Storm Darcy triggers Cold Weather Payment for these Postcodes

Snow on a tree pictured during Storm Darcy

Cold Weather Payments have been triggered for thousands of UK homes as Storm Darcy brings heavy snowfall, freezing temperatures and higher heating bills this week. Find out if you could qualify for extra support to cover rising winter costs by using our Cold Weather Payment postcode checker.

What is the Cold Weather Payment?

The Cold Weather Payment is a government home energy scheme which offers £25 towards heating bills for those who are eligible when it gets particularly chilly.

When does the Cold Weather Payment kick in?

The Cold Weather Payment scheme runs from 1 November to 31 March each year, though only kicks in when the local average temperature drops to zero degrees celsius or below for seven days in a rows

Do I qualify for the payment?

The Cold Weather Payment is primarily aimed at pensioners, those on a low income and households living in fuel poverty. You may be eligible for this scheme if you receive any of the following welfare assistance or means-tested benefits:

  • Income Support
  • Income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA)
  • Income-related Employment and Support Allowance (ESA)
  • Pension Credit
  • Support for Mortgage Interest
  • Universal Credit

For a full list of qualifying criteria, visit our dedicated Cold Weather Payment section.

When and how will I get my Cold Weather Payment?

If you are eligible for the Cold Weather Payment it will be automatically deposited into your bank or building society within 14 working days after a week of weather below zero degrees.

If you believe that you meet the criteria but still haven’t received the payment once this period has passed, you should get in touch with your local Pension Centre, Jobcentre Plus office. If you receive Universal Credit, you should contact their helpline instead.

Cold Weather Payment Postcode Checker

Thousands of households from the Scottish Highlands to Somerset could receive the £25 payment due to the current freezing temperatures brought by Storm Darcy. Use our Cold Weather Payment checker below to see if your postcode qualifies for the seven day period beginning either 6, 7 or 8 February 2021.

Postcodes below are grouped under the nearest weather station used to determine temperatures.


  • DH1-7, DH9
  • DL4-5, DL14-17
  • NE1-13, NE15-18, NE20-21, NE23, NE25-46
  • SR1-7
  • TS21, TS28-29


  • CB1-5, CB10-11, CB21-25
  • CM1-9, CM11-24, CM77
  • CO9
  • RM4
  • SG8-11


  • AB37
  • IV13
  • PH19-26


  • MK1-19, MK40-46
  • NN1-16, NN29,
  • PE19,
  • SG5-7, SG15-19

Boscombe Down

  • BA12
  • RG28
  • SO20-23
  • SP1-5, SP7, SP9-11


  • AB35-36
  • PH10-11, PH18


  • IV27-28,
  • KW11, KW13


  • BN5-6, BN44
  • GU5-6
  • ME6, ME14-20
  • RH1-20
  • TN1-20, TN22, TN27


  • NE71
  • TD1-6, TD8, TD10-15


  • B1-21, B23-38, B40, B42-50, B60-80, B90-98
  • CV1-12, CV21-23, CV31-35, CV37, CV47
  • DY1-14
  • LE10
  • WS1-15
  • WV1-16

Edinburgh, Gogarbank

  • EH1-42, EH47-49, EH51-55
  • FK1-7, FK9-10
  • KY3, KY11-12


  • YO13, YO18, YO21-22, YO62

High Wycombe

  • HP5-23, HP27
  • OX9, OX39, OX49
  • RG9
  • SL7-9


  • CW1-3, CW5, CW 12
  • ST1-8, ST11-12, ST14-21


  • DL1-DL3, DL6,DL7, DL9, DL10, TS9, S16, YO7


Little Rissington

  • CV36
  • GL54-56
  • OX7, OX15-17
  • WR12


  • LD1-8
  • SA19-20
  • SY7, SY9, SY18

Loch Glascarnoch

  • IV4, IV6-7, IV14- IV16, IV23-24, IV63


  • CB6-7
  • IP24-28
  • PE12-14, PE30-38

Nottingham, Watnall

  • CV13
  • DE1-3, DE5-7, DE11-15, DE21-24, DE55-56, DE65, DE72-75
  • LE1-9, LE11-14, LE16-19, LE65, LE67
  • NG1-22, NG25, NG31-34


  • AL1-10
  • EN6
  • HP1-4
  • LU1-7
  • SG1-4, SG12-14
  • WD3-7, WD17-19, WD23-25


  • EH43-46
  • G65, G67-68
  • ML1-3, ML6-1


  • CA10-12, CA16-17
  • LA8-10, LA21-23


  • SY1-6, SY11-13
  • TF1-13


  • DN1-8, DN11-12
  • HD1-2, HD4-6
  • S1-14, S17-18, S20-21, S25-26, S35, S40-45, S60-66, S70-75, S80-81
  • WF1-17

South Farnborough

  • GU1-4, GU7-35, GU46-47, GU51-52
  • RG1-2, RG4-8, RG10, RG12, RG14, RG18-27, RG29-31, RG40-42, RG45
  • SL1-2, SL4-6
  • SO24

Strathallan Airfield

  • FK8, FK11-19
  • G63
  • KY4-5, KY13-14
  • PH1-7, PH13


  • DG1-2, DG5-8

Tibenham Airfield

  • NR1-35


  • DN9-10, DN13, DN15-22, DN31-41
  • LN1-13
  • NG23-24
  • PE10-11, PE20-25


  • CB8-9
  • CO1-8, CO10-16
  • IP1-23, IP29-33


  • LE15
  • NN17-18
  • PE1-9, PE15-17, PE26-29

What other support is available during the cold snap?

In addition to the Cold Weather Payment, there are a number of other home energy schemes and initiatives available for those who may require a little extra help paying their energy bills. These include:

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