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How much have electricity prices changed in 2018?

electricity price changes

We all know that our electricity bills are, and have been, going up for a while. We seem to be getting less and less for our money for exactly the same product, but why is this? Well, the general reasoning is due to the rising wholesale prices of electricity and upgrading the National Grid. Also, as the government demands more and more green energy, there is more investment needed in renewable generation. These factors and more are pushing up the price of the kWh without signs of stopping.

How much has electricity increased in the last year?

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Source: Ofgem

Can people afford increasing electricity prices?


Let's see just how much prices have risen over the years.

2006-2016 electricity prices

Electricity price change by CPI
Year CPI Price change
2006 78.6 -
2007 84.9 +8%
2008 98.1 +15.5%
2009 102.6 +4.6%
2010 100 -2.53%
2011 107.3 +7.3%
2012 113.3 +5.59%
2013 121.8 +7.5%
2014 128.4 +5.4%
2015 128 -0.3%
2016 127.8 -0.15%

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