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Selectra takes a look at the Heat Pump Centre and their goals, projects, newsletter and workshops below. Read on to learn more about exactly what the Heat Pump Centre contributes to the international heat pump industry.

The Heat Pump Centre is the central information activity of the IEA Heat Pump Programme (also known as HPP). The IEA Heat Pump Centre is an international information service that advocates for the Heat Pump industry.

The Heat Pump Centre’s main goal is to accelerate the implementation of Heat Pumps and related appliance technology such as air conditioning and refrigeration. The centre boasts contributors from all around the world with national teams located in countries such as Australia, Switzerland, Norway, Germany, Japan, U-SA, the Netherlands, France and the United Kingdom. 

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The Heat Pump Centre: What do they do?

The Heat Pump Centre acts as a central point of information on heat pump technology and research, but providing information is not all that they do. Let’s take a look at some of the main output from the Heat Pump Centre below. 

Heat Pump Centre Projects 

The Heat Pump Centre is involved in lots of different international heat pump related projects that range from modeling to research to analysis. Some of their most recent international projects include the following: 

  • Compact Heat Exchangers in Heat Pumping Equipment
  • Economical Heating and Cooling Systems for Low Energy Houses
  • Advanced Modeling and Tools for Analysis of Energy Use in Supermarkets
  • Retrofit Heat Pumps for Buildings
  • Retrofit Heat Pumps for Buildings


The IEA HPC newsletter is a quarterly journal that aims to present the advancement of heat pump technology and progress within the market. 

The newstetter comes in many different forms - a full version, an abridged version and a e-newsletter. The e-newsletter contains short summaries of articles and news and can easily be distributed to a wide audience. If readers are interested in viewing the full articles they can do so by accessing the full version of the newsletter. 

Subscription to the newsletter is free to those living in member countries of the Heat Pump Centre and for those in non-member countries the subscription costs 50€ per year or 20€ for an individual addition of the newsletter. 


Heat Pump Centre workshops have taken place in a wide variety of different locations including Tokyo, Vienna, Las Vegas, Hannover, Paris and Montreal. The workshops provide insights into the Heat Pump industry and are arranged in connection with the HPP Executive Committee meetings. The workshops sometimes include keynote speakers. 

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