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Gas and Electricity in Isle of Man

Gas and electricity on the Isle of Man represented by a light bulb and gas flame


Although the Isle of Man is a self-governing crown dependency situated in between all four UK countries, it is not in Great Britain, nor is it in the United Kingdom. As such, its gas and electricity supply are made on a separate system. Because of the size of the island, and therefore the size of the available market, the energy markets are regulated and are provided by one local electricity and one local gas company; choice of energy providers does not exist.


Transmission & Distribution

The electricity that is consumed on the Isle of Man is supplied from two sources: electricity is generated on the island; and an AC marine interconnector cable linked to the National Grid in Great Britain sends electricity from Bispham (Blackpool, England) to Douglas, where it joins the islands distribution network. All electricity activity on the island is operated by ‘Manx Utilities’, who are both the distributor and supplier for the whole of the Isle of Man. The network is as shown below:

Isle of man electricity network Supplier

Unlike the endless numbers of electricity suppliers that exist in Great Britain, the Isle of Man’s market is restricted, allowing Manx Utilities to have the local monopoly. They provide all of the electricity on the island.


Transmission & Distribution

The gas in the Isle of Man, just like Northern Ireland, comes from Scotland through the ‘Bord Gáis Pipeline System’ through Interconnector 2 on the way to the Republic of Ireland. Once it has arrived on the island, operations are switched to ‘Manx Gas’. These are the local gas company responsible for all gas activity on the island including supply. They are owned by ‘International Energy Group’ (IEG), the same company who owns the local gas companies in the Channel Islands.


The gas supplier, as mentioned early, on the Isle of Man is ‘Manx Gas’, the same company who runs the distribution network. Because of the size of the island, the gas markets, like the electricity markets, cannot extend further internally. As such, this monopoly means that if you wish to receive LPG or natural gas on the Isle of Man, you’ll have to go through Manx Gas.

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