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Manchester University: A Guide to Student Money Saving

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Congratulations on your acceptance to Manchester University! It is a great achievement to get into this selective and prestigious university. But be warned...Manchester can be an expensive city to live in! If you follow this guide you’ll develop your thrifty know-how to pay less as a Manchester student on a budget.


  1. How to Save on Housing in Manchester
  2. Energy Savings for Manchester Students
  3. Internet and Mobile Phone Plans for Manchester Students
  4. Things to do in Manchester
  5. University Key Contact Information

Manchester consistently ranks as 5th in the UK and 35th in the world on the annual list of the world´s 1000 best academic institutions. You´ll access career opportunities via a vast alumni network, with notable alumni becoming industry leaders. Manchester is proud that the Higher Education Employment Statistics Agency has announced that within 6 months of graduation 94% of graduates are employed in their field of specialisation or have continued their education. The alumni community boasts world-famous actors such as Benedict Cumberbatch and Nobel Prize winners such Sir John Sulston!

Manchester is a city that has a rich industrial past, with a wealth of cultural activities and nightlife options for young people. It is also the home to the famous Manchester United and Manchester City Football Stadiums. Selectra looks forward to guiding you as you navigate the process of beginning your academic experience.

If you are planning on having enough money to buy that season ticket to see Machester United play at Trafford then it's paramount to reduce your costs however you can! There’s a lot of room to save money at the earliest stage of your experience when setting up a new flat.
Giving students access to the cheap energy club is what we do best at Selectra! Manchester students can learn here how to manage their student finances. In this guide, you'll find out how to reduce costs and plan a budget as you set up your student flat in Manchester. We also have suggestions for activities and affordable restaurants in Manchester.

Housing in Manchester: Where to Look and How to Save

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The average room in a flatshare in Manchester costs £537.00 per month. That is 56% less expensive than the cost of renting in London!

Three super cool neighbourhoods of Manchester that are popular among the student population are: Rusholme, Fallowfield and Withington.

Rusholme is notable for housing Manchester´s “curry mile” where you can find numerous Pakistani, Bangladeshi and Indian establishments, takeaways and Shisha lounges signified by their brightly lit neon signs. If you’re looking for a low-key night of curry and beer, this is where to go.

Fallowfield has a large student population because three student residence buildings are situated here. It is home to the 16 acres Platt Fields Park, one of the largest parks in Manchester and ideal for picnics!

Withington is a suburb that has become increasingly trendy, with hip bars and restaurants and thrift stores. Take a stroll and admire the street art.

Once you’ve selected your new neighbourhood and are preparing to move into a student flat, take note that most landlords don’t really care about the energy tariffs and providers that the property uses: in all likelihood it is a standard tariff.

In many cases, you can save hundreds of pounds per year by switching to a fixed tariff. This creates an opportunity for Manchester students to save on their energy bills. You'll be able to keep more money in your pocket for all those student union nights out as well as cures for the hangovers that follow! The extra spending money will help you be creative when exploring new things to do in Manchester.

Consumers can benefit strongly from paying attention to rates offered by different energy providers to switch when they notice a well-timed deal.

It is your right as a tenant to switch suppliers without your landlord's permission and you can do it quicker than grabbing a coffee on the way to your lectures using Selectra's comparison tool!

Independent Energy Providers: Perfect for Students on a Budget

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We strongly recommend going for independent suppliers rather than one of the big six. New upcoming suppliers such as Tonik Energy, Ovo Energy, and Nabuh Energy, who have great reviews for their environmental consciousness, budget-friendly prices and fast responses to questions via phone calls and social media.So now you can spend more time revising and less time waiting on hold.

We know that you are a busy student and that your time is valuable, which is why we only match you with providers that will treat you with respect and give you individualized attention.

Manchester University Internet and Mobile Phone Plans

Manchester University is proud of its massive research library that welcomes 3 million visits per year. These are not only students but esteemed academics who utilize its archives, and a fast internet connection to work. While you’re on campus, you’ll be extremely well connected to the internet.

Once you’ve unpacked and begun settling into your new home, you´ll need to consider which broadband providers to sign up with and sort it out quickly before your term begins.

Not all broadband providers are made equal and we know you'd rather be in the park having a picnic and creating memories with your new friends than at home trying to set up your internet and energy.

Nothing is worse than having a weak internet connection and slow service, so it is important to choose a broadband deal that matches well with your needs. Selectra has created this handy student broadband guide to help you.

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Save hundreds on your bills!

Call us to find affordable providers!

Student Money-Saving Hacks

Buy your books second hand, or better yet borrow them! Keep in mind that you do not always need the most up-to-date version of a textbook, often the updates across editions are minimal and their re-releases are to justify cranking up their costs. If you ask around you’ll be able to find a way to bypass this cost.

We recommend Chorlton Bookshop and Paramount Books: both are popular independent bookstores revered by readers in Manchester, as well as Blackwells, an online bookstore that specializes in the purchase and sale of used textbooks.

Things to do in Manchester

If you are new in town and you want to start enjoying budget friendly activities get your NUS student card , a £12 investment which gives you access to over 150 discounts. Here you can find a well-organised list of the advantages and deals that Manchester students can access!

Manchester is also well known for a vibrant music scene and numerous venues where you can rock out all night long. Check out what gigs you can find any given week on Songkick. Notable venues include 02 Apollo, the Bridgewater Hall and the Manchester Arena

£10 Manchester Restaurants

  1. Vnam - A charming little Vietnamese place that serves delicious spring rolls and excellent beef pho (£7.50), all sourced from fresh local ingredients.
  2. Trove - This versatile space is a bakery, cafe, bar and restaurant. It offers the best quality Brunch deal for students!
  3. Earth Cafe - An excellent haunt for Vegetarians and Veganswith a bit of style. We recommend the lentil burger!
  4. Akbar’s- A popular Indian restaurant with excellent service and an expanisve wine selection. More adventurous eaters can tuck into lamb brain and tripes! Not for the faint hearted!
  5. Nectar Bistro - A family-run Middle Eastern hole in the wall! It is advisable to make a reservation on weekends because it´s extremely popular. Forget forks and tuck in with your hands before using warm bread to mop up the top knotch fresh hummus.

Cosy Cafes in Manchester for Productive Study Sessions

  1. Fig and Sparrow - a speciality coffee shop that doubles up as a design store.
  2. LEAF- The winner of numerous awards of excellence, both domestically and internationally,this inviting teashop and cafe could be your local spot to read.
  3. North Tea Power - This sleek, minimalist cafe and workspace stand out because of the quality latte art of its baristas.
  4. Pot Kettle Black- A cafe and brunch place, this spot is perfect if you need to do some work or meet for a project while snacking. Offering staples such as avocado toast and shakshuka, as well as a variety of roasted coffees in various forms.
  5. Ezra and Gil - This large coffeeshop has a lot of seating and serves artisanal coffee and a delicious menu of freshly prepared meals. Within sight on the counter are many tantalizing sweets and baked goods.

Key Contact Information for Students!

Still have more questions? We’ve compiled the following list of contacts for the staff at Manchester University to help you out with any other queries not covered here.


blue telephone

Manchester University Student Accommodation
+44 (0)161 275 2888

blue telephone

Manchester Student Union & Student Services
+44 (0)161 275 2930
+44 (0)161 275 5000

Use Reddit for more information!

An amazing source of information that can teach students and young adults learn how to budget and eat cheaply and healthily is Reddit! Check out the general subreddit for Manchester inhabitants to learn about what´s happening in real time!

Enjoy your student experience in Manchester!

We hope that this guide was able to help you understand what you are getting into! Now, with this information, you are ready to make the most of your experience in Machester and maximize the potential of your student budget. As you make the many important decisions ahead, remember to have fun!