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Salon Services: Your Energy Bills Are Too High?

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Salon services is where your business shines. When somebody searches for “hairdresser near me”, you want to be the first place they see on their search engine. You can achieve your dream of running the most popular and successful hairdresser in town. It starts by paying less for your energy and investing that money saved back into your business. Follow each step in this guide to climb to the top in hairdressing.

Salon Services and Energy Bills: Where’s The Link?

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You’re not alone. Many other commercially-savvy stylists like you have set up salons direct for local customers. You’re eager to grow your business, whether it’s a beauty salon, mobile hairdresser, nail salon or Turkish barber. Whatever your speciality, your sector puts you in one of the largest energy consumers of all small businesses on the high street. You would have already seen how the business sector and size can impact your final energy bill.

To give you an idea, your average local hairdressers consumes approximately 7,000 kWh of electricity every year. That amounts to an average annual bill of £1,097.* Research shows that the most thriving hairdressers are those that have been established over a long time. Time is on your side to provide the best haircuts in town that generate word-of-mouth recommendations from afar!

So how do the most established hairdressers continue in the industry for so long while maintaining a high turnover? The key lies in lowering your energy costs as much as possible. That starts with taking control of your salon’s energy consumption, in line with wholesale energy prices. Remember that there are vast savings to be made if you know where to look.

*Calculations are based on a unit rate at 14.48 p/kWh and a standing charge at 22.80 p/day.

Hairdresser Salon Costs: How Do I Reduce My Energy Bills?

You wouldn’t rush hair cuts, so don’t rush the following steps to pay less for your hairdresser’s energy supply. First consider the length of your contract. Then monitor your salon’s energy use. Finally you’ll want to hack into the tools that will help you consume energy at only the cheapest times of the day.

Fix the Length of Your Tariff

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If you’re just starting out, it’s tempting to sign up to a 12 month fixed tariff. You may feel that a short contract gives you the option to switch if you find a better deal elsewhere. The problem with this is that a longer, 24 month fixed tariff, will almost certainly give you a better deal! Remember that you’re in it for the long run. Your goal is to establish the most renowned, popular salon in town.

You want price stability and certainty for your business. It makes commercial sense to benefit from a cheaper tariff over a longer period, rather than a more expensive one over a shorter period. Does your salon’s current energy offer this? If not, you should switch to another one!

Flame and light bulb

Grab Your Scissors and Chop Your Energy Bills!

Switch to a cheaper supplier to save £££ on your salon's gas and electricity!

Avoid Unnecessary Charges On Top of Your Energy Bills

Do you know what the Climate Change Levy is and much it could cost your salon? You can avoid paying it if your energy supplier can guarantee that 100% of your electricity is supplied by certified renewable sources. Can your current supplier guarantee this? If not, it will cost you dearly by way of a CCL charge.

Remember that image matters to the customers who flock to use your salon’s services. If your supplier is committed to carbon offsetting by using only green energy, your customers will want to know about it. You can even boast about it on your salon’s Facebook page. The more likes you get, the more customers you’ll see walking through your doors!

Control How Much Your Salon Consumes

At Selectra, we know the daily life of a hairdresser is not an easy one... You’re on your feet all day long tending to customers, keeping everything clean and tidy, taking payments... the list goes on!

Alexa, tell Octopus to dim the lights, turn off the hood dryers, turn on the hair curlers…

While you’re busy, you should still have the option to control your appliances quickly, just by giving verbal orders. This is where Alexa steps in. She’s Amazon’s voice-enabled digital assistant. Just by calling her name you can ask her to control the appliances around your salon. She will quickly save you money by ensuring that any unused appliances are turned off, not just left on standby. See below for why this is crucial to avoid wasted expense.

alexa spot device displaying message from octopus

Source: Octopus Energy

Very few energy suppliers offer Alexa as part of their tariff. One that does is the Agile Octopus. It does some wonderful magic with your SMART meter. Just download the Amazon Alexa app and search for the “Octopus Skill”. Complete the Octopus details when prompted and then ask away! Tell Alexa to do whatever you want while you’re busy doing what you do best; running the best hairdressing salon in town!

Become a Salon Geek: Get the Data for Your Energy

Does your current supplier offer you a time-of-use tariff? This is at the heart of the Agile Octopus tariff. You receive dynamic half-hourly rates based on wholesale energy prices. Each day at 4 pm Octopus Energy publishes the set of half-hour prices for 11 pm that night to 11 pm the next day. Simply log into the Octopus account dashboard to see those prices.

  • “Hey Alexa, ask Octopus…”pink octopus
  • Here are just some of the questions you want to ask Octopus via Alexa on a regular basis:

  • "When is electricity cheapest today?"
  • "What it will be at 6.00 pm tomorrow?"
  • "How much electricity did my salon consume yesterday, this week or this month?"
  • "How much energy did the lighting consume yesterday?
  • "What consumes most electricity: blow dryers or hood dryers, hair straighteners or tongs?

Hairdresser Electricity Bill Hacks: If This, Then That

Take your “salon geek” prowess to a higher level and hack into the wholesale energy prices to get the best deal every day. Create smart integrations among all your hairdressing appliances: blow dryers, hood dryers, hair straighteners, curling irons...even the water heater and ring lights.

Then you’ll want to harness the magic of IFTT (If This, Then That). IFTTT is a free web-based service that lets you create rules and triggers to get your smart salon’s appliances working together. Now you can plan when you’ll use them in your salon while the price of electricity is at its cheapest.

IFTT Rules & Triggers For Your Smart Salon
IF...the price of electricity in the wholesale market falls below £55/MHh THEN...switch the heating on
IF... the price of electricity in the wholesale market exceeds £65/MHh THEN...switch off the ring lights
IF..the time is after 06:00 am THEN...set the hot water to heat

With IFTT you can have a plentiful supply of hot running water to wash your customers’ hair without having to pay a lot for it as it will have heated up at the cheapest time of the day.

NB: The Octopus Agile tariff is only for electricity as the UK power system has highly variable wholesales costs through the day, which are incurred by Octopus that we pay. Wholesale gas prices don’t really vary throughout the day.

Bonus Tips To Reduce Your Hairdresser’s Energy Bills

At Selectra we've researched the top seven golden rules to stick to in your salon. You’ll see your energy consumption decrease on your bills… while your turnover keeps growing!

1. Upgrade Your Salon or Barbershop Lighting

bulb and flame

Did you know that up to 40% of your hairdresser’s electrical use comes from lighting? Remove your halogen bulbs, throw them away and replace them with eco-friendly LEDs. That also goes for your T8 fluorescent tubes. Chuck them out in the recycle bin and replace them with T5s or LEDs. Not only will you save hundreds of pounds each year, but you’ll also give your salon a trendier image.

2. Turn Off Your Salon & Hairdressing Equipment

Tell Alexa to switch off appliances that are not being used by your staff, particularly at the end of the day. Whether it’s the TV, sterilizer, wifi router or computer, don’t just leave them on standby. These are the classic “energy vampires” that will waste unnecessary electricity that will cost your salon hundreds of pounds a year unnecessarily.

3. Get Your Staff On Board

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Get all your staff’s voices recognised by Alexa so that everyone in your team can switch appliances on and off with voice-activation. Put in place a rota so that each staff member takes the responsibility of switching off all appliances at the end of the day. Remember also to switch off your WiFi and instant hot water to reduce your salon’s energy bills further.

4. Turn Down The Heating In Your Salon

Is it a surprise that heating and hot water can total 60% of your total energy use? With so many heat-emitting appliances being used at the same time, your salon heats up very quickly. Turn down the temperature of your salon’s central heating by just 1°C. Also, don’t heat areas of your establishment that don’t need it, such as storerooms and toilets. You’ll save thousands of pounds and can inject that money back into your business. Your customers won’t even notice the difference!

5. Be Frugal With Air Conditioning

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Air conditioning can increase your salon’s energy consumption by up to 100%. Instead of having it on all day in the summer, ask Alexa to keep you cool! Set an IFTT rule to get her to switch on the air conditioning when the temperature is above 24°C. Below this temperature, if it’s still a bit muggy in your salon, open the windows and tell Alexa to switch on the fans instead. They cost only a few pence per hour to run, bringing down your energy bills immensely.

6. Maintain Your Salon’s Boiler

Has your boiler been regularly maintained? If not, it could cause your energy consumption to skyrocket. Get yours regularly serviced to ensure it’s working efficiently. You’ll see up to 10% off your company’s annual heating bill. Remember that this is extra money that you can invest back into your business, increasing your net turnover.

7. Keep Water Usage To a Minimum

drop of water

You have a handspray on your wash units that’s costing your salon money through wasted water. Reduce your salon’s usage by 50% by changing your handspray to a restrictive spray. Simply swap the internal mesh with a part called a top hat. It costs just £2.95 from your local DIY store. They’re also great for washing hairdressing scissors and barber blades.

Stop using cotton towels which you have to keep throwing into the washing machine and tumble dryer. This will drive up your energy bills. Instead, switch to Easydry towels. Made from a super-absorbent fabric, they also offers the highest possible levels of hygiene. This eco-friendly measure to soften your salon’s carbon footprint is something you’ll want to shout about on your Facebook page!

You’re well on your way to running the most efficient hairdressing salon in your neighbourhood. It all starts with getting on the right tariff and using the tools to your advantage as you hack the wholesale energy market. Follow the 7 golden rules above and you’ll see your net turnover shoot up. Thank us later!

You’re well on your way to running the most efficient hairdressing salon in your neighbourhood. It all starts with getting on the right tariff and using the tools to your advantage as you hack the wholesale energy market. Follow the 7 golden rules above and you’ll see your net turnover shoot up. Thank us later!

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