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Compare British Gas Prices: Gas & Electricity + Unit Rate

British Gas prices
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British Gas is the UK's number 1 energy provider in terms of market share. They supply gas and electricity to a huge 11 million homes and employ over 30,000 people to do so. The company as we know it today was founded on the back of privatisation in 1990, becoming a plc company, and having taken over all regional gas boards, solidying itself as a key player in the new marketplace. It is now owned by energy giants 'Centrica', giving them a huge arsenal of generation and supply tools. British Gas is also known as Scottish Gas in Scotland.

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Compare prices in your region

Prices across the UK vary depending on where you are situated. There are 13 pricing zones across England, Wales & Scotland, each with a different unit rate. This occurs due to regional charges incurred by local distribution networks. As such, it's important that you choose your area correctly to display accurate prices. Using the right hand dropdown button you can also switch suppliers to see prices across the entire market.

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Cheapest British Gas Tariff

Prices through all suppliers change constantly. They're extremely hard to keep up with, especially with companies like British Gas, who's cheapest tariff is their variable, which changes even more frequently. The below graph shows you the average household price for the 13 prices regions across the United Kingdom. This estimate was made on the 31st October 2017. The usage details are as stated below:

Electricity - 3,100 kWh

Gas - 12,500 kWh


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Region key
1. Northern Scotland
2. Southern Scotland
3. North East
4. North West
5. Yorkshire
6. Merseyside & North Wales
7. East Midlands
8. West Midlands
9. Eastern England
10. South Wales
11. Greater London
12. South East
13. South West

British Gas price increases

While the rest of the Big Six decided to hike their prices up in 2016, British Gas decided to give their customers a price freeze. This gave the company a huge boost as the 'caring' company. British Gas is by far the most popular supplier in the UK, but they are well known for being one of the most expensive. Due to having acquired all regional gas boards across the nation pre-privatisation, they had already pretty much affirmed their position as market leaders, and have carried on in the same vein ever since, preying on their household name status to retain their customers.

In September 2017, British Gas announced that they were going to increase their prices by 12.5%, which works out at around £76 per year on average. This puts them well within the same category as the other Big Six companies that previously had raised their prices. As is usually the case, British Gas prices have now returned to the top of the list of 'most expensive tariffs'.

It is a confusion to many professionals and industry experts as to why British Gas continue to retain so much of the market share, but for now, they continue to do so, with over 11 million household customers.

Price tariff information

British Gas, just like all energy suppliers nationwide, release many tariffs every few weeks. As such, the best way to get the most up to date information is to give us a call so we can check it in real time.

Standard variable region comparison
Region Elec price per kWh Elec yearly price Elec TCR Gas price per kWh Gas yearly price Gas TCR Dual Fuel Yearly
Northern Scotland 13.57p £507.97 16.39p 3.80p £561.24 4.49p £1,069.21
South Scotland 12.46p £474.47 15.27 3.75p £555.99 4.45p £1,030.46
North East EN 12.33p £469.57 15.15p 3.73p £553.37 4.43p £1,022.94
North West EN 12.98p £489.75 15.80p 3.80p £561.24 4.49p £1,050.99
Yorkshire 12.29p £468.26 15.11p 3.70p £549.43 4.40p £1,017.69
Merseyside & N Wales 13.73p £512.86 16.54p 3.81p £565.55 4.50p £1,078.41
East Midlands 12.28p £467.94 15.09p 3.71p £550.74 4.41p £1,018.68
West Midlands 12.60p £478.03 15.42p 3.77p £558.62 4.47p £1,036.65
East EN 12.21p £465.66 15.02p 3.83p £565.18 4.52p £1,030.84
South Wales 13.28p £498.86 16.09p 3.77p £558.62 4.47p £1,057.48
London 12.56p £476.73 15.38p 3.86p £569.12 4.55p £1,045.85
South East EN 12.39p £471.52 15.21p 3.88p £571.74 4.57p £1,043.26
South West EN 13.47p £504.72 16.28p 3.78p £559.93 4.48p £1,064.65

Last updated: March 2017

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