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Igloo Energy now part of Ofgem’s Energy Switch Guarantee

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Igloo Energy is the latest energy supplier to sign up to Ofgem’s Energy Switch Guarantee. This commitment is there to protect you when you choose to switch supplier. In this report, Selectra looks at how the UK energy mix is changing for the better. We also find out who owns Igloo Energy and what sets this provider apart from the others. Already helping countless customers save money and energy, could Igloo Energy be right for you?

Igloo Energy’s commitment under the Energy Switch Guarantee

Ofgem’s Energy Switch Guarantee is a commitment that suppliers join voluntarily. This guarantee reassures customers that switching between member suppliers will be swift and simple.

Igloo Energy has just joined this elite group of suppliers, meaning they promise to follow the guidelines and provide customers with an easy switch. So far, the ‘big six’ have all signed up to this along with more than a dozen smaller suppliers.

Some of the commitments under the Energy Switch Guarantee include:

  1. No disruption to your service.
  2. A timeline of 21 days or less to switch between the providers.
  3. No double-charging because the providers will coordinate the bills and billing periods communicatively.
  4. You will receive your final bill within six weeks.
  5. If you are due a refund from your former supplier you will receive the money within 14 days of your final bill date.
“With a record 6.4 million switching last year – an average of 12 switches every minute – it has never been more important to get switching right for consumers and ensure the process is as seamless as possible. Our members are committed to making switching simple, speedy and safe and ensure consumers feel confident to choose the best deal for them without worrying about their switch, losing supply or when they will receive their final bill.” - Pamela Taylor, Independent Chair of the Energy Switch Guarantee

Switching energy suppliers has truly never been so straight-forward.

The UK energy market: smaller suppliers getting bigger

The UK energy mix of suppliers is changing at pace. While the notorious ‘big six’ still hold the majority in the energy department, many independent, small suppliers are entering the market.

Swarms of customers are now choosing to use these smaller energy suppliers because customer service could be better and prices lower.

Who are the ‘big six’?

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At some stage or another, you have probably used one of the ‘bix six’ energy suppliers:

Who else is out there?

There are many alternatives coming onto the market. That’s not to say the larger companies aren’t any good. The supply will be exactly the same no matter which supplier you choose.

However, there is nothing like a bit of healthy, friendly competition to incentivise companies to improve their service and offers. This is true in all industries, but the energy market seemed to lag in this arena more than most.

Who owns Igloo Energy and where did it come from?

It’s a small start-up in Southampton who owns Igloo Energy. The three founders were new to energy and bring a fresh approach as a result. All had a strong background in using technology, which helped drive Igloo Energy’s mission…

...to help make our customers’ homes smarter, more efficient and cost less to run while helping the world get a cleaner energy system.

This may sound ambitious but Igloo Energy does this using a mix of technology and data analysis. The main ways it plans on reducing charges is by reducing the amount of energy a household uses. Igloo Energy does this by:

  1. Capturing data on your energy consumption so you can understand how your home uses energy. This includes analysing the various white goods and lighting in your home.
  2. Offering smart energy products and services based on your home usage data.

This tailored approach should be better for the environment and your pocket by reducing consumption. Although, at this stage, Igloo Energy doesn’t focus on using renewable energy.

If you have your heart set on a green energy supplier, here are just a couple of great providers:

  1. Ebico - Was the UK’s first not-for-profit energy supplier. It now uses 100% green electricity, all of which is sourced from UK wind and solar farms.
  2. Bulb - Recently founded in 2015, this has quickly become a huge British success story. It offers 100% renewable electricity to customers and 10% of its gas comes from independent, green energy generators in the UK.
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