Avid Energy Customers Switched to Nabuh Energy

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Earlier this year, Avid Energy customers were informed by email that their supplier was exiting the market and that they would be automatically switched to Nabuh Energy by 29th July.

Avid Energy was launched in the UK in 2017 by the Irish energy provider PrePayPower.

The company said it chose Nabuh Energy to continue supplying its customers because of “low prices and excellent customer service” and announced customers would be switching over to a cheaper tariff which would save them money.

This tariff is fixed for 12 months during which time the company promises there won’t be any price increases. Avid customers switched over to Nabuh are still free to move to another provider with no fees for leaving their new supplier.

Sheffield-based Nabuh Energy has been around since 2015 and is run by Danish investor Klaus Bach. It was shortlisted for Moneyfacts Consumer Energy Provider of the Year award 2019.

How will the move from Avid to Nabuh affect me?

If you have a smart meter your credit should have been automatically transferred to Nabuh. Unfortunately, prepay customers without smart meters will have lost any unused balance in the changeover.

Avid Energy cards can be used to top up as normal after the switch, again if you have a smart meter. Although a one-off 60 digit number will be used the first time you top up instead of the usual 20-digit number, so you might need to take your time entering it.

If you have a prepayment meter, Nabuh should have sent you new keys and cards to let you top up.

According to Avid and Nabuh, the new company offers an average saving of between £129 and £314 per year, seven-days-a-week customer service support and the ability to top up online, by app, by telephone for a minimum of £5 or at PayPoint outlets where you can top up for as little as £1.

Has the switchover been a success?

Judging by customer reactions on the Trustpilot pages for both Avid Energy and Nabuh Energy, many people have experienced issues with the changeover.

Leeann Bleakley complained on the Avid Energy page that she hadn’t been informed of the switch in suppliers.

“I haven't been told that it was changing over and I phone in all the time to top up,” she posted.

“I am now sitting with no electricity and have a new baby and five other kids. This is disgusting how am I meant to get this sorted and electricity to my property?”

Some who posted their complaints did receive a response from customer support.

Maryanne Gallagher said she had been “completely clueless” that there was a switch until she went to top up and found that her Avid app no longer worked. She tried to install and login to the Nabuh Energy app but it told her the account number was incorrect.

“Now I had to activate emergency prior until payday and will now run out after friendly credit hours expires tomorrow," she wrote.

Maryanne also complained that she had not received any warning of the move either via email or post.

Avid Energy replied and apologised for Maryanne’s predicament, suggesting their warning email had been sent to her spam folder. They also acknowledged there was a problem with Nabuh’s app which the new provider was working to rectify and advised she could top up at any Paypoint facility.

However, David Smith said he was unable to top up via Paypoint.

“They took the payment but I have still got no electricity? Absolute shambles!” he wrote on the Avid Trustpilot page.

Linda Vine, Gemma Taylor and other customers also complained about not receiving notification of the changeover or problems with the app and received advice from customer service.

On the Nabuh Energy Trustpilot page the situation seems to be similar.

Brian Stott said the £10 he had topped up from the app was not added to his meter. He sent an email but got no response and he claimed the telephone line was continuously engaged.

Nabuh did reply on their Trustpilot page, asking him to contact their customer service via email and suggesting ways he could top up, but not addressing the fact that he said he had already done so and that the problem was that his credit had gone missing. On top of this, they called him Christopher, so perhaps they had replied to the wrong comment.

Other customers also complained about not being able to top up, not having their credit added to their meter even after the money had been taken out of their bank accounts, having their power cut off and of phone calls and emails to Nabuh going unanswered. The current number of customers affected, whether the app issues have been rectified or what steps Nabuh has taken to resolve the situation is unknown. At the time of writing Nabuh’s Facebook page contains comments from customers struggling to get a response from the company.

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