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SP Distribution (Scottish Power)

SP Energy Networks

SP Distribution and SP Tranmission are part of SP Energy Networks, which is part of the subsidiary Scottish Power, which is owned by Spanish energy giants Iberdrola. Let's take a look at SP Distribution and SP Tranmission individually.

SP Tranmission

SP Transmission is responsible for transporting electricity through Central and Southern Scotland. Their tranmission network consists of over 400km of overhead cabels, 320km of underground lines and 132 substations.

Tranmission vs Distribution: what's the difference?In a nutshell, the tranmission stage is when electricty gets transported from the place it is generated (power plant, wind turbines etc.) to different parts of the country. From here, it passes into the distribution stage, which sees it distributed to homes and businesses in desginated areas of the UK. Find out more about the journey your electricty takes.

SP Distribution

SP Distribution is the Distribution Network Operator (DNO) for Southern Scotland, Merseyside, Cheshire, North Wales and North Shropshire, meaning they deliver electrcity to houses and businesses to three of the largest cities in the UK: Glasgow; Edinburgh; and Liverpool.

Their distribution network is made up of 40,000km of overhead lines (enough to go all the way around the world), 65,000km of underground cables and 30,000 substations (one for every 100 customers). They employ around 2,600 people, including field staff, engineers, technical specialists, customer service and support staff.

The map below shows the areas SP Distribution are responsible for delivering electricity to. They are referred to by their more general name SP Energy Networks and denoted by the numbers 2 and 6.

Map of UK showing SP Energy Networks' distribution network

As well as handling tranmission and distrubtion, Scottish Power are also an energy provider. In fact, they are one of the UK's Big Six energy suppliers serving around 4.78 million customers. Thinking of switching your energy suppler? Visit our Scottish Power provider page to see their tariffs, prices and reviews from current customers.

If you are interested in one of the many working positions offered by SP Distribution, SP Tranmission or Scottish Power in general, click here and visit their careers page to see what they have available.

For any general enquiries or if you wish to contact SP Energy Networks/Scottish Power customer services, use your prefered method from the table below.

Contact Information
Central & Southern Scotland Chesire, Merseyside, N. Wales & N. Shropshire
0330 1010 444
0330 1010 444
Customer Service
SP Energy Networks
Ochill House
Hamilton International Park
G72 0HT
Customer Service
SP Energy Networks
PO Box 168
CH26 9AY
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