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The American Public Power Association is a key advocacy group in the public utilities sphere. Read on to learn more about all that they do for public power in American via their resource centre, courses, publications and research and development programs below. 

American Public Power Association: Who Are They?

The American Public Power Association is a service organisation that represents the many not-for-profit, community owned electric utilities that cater to almost 50 million Americans across thousands of different cities.

The American Public Power Association (also known as APPA) was formed in 1940. Over the years the organization's main goals have always been to advance the public policy interests of their consumers and members, and to help to ensure reliable electricity at an affordable price.

Energy Efficiency Resource Centre 

APPA’s Energy Efficiency Resource Central is a crucial point of information on public power and energy efficiency programs. Through the Energy Efficiency Resource Centre the organisation hopes to educate the public and industry members on energy efficiency, policy and services. 

DEED: Research & Development 

The American Public Power Association research and development program is called the Demonstration of Energy-Efficient Developments program or DEED. DEED was first established in 1980, with the goal of advancing public power research. The program operates by encouraging activities that promote energy innovation, efficient energy and low cost energy for public power customers. 

There have been many DEED grant programs over the years, some of which you can find listed below:

  • SunSmart Community Partnerships Program: Helping Florida’s Municipal Utilities Ensure a Sustainable Future (Florida Municipal Electric Association)
  • Development of a Key Accounts Resource Guide 
  • Developing and Administering a Local Public Benefits Program (Wisconsin)
  • Distributed Resource Evaluation of a Micro-Turbine Installation (Richmond Power and Light, Indiana)
  • Technology Transfer of Public Power Wind Generation Projects (Cedar Falls Utilities, Iowa)
  • Continued Development of BioTrans™- A New Soy-Based Biodegradable Transformer Oil Waverly Light & Power (Iowa)
  • MMUA Renewable Energy Training Center Minnesota Municipal Utilities Association (Minnesota)
  • Optimization of Electric Power Equipment for Energy Efficiency (Seattle City Light, Washington)
  • Internet Communication Link for Electric Customers (City of Anaheim Public Utilities Department, California)

Utility Education Courses

The American Public Power Association offers a wide range of different utility specific training programs for its members. The association’s in-house Utility Education courses keep members informed about industry changes, and allows for them to update their skills in customer and energy services related tasks. 

American Public Power Association Bookstore & Publications

The American Public Power Association publishes a vast array of different reports, industry periodicals, manuals and videos. APPA publications are broken down into the following categories:

  • Periodicals 
  • Management Aids and Manuals 
  • Online Services
  • Technical Resources 
  • Energy and Customer Services 
  • Safety
  • Energy Policy 
  • Education Materials for Children and Adults 
  • Communication and Marketing Materials
  • Special Events Items 
  • Publication Index 
  • Advertising Rates 

The association also publishes Public Power, the only national magazine which caters to policy making and managerial personnel of local publicly owned electric bodies. The magazine focuses on topics such as new technologies, policy developments, research, development, managerial techniques, public power systems and legislative issues.

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