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The World Association of Nuclear Operators (WANO) is a non-profit organisation designed to exist to unify and enforce the level of quality that should be upheld by any of its members within the nuclear sector worldwide. Together it operates over 430 reactors and works with over 150,000 nuclear professionals.



If you would like to become a part of WANO, then please read the following information. Each applicant will have to apply to their relevant WANO director dependant on their location. WANO’s membership is generally only available to those who operate nuclear plants; however, on occasion, those who also impact the safety of nuclear operation will be granted membership.

Membership fees

Membership fees do not operate in a flat format; they are based on the number of Category 1 members, the number of operational units and the overall production of electricity by the member. There are two fees to pay, these are:

  • To the London Office for general services
  • To their affiliated Regional Center for specific services

How to apply

The application process has a number of steps: it requires the prospective member to work alongside the WANO director of their region in order to fill out the application form and a confidentiality undertaking. Once this has been completed, a plan will be drawn up to determine the intended interactions between the prospective member and WANO.

If you would like to begin this process, you should first consult the decision tree and then get in contact with WANO directly.

About WANO

WANO was formed in 1989 following Chernobyl’s nuclear disaster. The main reason for this disaster was the flawed design and poorly managed procedures implemented in dealing with the faults in the power plant. As such WANO was created to ensure that all nuclear operators worldwide abided to strict and heavily regulated regulations. This was in the interest of preventing other similar incidents.

Peer Review Programme

The peer review programme was set up to allow members to review their standards of excellence against WANO’s guidelines carried out by an independent team from outside of their organisation. This method allows members to identify areas of weakness and strength for their continual development.

After the nuclear incident in Fukushima in 2011, WANO has moved towards a frequency of every four years for their peer reviews with an every-two-year follow up. In addition, WANO is currently working with INPO, JANSI and IAEA to see if there are any other similar reviews that could benefit their members.

All new units are provided a pre-startup review before initial criticality. This helps to prevent any faults and potential disasters when they first become operational.

Access the members website

If you are already a member of WANO and you would like to access the members segment, you can do so by clicking the following link:

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