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Top 10 Energy-Saving Gadgets to Lower your Energy Bills

energy saving gadgets

Powering modern life certainly isn’t cheap and it can take a huge amount of energy to keep our devices charged, rooms lit and homes warm. But with a few simple tricks and energy-saving gadgets, you can save some serious cash on your energy bills.

In this post, we share our top tips and gadget recommendations to slash your bills and make your home the most energy-efficient in town.

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1. Make your Cuppas Energy-Efficient

It’s no secret that we love our tea in Britain, with the average Brit drinking a whopping 876 cuppas a year!

Energy-Efficient Tea

As the third largest consumer of tea in the world, it takes a lot of energy to keep our nation’s thirst quenched. But if like many of us, you’re guilty of overfilling the kettle, you’re probably spending more than you need to for your daily tea fix.

One easy way to save money is to boil only a mugful of water per person. It may sound obvious, but it could save you £26 per year.

Gadget Idea: Energy-Efficient Kettle

To increase your tea’s eco credentials even further, consider buying an energy-efficient kettle. Energy-saving kettles include a one-cup indicator and use up to 66% less energy, considerably reducing your average cost-per-cuppa.

Investing in an energy-efficient kettle could save you £26 per year.

2. Switch to Energy-Efficient Smart Light Bulbs

Remember the days of energy-efficient light bulbs that were dim and painfully slow to reach full brightness?

Whilst they promised financial and planet-saving benefits, energy-saving bulbs just didn’t light our homes as well as incandescent bulbs. Nowadays though, far superior energy-efficient LED light bulbs can be bought for just a few quid each.

Gadget Idea: Energy-Saving Light Bulbs

Switching to eco-friendly LED light bulbs is an easy and affordable way to reduce your energy usage and you could save £35 a year.

For even more control over your home’s lighting, consider jumping on board the “smarthome” trend. Philips Hue Smart Light Bulbs for example can be controlled from a smartphone, enabling you to manage the usage and ambiance of your lighting remotely. Not only will your beautifully lit home impress your visitors, they'll last 25,000 hours and use 85% less energy than generic bulbs.

Changing to LED light bulbs could save you £35 per year.

3. Track your Electricity Usage with an Energy Monitor

Energy suppliers usually only send a bill once a month, so day to day, most of us have no idea how much energy we are using.

Thanks to the wonders of technology though, we can now view our energy usage in real time with a plug-in energy monitor. These devices keep track and display your electricity usage throughout the day to keep you in control of your bills.

Gadget Idea: Energy Monitor

Devices such as the Geo Minim Electricity Energy Monitor can be placed in a communal area of your home as a constant reminder to switch your electricals off. It also displays your electricity spend throughout the day and even your past month's energy usage.

Before you know it, you’ll be addicted to keeping your daily energy costs as low as possible - through any means necessary!

4. Eco-Power your Shower

In Britain, the average family uses a huge 70% of their total water usage in the bathroom.

Energy-efficient shower head

Whilst you may think of baths and toilets as being the worst culprits, taking long hot showers also use a surprising amount of water and electricity.

Gadget Idea: Energy-Saving Shower Head

One easy way to reduce your shower’s energy consumption is to install a water saving, energy-efficient shower head.

Ingenious products such as the Rymerce Ionic Handheld Shower Head use 30% less water whilst boosting the water pressure by up to 200% through its micro pinhole nozzles and "mineral balls". It’s a simple change to your bathroom, but it could pay for itself in energy bill savings in just a few months!


5. Control your Heating with a Wireless Thermostat

Did you know that turning down your central heating by 1 degree can cut your heating bill by 10%?

Leaving the heating on for too long, too high or heating up empty rooms is a waste of money. Luckily though, smart wireless thermostats can be installed to give you precision control over your heating and trim down your bills, without leaving you feeling cold.

Gadget Idea: A Smart Wireless Thermostat

The Nest Learning Thermostat learns your heating habits and adjusts throughout the day to only warm your home when needed and save you money.

Using the Nest app, you can also control your heating remotely and even use your phone’s location to switch the heating off when you leave the house. Nest claim their wireless thermostats could save some households a massive £353 a year!

Save up to £353 a year by installing a Nest Wireless Thermostat.

6. Give your Radiators a Boost

Central heating is vital during the British winter, but your radiators can lose up to 35% of their heat through the external walls.

Luckily there is an easy solution to this problem - placing reflector panels or foil behind your radiators.

This simple trick prevents heat escaping through your walls by reflecting it back into the room and could save you £40 a year.

Gadget Idea: Radiator Reflector Sheets

Radflek Radiator Reflectors for example can reflect up to 95% of your radiators’ lost heat, meaning you can set your heating to low to achieve the same cosiness levels in your home.

If you’re on a tight budget, try placing a sheet of kitchen foil behind your radiators instead to achieve similar results for just a few pennies!

Installing radiator reflector panels could save you £40 a year.

7. Don't Lose Money up the Chimney

If you’re lucky enough to enjoy a cosy wood burning stove or open fire in your home during the winter, you’ll no doubt love the benefits of heating your house without central heating.

Cosy Cup of Tea by a Fireplace

But when your chimney is not in use, it lets heat escape which is costly to replace with central heating during the colder months.

Gadget Idea: The Chimney Sheep

A quick fix to this problem is buying a chimney draught excluder to block your chimney when not in use.

One example is the brilliantly named Chimney Sheep Draught Excluder - a nifty product that prevents heat escaping through the chimney and could save you up to £74 a year!

A Chimney Sheep draught excluder could save you £74 a year.

8. Control your Plugs from your Smartphone

Many British households are overflowing with energy-draining electrical appliances, TVs, smartphones, tablets and more.

When these devices are left on standby mode, they drain electricity and bump up your electricity bills.

One way to reduce the cost of your electricals is of course to switch your plugs off around your home when not in use. But let’s face it, that’s a chore and in this day and age surely there’s an easier way?

Gadget Idea: Energy-saving Plugs

Well, thanks to energy-saving gadgets such as the Energenie Smart Plug, you can now use your smartphone to switch your appliances, devices and lights on and off remotely - trimming down your electric bills, without moving a muscle!

9. Avoid Overcharging your Smartphone

Do you put your mobile phone to charge before bed?

Smartphone Charging

Most fully-charged mobile phones continue to take additional power when left on charge - up to two thirds more than they need in some cases. It may not be obvious, but over-charging your mobile is also increasing your electricity bill.

Gadget Idea: Switch to Timer Plugs

To prevent wasting electricity, try plugging your chargers into a timer plug to shut them off automatically when you sleep. The Energenie Variable Run Down Timer Plug is a simple device that can be set to charge your phone for 30 minutes or 1, 3 or 8 hours before it turns itself off.

Energy-saving timer plugs like these are the ideal gadget for preventing your phone from overcharging and will easily save you a few quid per year on your energy bills.

10. Stop Flushing Money Down the Toilet

Did you know that the typical British toilet contributes to around 30% of a household’s total water usage?

Toilet Flushing Wasted Water

This is an unnecessary waste of water and drain on your bank account.

Gadget Idea: Water Saving Bags

To reduce your toilet’s water usage, a simple device such as the Hippo Water Saving Bag can be placed in your toilet’s cistern to reduce the amount of water used in each flush.

A water saving bag could save three litres of water per flush and can save you up to £25 a year on your water bills. For a few quid per toilet, it’s a guaranteed money saver!

Save a cool £25 a year by placing a Hippo water-saving bag in your toilet's cistern.


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