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Affect Energy: Reviews, Login & Contact Number

Affect Energy is a pretty new name on the UK energy market. If you haven’t heard it before, it’s definitely worth paying it some attention. The supplier consistently receives great reviews for its customer service and offers very reasonable prices. In 2018, it was bought by Octopus Energy, but remains selling energy tariffs under its own name. Read on now to find Affect Energy reviews, learn more about the supplier and see if it could be a good fit for you.

Affect Energy: beginnings to present day

Affect Energy was founded in 2016 as a small, independent energy supplier based in Shoreham by Sea, near Brighton in West Sussex. Despite its new beginnings, the team behind the brand had over 50 years of experience working in the UK energy market, so it had some pretty firm and knowledgeable foundations.

Started with the aim to provide energy that was ‘simple, painless and great value for money’, from their years of experience, its creators saw that customers wanted two things:

  • cheap gas and electricity, and
  • for their energy supplier to actually do what they promised.

Affect Energy therefore developed the saying ‘simple, brilliant energy’. By combining experience withdesire to change the energy business for the better, and placing a firm focus on developing great customer service, it sought to provide this simple, brilliant energy to all its customers.

In August 2018, energy provider Octopus Energy bought Affect Energy. The move was good for both parties. Octopus Energy acquired one of its small rivals and Affect Energy got the opportunity to develop and offer more services to its customers by joining the Octopus family. Affect Energy founder and boss, John Szymik, noted at the time:

“I am proud that we have built a business so beloved to customers...Octopus stood out among all energy retailers as the best company to take this to the next level, and I’m delighted at the opportunity this creates for our team and our customers.”


  • 2016 - Affect Energy is founded by John Szymik.
  • 2018 - It has 22,000 customers and constantly ranks highly for customer service on review sites.
  • August 2018 - Octopus Energy buys Affect Energy.

Affect Energy and Octopus Energy

Octopus Energy’s purchase of Affect can be a bit confusing for current and potential customers. Does it mean that Affect Energy no longer exists? Not exactly. The Affect Energy website is still functionally and potential customers can still buy Affect Energy tariffs. The supplier has also retained its own contact information.

However, it does mean that as an Affect Energy customer, you are also an Octopus Energy customer. Octopus Energy will supply your gas and electricity.

Fuel mix

Affect Energy customers will be very pleased to know that, as the supplier is now part of Octopus Energy, all of its energy is 100% renewable.

Affect Energy: fuel mix - ★★★★

Affect Energy tariffs and prices

Sticking to its aim of keeping energy simple and painless, Affect Energy only offers two tariffs to new customers: its standard tariff and its fixed rate tariff. Both function with standard and Economy 7 meters and both can be taken out for gas, electricity or dual fuel.

Unlike a lot of providers, Affect Energy only offers one payment method - monthly direct debit. They do not support prepayment meters and do not allow you to pay on the receipt of your bill each month.

At the time of writing, Affect Energy is offering a £15.75 discount per fuel if you buy either its standard or fixed rate tariff online.

Standard tariff

Affect Energy’s Standard Tariff is a variable tariff. This means that the unit rates can change depending on fluctuations in the overall price of energy. As it's a variable tariff, it doesn't have a set contract length and therefore there are no exit fees if you decide to terminate the contract and move to another provider.

If you do not have a contract with Affect Energy but receive its energy supply eg. you have moved into a house that gets its energy from Affect Energy, you will automatically be charged its standard tariff rates.

Fixed rate tariff

family using energy

Affect Energy only offers one fixed rate tariff to new customers at any given time. This tariff has set unit rates for a year, after which you will automatically be put on the standard rate tariff, unless you take out another fixed rate tariff or swap suppliers.

The name of this tariff seems to change every month. For example, at the time of writing, Affect Energy is offering its Fixed until January 2020 tariff. Before this it was the Fixed rate until December 2019 tariff, the Fixed rate until November 2019 tariff, and so on. The unit rates differ slightly between the tariffs as they are based on the market price of gas and electricity the month they are created.

Customers will be charged a £25 exit fee per fuel (£25 for gas and £25 for electricity) if they decide to cancel their tariff before the year is up.

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How does Affect Energy compare to the market average?

While not the be all and end all, price plays a very important part when determining which energy supplier to go with. No one wants to pay an arm and a leg for their energy! Using Ofgem’s energy price cap (currently £1178) as the market average, we ran some quotes to see how Affect Energy’s Standard Tariff fares in terms of price.

Ofgem Energy Price CapOfgem, the energy regulator in the UK, hasplaced an annual cap on the price of energy. This means that energy suppliers cannot charge new customers more than the dictated amount for gas and electricity.The price cap is currently £1178 per year (November 2019).

With an average quote of £1022.64*, Affect Energy is a comfortable £155.36 under the price cap. Being this far under suggests the supplier’s prices are very reasonable. While we have seen cheaper prices out there (from Tonik and Bulb, to name just a few), Affect Energy is still securely on the cheaper side of the scale. Yay!

*all figures are based on a 2-3 bed house with 3 occupants in central London. Figures will vary depending on the region, house size and number of occupants.

Affect Energy login

As Affect Energy is still selling its own tariffs with its own branding, despite being bought by Octopus Energy, customers still have access to an Affect Energy online account system, known as MyAffect. Through here you are able to manage your tariff and submit meter readings.

Logging into your MyAffect account as a customer is really easy. Let’s break the process down step by step.

  1. Go to the Affect Energy homepage. You can do this my typing Affect Energy into your search engine. Click on the result that reads Affect Energy - Simply Brilliant Energy (it should be the first one) and you will be taken straight to the homepage.
  2. In the top right hand corner of the homepage, the words MyAffect are located inside three triangles (when you hover over the words, the triangles spin around and MyAffect lights up in pink). Click this.
  3. You will now be on the Affect Energy Login page.
  4. On the pink line that reads Email*, enter the email address associated with your energy tariff (you will have provided this when you signed up for your tariff).
  5. On the pink line that reads Password*, enter your password.
  6. Click the pink button underneath that reads Log in.
  7. Violá! If you have entered all of your details correctly, you will now have logged in to your MyAffect account.

If you want to log in to your Affect Energy account now, click the button below.

Affect Energy Login

Forgotten password

a laptop

Luckily, forgetting your password doesn’t mean you can’t access your account. If your password has slipped your mind (it happens to everyone), you can reset it in just a few simple steps.

On the Affect Energy login page, you will see the words RESET YOUR PASSWORD located on the left hand side. Click this. You will now be asked to type your username or email address onto the pink line. Type in either of these (it might be easier to remember your email address), and click the pink Submit button. Affect Energy willsend instructions to your email account that outline how to reset your password. Follow these and you will soon have a new password and be able to access your account. Sorted.

Affect Energy contact number

If you have any questions for Affect Energy, or need some support regarding paying your bills, using the online account system etc, you can reach out to its customer service team. The methods to contact the team whether you are an existing customer or not are the same. You can:

If you would prefer to talk to someone in person, you can give Affect Energy a call on the following number.

blue telephone

Affect Energy Customer Service
A customer service agent will be able to answer your questions
0330 60 62 675
Operating hours Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm (not including bank holidays)

Remember, you cannot get a quote for Affect Energy or purchase a tariff over the phone. These services are only available online.

As Affect Energy is now part of Octopus Energy, you might need to contact Octopus Energy. Head to our Octopus Energy contact page to find all the contact details you could need.

Affect Energy reviews and verdict

What are customers saying about Affect Energy? What’s our conclusion here at Selectra? Let’s look at some Affect Energy reviews to find out.

Affect Energy customer reviews

Since its creation in 2016, Affect Energy has consistently been praised for its great customer service, and little seems to have changed in this regard since Octopus Energy acquired the supplier.

Affect Energy still features on Trustpilot, but we did notice that customers leave comments here for both Affect and Octopus, which is no surprise seeing as the two are now intertwined. Here, Affect Energy has an outstanding rating of 4.8/5, with 87% of 1,989 reviews rating the supplier as excellent. There doesn’t seem to be much room for improvement here; customers applaud its customer service, as well as how easy it is to deal with the supplier.

As boring as it can be to work with an energy supplier, Affect/Octopus Energy make everything so simple and actually a delight, from the minute you begin using them… Anonymous customer, Truspilot.

Google reviews tells a very similar story. With another great rating of 4.8/5, customers rave about the great customer service, easy to use website, and also throw in praise for Affect Energy’s reasonable pricing. Likewise, its rating of 4.7/5 on Facebook suggests even more satisfied customers.

2 years with Affect now. No problems at all. I have phoned them twice, calls answered almost immediately, answered politely and the correct action taken by the agent. I can’t ask for more! Chris, Google Reviews

While customers leave their own reviews about Affect Energy, it’s probably worth noting what customers think of Octopus Energy too if you're considering switching. Head to Selectra’s Octopus Energy reviews page to read customer reviews and see how we rank the supplier based on customer service, pricing, billing and account management, and complaint handling.

Selectra’s verdict

Based on the praise pouring in from customers and its reasonable pricing, Affect Energy seems to be a good supplier that has stuck to its promise to deliver a good and straightforward service to its customers. We are very pleased that the Octopus Energy buyout doesn’t seem to have changed any of this.

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Where Affect Energy perhaps falls short is options. With just two tariffs, one payment option and a lack of additional services (such as services that help you save and use less energy), customers have limited choice.

All things considered, we give Affect Energy 3/5. It does what it says on the tin, provides good energy in a simple way, but if you want a little more, a bigger supplier might be a better option. If you just want the basics for a good price, then Affect Energy could be a good fit.

Positive customer service reviews Only one payment method - monthly direct debit
Easy to use website for purchasing tariff and managing it thereafter Only two tariffs to choose from