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Following the news earlier this month that small energy provider Gnergy would cease to trade, Ofgem has announced that Bulb Energy has been chosen to take on the 9,000 Gnergy customers left wondering what would happen to them in the aftermath.

To keep up to date with the most reliable industry news, it’s important that you check official sources such as Ofgem, where you’ll find accurate and reliable updates on developing situations such as this.

The announcement is the result of a competitive process which was run by Ofgem in order to get the best value deal for the provider’s existing customers. Existing Gnergy customers are also assured that their energy supply will also continue as normal during the transfer process.

Ofgem’s announcement will affect the following customers:

  • Domestic customers
  • Business customers
  • Electricity retail market
  • Gas retail market

We’ll now go through some useful information to help Gnergy customers stay on top of the situation, hopefully allaying any doubts you have about your energy supply and how you’ll be affected.

When will the transfer happen?

It already has! The transfer of these 9,000 contracts from Gnergy to Bulb Energy took effect automatically on Saturday the 21st of March. If you were affected, you ought to have been contacted by Bulb in the days that followed to be given more details, but it’s possible there has been a delay and you’ll be hearing from them soon.

If you’re a Gnergy customer and you haven’t heard from Bulb yet, you can call them on 0800 032 0119 or email them at gnergy@bulb.co.uk. If you prefer to avoid long wait times on the phone, call 02039 360059 to get quick and accurate advice from an energy expert.

Will I be paying the same rate?

Former Gnergy customers have been put on a deemed tariff rate and will be contacted by Bulb to be given information about their new tariff. If, after hearing about your new tariff, you’re not happy with it, you’re free to switch to another one at no extra cost.

The tariffs new customers are put onto are personalised, so there’s no way of knowing what you’ll pay until they call you - don’t worry, however, as you won’t be tied to it if you don’t want to be.

Don’t want to sign up with Bulb?

Ofgem suggests waiting to hear from Bulb to get some personalised information about your tariff but you’re able to switch without an exit fee should you choose to. To take advantage of this get out, why not let one of our agents set you up with the best value deal available on the market where you are now? Give us a call on 02039 360059 to get help switching for free.

If, however, you had any debt outstanding with Gnergy, the easiest way to resolve it is to wait for Bulb to contact you and let them get your contract set up.

Accounts owed credit

Fortunately, Bulb plans to honour all outstanding credit balances owed to current and former Gnergy customers.

A review will first have to be done to assess details of the credit attached to your account, then Bulb will be in touch with you with details. Its team will also answer any questions you may have about your account credit. This applies whether you are a current Gnergy customer or you have already left.

The above process may take several weeks, as Bulb needs to receive and review Gnergy’s records, and customers are advised that any unbilled charges from previous months will be deducted from your credit balance.

Accounts in debt

If you owed money to Gnergy, whether you’re an existing customer or you’ve already left, Bulb will be in touch with you within the coming weeks to discuss a repayment plan.

Gnergy direct debit payments

If you paid for your Gnergy supply via direct debit, you don’t need to cancel it but you can if you want to. Bulb will contact you to let you know whether your existing payments will remain the same or whether a new direct debit will have to be set up.

If your direct debit has already been cancelled, don’t worry, Bulb will contact you about setting up a new account with another direct debit.

Gnergy Smart meters

If you have a smart meter provided to you by Gnergy, this should continue to work as normal for now. Don’t throw it away yet! You’ll be contacted by Bulb if there’s any need to change something.

Gnergy Unresolved complaints

Unfortunately, Bulb is not under obligation to deal with any unresolved complaints customers have registered with Gnergy. If, however, you have an ongoing issue with Gnergy, do mention it to Bulb when its advisors contact you to see if there’s anything they can do to resolve it.

If yours was an open complaint with the Ombudsman, you will be contacted soon to discuss how to proceed with your complaint.

More help

If you can’t find the help you’re looking for above, you can give one of our agents a call on 02039 360059 or compare energy deals yourself on our website.

You can also find out more on the Ofgem website or you can voice concerns about your energy supply to the Citizens Advice consumer helpline, whose support agents will be able to offer support and guidance.

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