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Continental Europe and energy savings

In our article about regional price change in the UK, we have seen that even in such a small island nation as the United Kingdom, there can be quite drastic changes in price. Expanding our view, this page focuses on how our electricity prices compare with those of other European countries.

Let's Compare!

Using data from the European Commission, we have created a table and graph displaying the electricity prices of the 28 full EU members and the 3 countries included in the recent EEA financial mechanism deal: Iceland; Liechtenstein; and Norway. Without specific details on taxes, other charges and usage habits, it is very hard to mark exactly how much the ‘average tariff’ costs in each country but below we have on average how much each kWh of electricity costs.


In the UK, the standard charge has been including into the average price, making a Tariff Comparison Rate (TCR) of sorts. These prices have been converted from Euros to Great British Pounds on the 6th March 2017 using a conversion rate of 0.86.

EU electricity comparison
Country Price per kWh
Austria 17.54p
Belgium 21.93p
Bulgaria 8.29p
Croatia 11.31p
Cyprus 13.21p
Czech Republic 12.26p
Denmark 26.68p
Estonia 10.45p
Finland 13.3p
France 14.59p
Germany 25.65p
Greece 15.2p
Hungary 9.58p
Iceland 11.31p
Ireland 19.95p
Italy 20.82p
Latvia 14.08p
Liechtenstein 14.34p
Lithuania 10.62p
Luxembourg 14.68p
Malta 10.88p
Netherlands 14p
Norway 13.13p
Poland 11.5p
Portugal 20.3p
Romania 10.88p
Slovakia 12.26p
Slovenia 14p
Spain 18.91p
Sweden 16.32p
United Kingdom 16.84p

bar graph comparing electricity prices among all European union member states

From the above data we can see that UK electricity prices are reasonably priced in relation to other EU countries. Especially taking into consideration that the average UK wage is much higher than that of countries such as Portugal, Italy and Spain, whose electricity prices are a fair bit higher than ours.


Just from this seemingly insignificant price difference in pence, it could result in hundreds of pounds of price difference. For example a 3,100 kWh yearly usage in Denmark would have a base cost of £827.08, whereas in Bulgaria it would cost an average of £256.99, a massive £570.99 price difference for the same product.

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