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Gas and Electricity in the Channel Islands: Guernsey; Jersey

Gas and electricity in the Channel Islands represented by a light bulb and gas flame

The Channel Islands consists of two bailiwicks, Guernsey and Jersey, both of which are Crown Dependencies; however, neither of them are actually in Great Britain or the United Kingdom. As such they cannot be supplied by any of the UK energy suppliers. They do, however, own and operate their own gas and electricity networks that link to France. One of the main differences between the energy markets in the Channel Islands to those of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is that they are completely regulated; choice of supplier does not exist.


Transmission & Distribution

The electricity transmission network that spreads across the channel islands originates in France. It is called the ‘Channel Islands Electricity Grid’ (CIEG) and is owned and operated by the two Channel Island distribution companies ‘Guernsey Electricity’ and ‘Jersey Electricity’. This joint venture allows the two main islands, Guernsey and Jersey, to be comprehensively supplied with their electricity. The other, smaller islands in the vicinity are that small that they are self managed by local authorities. Around 80% of the electricity consumption in Guernsey and Jersey is supplied by French energy utility Electricité de France (EDF). This energy comes across three high voltage submarine cables through the CIEG as shown below:

channel Island electricity grid map
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Unlike Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the electricity markets in the Channel Islands are completely regulated, thus choice does not exist. Because of how small the market it it would be unrealistic to have a number of suppliers competing for custom. As such, each of the two islands has their respective suppliers: Guernsey Electricity; and Jersey Energy. These are the same companies that also manage the local distributions networks.


Transmission & Distribution

The gas transmission and distribution networks across Guernsey and Jersey are both owned by ‘International Energy Group’ (IEG); however, they are both operated by the operational subsidiaries ‘Guernsey Gas’ and ‘Jersey Gas’. The gas that is consumed in the Channel Islands is bought in from the international wholesale market and is then distributed via the island’s respective local gas company.


Like the electricity markets, the gas markets in Guernsey and Jersey are completely regulated, meaning that people do not have the ability to shop around for their gas. The suppliers for the two islands are the same as who runs the transmission and distribution networks, Guernsey Gas and Jersey Gas. At present it is not clear whether deregulation will creep into the Channel Islands; however, due to the size of the islands, it would be extremely unlikely.

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