Nabuh Energy taken over by British Gas


Nabuh Energy is set to be taken over by British Gas after the two companies agreed a buyout deal. What does this mean for the 36,000 customers currently supplied by Nabuh? The Big Six giant doesn’t seem to be looking to ruffle any feathers, with few changes expected to customers’ supply when the deal is finalised on the 27th of April. Here’s what to expect:

I’m a Nabuh Energy customer, what can I expect?

The answer to this is: nothing, for now. You don’t need to do anything and your service won’t be interrupted. British Gas has decided to keep the Nabuh Energy brand going for now, which means that your tariff will stay the same and your ability to manage your account will continue as normal.

For the length of your contract, then, it will be as if nothing has changed, with most of the changes going on behind the scenes. Your online account will continue to work in the same way and if you need to get in touch with someone about your account, the number you call and the team you speak with will be the same - British Gas has kept on all 70 of Nabuh’s staff.

Eventually, however - be it in two months or two years -, your contract will run out and you will be a British Gas customer on its standard variable tariff rather than a Nabuh customer.

Will my Nabuh Energy top up process change?

No. Prepayment customers will be able to use their existing card or key in order to perform their Nabuh Energy top up as they’ve always done. Nor will the places you’re able to top up change - you can still do it at:

  • The Post Office
  • Payzone outlets
  • Paypoint outlets

Will I lose my Nabuh account credit?

No. Your Nabuh account will remain unchanged for the time being, so if you’re in credit with them you will remain in credit. You’re entitled to ask for it back or use it to cover future energy bills if you want.

This also works both ways. If you owed money to Nabuh Energy, you are not off the hook - debts owed to them will still have to be repaid, and any repayment plan you had organised with Nabuh before they were bought will remain in place after the purchase.

British Gas chief welcomes Nabuh customers

Chief executive of Centrica (which owns British Gas) Chris O’Shea released a statement following the purchase welcoming Nabuh customers and staff to the company, and spoke about the growth British Gas has seen in recent times:

This deal is part of our strategy to focus on and invest in our core markets and follows the acquisition of Robin Hood Energy’s customer base last year and more recently Simplicity Energy.”

How pleased these customers are at being switched to this energy giant is another matter. Many are likely to have left British Gas for a better deal with one of these smaller suppliers in the first place and will be disheartened to see it eat up the competition and end up back where they started.

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