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Cold Weather Payment 2018 - How much, who gets it, contact

Who gets Cold Weather Payments?

Cold Weather Payment is a government scheme that supports those in need of financial help, in times of low temperatures.

You get £25 for each seven day period between 1st November 2018 - 31st March 2019.

Apply for Cold Weather Payment

The good news is if you are eligible, you are automatically qualifying and do not need to apply.

If the average temperature in your area is recorded as, or forecast to be, zero degrees Celsius or lower for 7 consecutive days, the government will help out with energy costs.


This scheme is for those with a low income, the government has set some entitlement criteria you will need to meet. You are eligible for this scheme if you are receiving any of the following welfare assistance or means tested benefits:

Cold Weather Payment
  • Pension Credit
  • Income Support
  • Income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance
  • Income-related Employment and Support Allowance
  • Universal Credit
  • Disability Living Allowance

Income Support and Income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance

If you receive Income Support or Income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance you are most likely eligible for Cold Weather Payments if any of the following circumstances apply to you:

  • A child or dependent who is disabled
  • A disability or pensioner premium
  • A child under the age of 5 living with you
  • Child Tax Credit that includes disability
  • Income-related Employment and Support Allowance

If you or your spouse are an Income-related ESA claimant and any of the following situations apply, you should usually receive Cold Weather Payments:

Cold Weather Payment
  • Support or work-related ESA
  • A disability premium
  • A pensioner premium
  • Universal Credit
  • Housing Benefit

You usually receive Cold Weather Payments if you are unemployed or self-employed and any of the following applies to your situation:

  • You get a limited capability for work element
  • A child under the age of 5 lives with you
  • A pensioner premium
  • If you have a disabled child element in your claim, you will be eligible regardless of employment status.

It is important to let your Jobcentre Plus or Pension Centre know that you fall into any of the above circumstances to ensure that you qualify and your Cold Weather Payment is processed correctly.

Do not confuse Cold Weather Payments with Winter Fuel Payments and Warm Home Discounts. As opposed to the discount format of the Warm Home Discount, the Cold Weather Payment will be paid directly to the bank or building society account of the recipient.

Where is my Cold Weather Payment?

If you qualify for Cold Weather Payments and your household is in an area set for a period of 7 or more consecutive days below zero degrees, you should receive the payment automatically within 14 working days.

Cold Weather home

If you are not receiving the payment automatically and you believe that you meet the criteria, tell your pension centre or Jobcentre Plus office. If you get Universal Credit, you should contact this helpline instead:

Telephone number: 0345 600 0723
Textphone: 0345 600 0743
Lines open Monday to Friday: 8 am - 6 pm

If you are admitted to a hospital or have a carer this could affect your benefit entitlement. You should tell your Pension Centre or Jobcentre Plus office. If you get Universal credit, you should contact the helpline instead.