Boiler cover for landlords. What is it & why do I need it?

Landlord boiler cover will save you lots of time if your tenant has a boiler breakdown. Even though you’ll be the authorised policyholder, you won't have to lift a finger while the boiler gets sorted out for you.

Landlord boiler cover comes with a Landlord Gas Safety Certificate while keeping your tenants happy who will love you for the home energy guarantees they’re getting.

Under the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998, landlords have legal obligations which can be easily fulfilled with a landlord boiler insurance policy that includes boiler repair. Your responsibilities as a landlord are to obtain the following:

  1. A Gas Safety Certificate every twelve months. This confirms correct boiler installation and boiler maintenance.
  2. A Gas Safe Registered engineer must provide you with the certificate after having checked that the pipework to radiators, gas flues, thermostat and boiler controls are working properly for optimal boiler heating.
  3. Copies of the safety inspection reports from the last two years which you must keep safe. This still applies even if you have a new boiler.
  4. A copy of the Landlord Gas Safety Certificate to give to your tenants within 28 days of the inspection. For new tenants, you must give it to them before they move in.

Do you have an estate agent managing your property? The contract between you will clearly state who is responsible for ensuring the property’s gas boiler is serviced. If the agent has the responsibility, then the obligations of the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998 are passed on to them.

What’s a Gas Safety Certificate?

A gas safety registered engineer will certify the following at the property you’re renting out to tenants and award a Gas Safety Certificate:

  • Gas appliances will be checked for gas tightness, including standing and working pressure.
  • The burner pressure and gas rate will be tested against the manufacturer's data plate.
  • All flame failure devices will be assessed to ensure that they’re operating as they should.
  • Flue flow will undergo a checkup to make sure products of combustion are removed.
  • The provision of all necessary ventilation will be thoroughly analysed.
  • Stability brackets will be checked for their physical stability and effectiveness.

Compare landlord boiler cover

Which landlord boiler cover is best for you and your property? How do you compare quotes and insurance policies? The best boiler cover will include the following:

  1. Properties which are let to tenants: A broader, more general home insurance policy for “homeowners” won’t offer you the best deal. General insurance of this kind is more appropriate for live-in homeowners.
  2. Your type of boiler: Whether you have a heating boiler, oil boiler, combi boiler or condensing boiler, it should be covered. Find out which boiler type you have here.
  3. Faulty boiler parts: Regardless of whether the exchanger, valve or any other boiler part is to blame, your insurance provider should have it repaired or replaced.
  4. Callouts at any time of the day: Even in an emergency, the Gas Safe Registered engineer will arrive at your home and sort it out.

Boiler & Home Emergency Cover

  • Cover up to: £1000
  • Boiler & central heating emergencies?: Yes
  • Emergency plumbing and drainage?: Yes
  • 24/7 callouts?: Yes
Cost per month

£ 9.99

020 3966 4692

In the section below we have compared the landlord boiler cover offered by some of the biggest companies, including British Gas and Direct Line.

1. British Gas landlord cover

British Gas landlord insurance is found in its HomeCare packages. These offer a range of services depending on their monthly premium, and all come with a Gas Safety Certificate:

  • From £16.00 a month you get very basic features...only an annual service and cover for the boiler and its controls.
  • From £19.00 a month, in addition to the above, you get central heating cover.
  • From £23.00 a month British Gas throws in cover for plumbing and drains too.
  • From £25.00 a month you get all of the above, plus home electrics insurance. This covers your electrical appliances and any devices powered by electricity.

Find out more about British Gas boiler cover, including prices and more details on what the levels of cover include, in our complete British Gas boiler cover guide.

2. Npower & EON boiler cover (HomeServe)

As EON takes over Npower, boiler cover from the energy supplier is now offered through EON’s HomeServe services. It offers one stand-alone landlord boiler cover options, plus three packages that include boiler cover amongst other services.

  • From £7.99 a month EON offers Gas Boiler Breakdown cover that includes cover for the boiler, boiler servicing and the gas supply pipeline.
  • From £12.99 a month you can get Gas Central Heating cover. As well as cover for your boiler, servicing and gas supply pipeline, this also includes cover for gas central heating.
  • From £15.99 a month, you can get additional cover for electrics to the cover included on the Gas Central Heating offer.
  • From £19.99 a month, EON adds plumbing, draining and water supply pipeline cover to boiler cover.

3. Corgi boiler cover

Corgi openly admits that it does not provide specific buy-to-let cover for landlords. However, it does offer 4 plans which include boiler cover that will protect landlords as well as homeowners:

  • From £12.35 a month, this plan covers the central heating and boiler system.
  • From £13.50 a month, you get the above, plus cover for plumbing and electrics.
  • From £15.30 a month, you also get cover for the gas and water supply pipes, as well as internal drains.
  • From £15.75 a month you can get the most expansive. As well as all of the cover mentioned above, it also includes external drains, boiler replacement, taps and toilets, as well as access to an emergency helpline.

4. Direct Line landlord boiler cover

Direct Line offers specific landlord boiler cover as part of its landlord buildings insurance package. This comes as standard with the full landlord insurance policy and covers you for boiler repairs or replacement.

Direct Line landlord insurance is not advertised in different fixed price packages. To get an idea of price, you will need to get a full personalised quote for the landlord insurance policy. This can easily be done online.

The landlord boiler cover includes breakdown cover for:

  • expansion vessel failure
  • the heat exchanger cracking or rupturing
  • valves failing
  • seals leaking
  • a circuit board fault

5. Scottish Power

Scottish Power boiler coveris provided by Domestic & General. Its boiler cover can be split into two groups: Boiler Insurance that doesn’t include an annual boiler service; and Boiler Maintenance and Support, which does include an annual boiler service.

 Boiler Insurance
  • From £3.50 a month, you are covered for up to £1,500 in boiler breakdown repairs and up to £750 for a boiler replacement.
  • From £5.50 a month cover for radiators and valves are included in addition to the cover mentioned above.
 Boiler Maintenance and Support
  • From £17.50 a month (half price for the first 6 months), this Scottish Power boiler cover includes an annual service, access to an emergency helpline, and cover of up to £750 for a boiler replacement.
  • From 19.50 a month (half price for the first 6 months), you get all of the above plus cover for radiators and valves.

For more details on boiler cover offered by Scottish Power, head to our Scottish Power boiler cover care.

6. SSE landlord boiler cover

SSE offers landlord two plans: standalone landlord boiler cover and combined boiler and heating cover.

  • SSE Landlord Boiler cover - from £22.85 a month, you get free boiler replacement, an annual boiler service, cover for your boiler, controls and thermostat, plus a gas safety certificate.
  • SSE Landlord Boiler and Heating Cover - from £26.35 you get all of the cover included in standalone boiler cover, plus cover for central heating, radiators, pipelines, and the hot water cylinder.

Prices compared (no excess)

To give a better idea of price, in the table below we have compared the most basic landlord boiler cover offered by some of the companies viewed above with no excess. If you opt to pay more excess (meaning the amount you commit to pay for a claim), the monthly and yearly cost will be cheaper.

Landlord Boiler Cover (£0 excess) Monthly cost Annual cost
British Gas HomeCare £23.51 £282.06
EON/Npower (Gas Boiler Breakdown Cover) £21.50 £258
Corgi (Essential Boiler Cover) £17.10 £205.20
Scottish Power (Boiler Insurance) £11 £132
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