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Scottish Power news: supplier pledges Covid-19 aid


Scottish Power news alert: the energy supplier has signed the C-19 Business Pledge to support vulnerable communities through the COVID-19 crisis.

For up-to-date information regarding the development of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, consult official sources like the World Health Organization and the UK government.

On Thursday 28 May, Scottish Power Chief Executive, Keith Anderson signed up the energy company’s retail, renewable and electricity network businesses to the C-19 Business Pledge.

According to the Scottish Power news reports, Anderson stated, "More than ever, we know the difference our help makes and the C-19 Business Pledge is a great platform to showcase all we are doing across all our businesses for our customers, our colleagues and our communities.”

What is the C-19 Business Pledge?

The Pledge was founded by former UK Cabinet Minister, Rt Hon. Justine Greening, and UK entrepreneur David Harrison. Its purpose is to encourage businesses to provide support for employees, customers and communities.

The Pledge proposes developing action plans to provide not only financial assistance, but also support for mental health and personal wellbeing.

In addition to contributing relief to get through the pandemic, the Pledge also asks businesses to “tackle the challenges of recovery”.

According to a Scottish Power news statement, Anderson said that the company is working hard “to ensure [its] efforts provide the right support not just to see us all through the crisis, but to help get the country back on its feet as well.”

In addition to the energy leader, over 300 more organisations have signed the C-19 Business Pledge worldwide, including Coca Cola, BP and Everton Football Club. Around 3 million people are now covered by these businesses’ commitments.

How will this Scottish Power news impact communities?

ScottishPower Energy Networks has already awarded its partners with over £2 million through it’s Green Economy Fund. These funds have helped to provide transportation for patients and key NHS workers. They have also gone towards delivering essential food and medical supplies to vulnerable individuals and communities.

“Our message is clear – we are here for you – whether that’s supporting you to work in a different way, keeping the energy flowing to your homes and businesses, generating the clean energy we all want, helping you manage your finances during these difficult times, or supporting the most vulnerable in our communities.”

Keith AndersonScottishPower Chief Executive

In addition to these efforts, the offshore wind team from ScottishPower Renewables has donated PPE to a local hospital in East Anglia. This sector will also play a major role in the company’s aim to make a “green recovery” to help ensure the UK stays on track to reach its goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2050.

How will customers be affected?

world in hands

This Scottish Power news will benefit all of the energy company’s customers, including domestic, business and prepayment consumers.

Customers that are struggling financially can adjust their direct debit payments to as little as £5 per fuel per month. Customers also now have the option to take a payment holiday from their energy bills for up to two months time.

For prepayment energy customers that are unable to top up – whether it be for financial or health reasons –- the company is distributing pre-loaded keys and cards for customers to put money onto their prepayment meters.

According to the Scottish Power news reports, the company’s network business also says that it is “going the extra mile” to protect the power supply to hospitals, pharmacies, essential shops and other critical facilities. This sector has also contributed £50,000 to partners to provide essential supplies to customers specifically on its Priority Services Register.

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