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The Green Building Information Council is a not-for-profit organisation based in Canada whose mission is to share information about energy and environmental issues in the building sector.

The Green Building Council is itself a small organisation but has extensive international links. This page provides an insight into why the council was set up, what are its objectives and at the bottom, you can find a list of contacts to learn more about it.

Why was the Green Building Council set up?

We’re all by now familiar with the problems caused by global warming, the destruction of the environment and the depletion of fossil fuels, but practical solutions to dealing with these problems are limited or difficult to achieve. In the building sector, new approaches are needed in design and operation to face these challenges.

Existing building associations are becoming increasingly aware of environmental issues, but they are organised along disciplinary lines, whereas these issues are an interdisciplinary problem. In response to this, the Green Building Information Council was set up as a nonprofit organisation to concentrate efforts on building energy and environmental performance at a national level.

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What does the Green Building Council do?

The Green Building Information Council promotes inter-governmental and inter-disciplinary cooperation and takes the lead in areas of technological development and information transfer where other organizations are not yet active.

The Green Building Council considers the promotion of green building practices are timely and practical, and that leadership in this area will strengthen the position of Canadian consultants and manufacturers in the international marketplace. Its main goals are as follows:

  • To help to establish mid and long term energy and environmental performance goals for the building industry, and develop strategies to achieve these goals.
  • To encourage the continuing development of building performance labelling systems such as the BEPAC, as well as assisting in the adoption of regional and international variants.
  • To help to develop consensual procedures and specifications for quality management in the design and construction process and for the commissioning of building systems, and also to promote their adoption.
  • To assist in developing standards of training and certification for building commissioning agents as well as for building labelling assessors.
  • To develop and implement an intensive and sustained campaign of technical training and education relating to building quality and performance aimed at all relevant disciplines and the wider public.

For more information on the Green Building Council’s goals and objectives, and news on what it’s doing to meet them, see its website.

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Get in touch with the Green Building Council

If you’re looking to get in touch with the Green Building Information Council, there doesn’t seem to be a telephone number available, but below we have compiled a list of email addresses of senior members of the organisation:

Member Email address
President Dr Ray Cole
Ontario - Craig Crawford
Quebec - Robert Thibodeau
Atlantic - David Stewart
Federal - Nils Larsson
Ottawa Chapter - Vince Catalli
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