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The Association of Electricity Producers (AEP) was a trade association (an organization that helps different companies in the same industry to collaborate) of electricity producers in the UK. It was founded in 1987 and became part of Energy UK in 2012. Before merging, AEP had about 90 member companies.

About the Association of Electricity Producers

The Association of Electricity Producers included companies that generated electricity as well as companies that supplied support services in the electrical energy industry.

Originally it was known as the Association of Independent Electricity Producers (AIEP) when it was founded in 1987. It was created to lobby the United Kingdom government, specifically the Department of Energy, to remove regulations and restrictions limiting private companies in the energy market.


The main founder was David Andrews, who was attempting to introduce small-scale Combined Heat and Power into the UK market and was frustrated by the restrictions of the Central Electricity Generating Board. He held the first meeting in London with representatives from Orchard Partners, Wessex Water and Electrical Review.

Once they helped to pass the Electricity Act in 1989, the energy industry became fully privatised, with the exception of nuclear power.


If you’re wondering what happened to the Association of Electricity Producers, they’re now part of Energy UK. In 2012, AEP merged with the Energy Retail Association and the UK Business Council for Sustainable Energy to form an energy trade association with over 100 members, Energy UK.

About Energy UK

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Source: Energy UK

Much like the AEP before it, Energy UK is a trade association dedicated to helping members of the energy sector to work collaboratively. They describe their members as “suppliers, generators, and stakeholders with a business interest in the production and supply of electricity and gas for domestic and business consumers”. They also claim their membership covers 90% of power generation in the UK and the domestic energy supply market.

Energy UK provides their member companies with an expert staff available for query, committee meetings to discuss the latest energy trends, a weekly newsletter on the most current industry news and special events for members.

Energy UK Members

There are different types of membership and engagement within Energy UK. Read below to find out if one is right for you or your business.

  • Full Membership: This is only available to firms which generate electricity or supply electricity or gas. Firms may range from small, up-and-coming generators to large, established corporations. Full members can participate in Energy UK committees or groups to help develop the organization’s policies and positions.
  • Associate Membership: This membership type is available to companies who provide services to the energy industry, but are not electricity producers or direct energy suppliers. Associates are provided insight from Energy UK as well as discounts to events.
  • Member and Stakeholder Groups and Roundtables: Energy UK holds a variety of group events and roundtables, designed to bring different firms and organizations together to share their knowledge and shape policy.
  • Member and Stakeholder Groups and Roundtables: The structure of Energy UK committees allows members to form decisions in an organized way. There are four main committees, and each has a variety of sub-committees and working groups under them. Full members can be a part of any relevant committees and associate members may be invited to share their insights on a particular subject.

Apply to Become an Energy UK Member

If you or your company are involved in the electricity or energy sector and are interested in becoming a part of Energy UK, the first step is contacting them. You can access the official enquiry form with the link below:

Contact Energy UK

Access the Energy UK Members Website

If you’re already a part of Energy UK and are looking for their members page, you can do so with the following link:

Member Login

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