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Cost of boiler repair: ideal boiler parts and boiler replacement cost

man deciding whether to repair or replace boiler

The water’s cold when you’re taking a shower or washing the dishes. Perhaps you’ve noticed the room temperature is colder than usual. You’re wondering whether you should get your boiler repaired. How much will this cost me? Do I replace it instead?

If this is you, there’s no need to spend hours trawling the internet looking at prices and comparing quotes - we’ve done all the legwork for you. We’ll give you the knowledge to be more in control, ask the engineer the right questions and you'll enjoy showering in hot water again before you know it!

Boiler repair: Do I need it?

You may be asking whether you should get your boiler repaired in the first place. This depends on the type and severity of the problem.
Below are the 8 most common boiler problems that could lead to a boiler breakdown. Can you spot yours?

Problem Why it's a problem
fan and two snowflakes No heating or hot water This indicates a broken diaphragm (the rubber component of the Pressure Relief Valve). The motorised valve itself may be broken or water levels may be low.
drop of water
Leaking water A water leak points to a potentially broken component. It may have corroded and cracked.
orange flame and light bulb Pilot light turns off The small blue flame that should stay on may go out. If it does, your thermocouple may be broken.
blue kettle Kettling If you hear a noise similar to a kettle boiling, this usually indicates a build-up of limescale or sludge. As the water flow is now restricted, it overheats and boils, causing that kettling sound.
blue tornado Low boiler pressure When the needle of your pressure gauge drops below 1, your boiler pressure may be running low. You can repressurize the boiler yourself by turning the Pressure Release Valve.
thermostat and orange flame Thermostat is misleading Is the thermostat not showing an accurate temperature? Does it turn off by itself? Either the inside of the thermostat is dirty or the wiring is faulty.
radiator Radiators don’t heat up If part of your radiator heats up while other parts remain cold, there may be trapped air or a build up of sludge. This restricts the flow of hot water through the radiators.
blue flame in transparent box Condensate pipe has frozen The condensate pipe runs outside into a drain and may freeze up in the winter months. Pouring boiling water over this will fix it but lagging the pipe is a better long term solution.

If your boiler has at least one of these problems, you should get your boiler fixed. The top four crop up the most.Find out what’s causing your boiler problem.

Boiler prices: Cost of boiler parts and call out rate

Don’t worry if you don’t know the technical names of your boiler parts and their functions. Below are the most common components and their costs. You’ll find out what they actually do in your boiler to keep it running smoothly in your home.

Boiler parts

These boiler repair costs below include both parts and labour.

boiler-fan Boiler Fan £240 A boiler fan pushes the waste gases through a pipe (or flue) to the outside of your home where they are safely released into the air.
combi thermoucouple broken Thermocouple for Combi Boiler £92 A thermocouple is a safety device used to reveal whether or not your furnace's pilot light is lit. The heat from the flame is transmitted through the thermocouple that keeps the gas line open.
boiler circuit board Printed Circuit Board (PCB) £280 The PCB monitors pressure, temperatures and currents. This ensures that the boiler is working in a way that won't cause damage to internal parts.
air vent of boiler Air vent £100 The air vent is needed to release air from headers and drums while preventing them from imploding as they raise the steam level.
boiler water pump Water Pump £211 This pumps hot water from the boiler around the radiators and back to the boiler again. The boiler heats the water and the boiler circulates the water again.
pressure relief valve Pressure Relief Valve £100 The PRV is a type of safety valve. It’s used to control or limit the pressure in your boiler and avoid a build-up of pressure that might otherwise cause a boiler breakdown or even a fire.
thermostat control Thermostat Control £105 A thermostat control regulates your boiler’s temperature. If the in your home starts to drop, the thermostat switches the heating on to warm it up again.
diverter valve of boiler Diverter Valve £190 The diverter valve provides heating to the radiators or to your water supply as it opens and closes. It ensures you get hot water before a warm room. So if you turn your heating on, and then a hot tap, it will heat up the water to the tap first.
boiler gas valve Gas Valve £220 The gas valve controls the flow of gas to the pilot light. The boiler is ignited by the spark generator and the gas supply continues to flow until the flow sensor has reached the desired temperature.

Can’t see the boiler part you need?
Find Your List of Boiler Replacement Parts

Good To Know:Depending on the model, brand and type of boiler, the replacement boiler spares will vary in price. Also, Gas Safe engineers in various parts of the country will charge different prices.

Cost of new boiler

Boiler replacement costs depend on the type of boiler you have. Combi boiler prices will differ from those of a regular boiler.

Firstly, you should find out which boiler you have and then you can see the cost of a replacement in the table below.

Type of Boiler Model Average Replacement Cost*
Combi or System Boiler Budget £600 - £850
Mid Range £800 - £1,100
Premium £900 - £2,000
Heat Only Boiler Standard £500 - £1,500

*Price will vary according to boiler size and quality.

The cost or repairing or replacing your boiler can quickly add up. The best way to ensure you don't end up spending a fortune on your boiler is to take out boiler cover. There is boiler cover for homeowners and boiler cover desgined for landlords.

Boiler service near me

Whether it’s boiler prices, boiler spares, or emergency boiler repair you’re after, look for a boiler technician closest to your home.

oftec find local technician

Gas Safe Engineer Hourly Rate

You value your safety and that of your loved ones, right? So you’ll want to get a Gas Safe Registered engineer to come to your house and sort it out. He or she will identify the problem and fit the replacement parts. Before you search for “boiler service near me”, bear in mind these factors that affect the Gas Safe engineer’s hourly rate.

24/7 Home Rescue will provide a Gas Safety registered engineer to provide you with Boiler Care at your home. Call us to get your Boiler Cover: 01704325069

Day or Night?

You may want to arrange for a call-out during normal working hours, from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm. If you request an emergency boiler repair in the middle of the night, this could bump up the call-out ratefsrc.

In Town or in a Rural Area?

If you live in a big city such as London or Manchester, the call-out rate of local Gas Safe engineers could be almost twice that of those who operate in other parts of the UK.

Local or National Service Provider?

The size of the company that’ll send its engineer around may affect the call-out rate. National boiler repair firms could charge you up to 45% more than what a local engineer would charge. You can expect an average of £65 per hour call-out rate for some of the biggest service providers.

Repair or Replace Boiler: which is best?

By this stage, a Gas Safe engineer has checked your boiler and has told you the state of the faulty parts to blame. Whether it’s a combi boiler repair or heat exchanger you need, you now know how much money you will set aside. But the question remains...Should you have your boiler repaired or replaced? We’ve put together a list of the telltale signs that will help you make this decision.

Repair Boiler

Low boiler pressure

The dreaded 'no hot water' problem when having a shower doesn’t necessarily need a boiler replacement. The loss of water pressure could be to blame, which can be easily fixed by having the pressure release valve replaced.

Radiators are cold

radiator in a circle

Bleeding your radiators should be the first thing you do if your radiators are cold. It’s free and straightforward to do. If this doesn’t work, ask a Gas safe engineer to do a Chemical Powerflush. A Powerflush will remove deposits of sludge, rust and any other contaminants from your central heating system. Sludge in particular, can lead to both inefficiency and breakdown of your boiler if left untreated.

Low cost to replace faulty boiler parts

The Gas Safe engineer has told you which faulty part is responsible for the problem. From the above infographic, you know how much it’ll cost to replace. If the total cost is between £100 - £200, get your boiler repaired instead of a full replacement. Cheaper spare parts include the thermocouple, automatic air vent and boiler ignition. The more expensive boiler spare parts include the pump, fan, heat exchanger and diverter valve.

Replace Boiler

Heavy rust or corrosion

pipe with corrosion

Impurities and acidity in your water supply can corrode the seals and electrical components of your boiler. Look for signs of corrosion or brownish rust on the external casing of the boiler, pipes and inlets. If the Gas Safe engineer discovers heavy rust or corrosion, this will be very expensive to repair. If this happens, it’s best to cut your losses and get a boiler replacement.

Water leak from a cast-iron boiler

If you have an older boiler with a cast-iron body, a crack may be causing water to drip onto your counters. You won’t want to have it repaired as the labour costs in dismantling the entire body and repairing it will be very expensive. It’ll be much cheaper in the short and long-term to get your boiler replaced.

Boiler combustion is failing

This is perhaps the most important telltale sign that it’s time to get your boiler replaced. Weak combustion can have dangerous consequences, from carbon monoxide leaks to fire explosions. If you’ve noticed black soot on your boiler and your Gas Safe engineer has confirmed poor combustion, the engineer is likely to suggest a boiler replacement. In this event, don’t think twice about following the advice given - get it replaced!

The flue is not visible and potentially dangerous

boiler flue

If you don’t have a modern boiler, it’s likely that the flues run through the ceiling or wall voids. This means that your engineer can’t inspect them through an inspection hatch which would otherwise have been installed with modern-day boilers. If the engineer can’t determine whether it’s installed correctly or in good condition, your boiler will be marked as "at risk".

They’ll recommend not using your boiler until it’s sorted out. The cost of having inspection hatches put in, moving your boiler to another location in your home or installing new flues can be very expensive. The better option would be to have your boiler replaced entirely as this also works out cheaper and easier than going through all that hassle.


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By now you’ve identified some of the potential causes of your boiler problem. You also know the approximate cost to get it repaired or replaced. If ever the “repair vs replace” dilemma was on your mind, you now know when to make the best decision once you get your report from your Gas Safe engineer.

To avoid having any boiler problems in the first place, you should get boiler cover to prevent any boiler problems that require repair or replacement.
With so many different prices for boiler cover, it would take you hours to browse all the sites and pick the best deal for you.

Selectra does all the legwork for you to give you a price comparison. We filter the options down to get you the best price and have your boiler sorted out quickly. There’s no obligation, we simply give you the choices and you pick the one you prefer. We’re here to help you save money and get a fully functioning boiler so that you’re warm and cosy at home, all day every day.

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