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MPRN Number for Gas: What is it & How to Find it

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Person finding their MPRN number on their gas bill

When switching your electricity supplier or moving home, you may be asked for your Meter Point Reference Number, or MPRN. What exactly is an MPRN number, why do you need to know and where can you find it? Keep on reading to find out.

What is my MPRN number?

Your Meter Point Reference Number (MPRN) is a unique 6-11 digit long number that energy providers in England, Scotland and Wales use to identify your domestic or business gas supply and property. You may be asked to provide your MPRN number when moving house or trying to save money by switching gas suppliers.

If you’re switching electricity suppliers you’ll need to know your MPAN number instead.

Looking for your MPRN number in Northern Ireland? Unlike in the rest of the UK, in Northern Ireland, an MPRN is an eleven-digit number used to determine your electricity supply. For your gas supply, you’ll need your Gas Point Reference Number (GPRN) instead. To avoid any confusion, visit MPRN number in Ireland.

Is MPRN the same as meter number?

Sometimes also referred to as an ‘M Number’, it’s important to note that your MPRN is not the same as your gas supplier account number or meter serial number (MSN).

Why do I need to know my MPRN number?

You’ll need to know your MPRN number when you switch energy suppliers, move home and, sometimes, when submitting a meter reading.

When you switch gas or dual fuel tariffs, your new provider will usually ask for your MPRN number as part of the process. If you’re moving and taking your energy deal with you, your supplier may ask for the MPRN of both your old and new properties.

What does MPRN number look like?

The MPRN number is a set of numerical digits (no letters) that relates to your property and differentiates your meter from anyone else's. Here’s an example of how it may appear on your gas bills:

MPAN number

If your MPRN number starts with the number 74, 75, 76 or 77, it means that the gas in your property is delivered by an independent gas transporter network (IGT). Some suppliers may charge a more expensive rate for customers who receive their gas through an IGT, so it’s always worth shopping around to make sure you’re getting the cheapest gas deal possible.

How do I find my MPRN number?

As the MPRN number is quite long, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to remember it off the top of your head. Fortunately, it’s very easy to locate if you have a recent gas bill to hand. You may also find it on your gas meter if it is a newer model.

Find MPRN number on gas bill

You should be able to find your MPRN number quite easily on a current or recent bill. It’s usually located at the top or bottom of your bill, depending on your gas supplier.

Some suppliers will refer to the MPRN as the ‘Meter Number’, ‘M Number’ or ‘Meter Point Number’, so also keep an eye out for these terms.

Where is the MPRN number on a gas meter?

If you have a newer model gas meter or your meter was installed recently, your MPRN number may also be stamped on the meter itself. However, you should not mistake this for your meter serial number (MSN)!

How do I find my gas meter? In most houses, your gas meter will be found in the kitchen, hallway or outside in a cupboard or meter box. If you live in an apartment or flat, the meters may be grouped together and located in a dedicated meter room. If this is the case, make sure you’re looking for your MPRN number on the correct meter and not your neighbours’! If you’re still struggling to find your meter, you can always ask your landlord, letting agent or a neighbour.

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