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Compare your kitchen appliances' energy efficiency rating

Energy rating card

Households in this day and age have an increasing amount of electrical goods, including smartphones, laptops, tablets, an electric toothbrush, to name a few, but some of your kitchen appliances cannot be charged and thus need to be on at all times. Below we will see just how much electricity you consume to keep your kitchen appliances running; it may make you think twice the next time you turn your appliances on.

Energy efficient appliances

Energy effiency ratings

Energy Saving Top TipIf you are looking for a new washing machine always check its energy rating before buying. All washing machines have to have a minimum rating of A+ before being put onto the market, but the highest rating (meaning the most efficient) is A+++ and that means they can really help to conserve energy.

Washing machines

Top Fact for Saving EnergyWhen buying a new washing machine, look for an ‘eco cycle’ or ‘quick wash’. This setting will use less water, lower temperatures and will run for less time, therefore using less electricity. The new Samsung eco bubble lets you wash at 15 degrees for 20 minutes, with the same results as a 60-minute wash. This high efficiency feature is a big help when it comes to reducing your energy consumption.

Tumble dryers

Oven and cooker

Fridge Freezer

fridge freezer with door open with man looking at energy rating

Check the energy rating when buying a fridge.




electric kettle

Find out more about the UK kettle effect
coffee machine

Average appliance energy use

Figures taken from a minimum of 3 top appliances on the market today.

Energy Efficiency Ratings
Appliance Yearly cost of lower efficiency appliance Yearly cost of A+ and above appliance
Washing machine (x220 usage) A £28 A+++ £14
Tumble dryer (x220 usage) C £125 A+++ £40
Cookers (6x week usage) A £77 A+ £56
Fridge freezer A+ £46 A+++ £19
Dishwashers (1x week usage) A £7 A+++ £5

Table figures used with e.on’s standard variable 2017 tariff.

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