This energy provider has shut down and is no longer operating.

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Angelic Energy customers moved to British Gas: FAQs & details

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Were you an Angelic Energy customer? Read on to find out what’s happened to your energy supply and customer account since the supplier closed in September 2020.

Angelic Energy customers have been switched to British Gas. Angelic Energy was supplied by Robin Hood Energy under a ‘white-label’ agreement. In September 2020, Robin Hood sold its customer base (including Angelic Energy customers) to British Gas

Customers who do not sign up for a new tariff will be placed on the standard variable tariff. These prices will be affected by a change in the energy price cap.

About Angelic Energy

Angelic Energy was a not-for-profit energy supplier for London residents. It aimed to help customers manage the high cost of living in London by providing fairer energy prices than those offered by the ‘Big Six’.

Angelic Energy was founded in 2017 as a partnership between Islington Council and Robin Hood Energy. In September 2020, Robin Hood announced that it was closing its doors and selling its customer base (including Angelic Energy’s 3,000 customers) to British Gas, one of the suppliers it had originally set out to challenge.

In addition to Angelic Energy, Robin Hood Energy supplied a number of other energy suppliers, such as the following: Beam Energy, CitizEN Energy, Ebico, Fosse Energy, Great North Energy, The Leccy, RAM Energy, Southend Energy, White Rose Energy and Your Energy Sussex.

Angelic Energy reviews: What did customers say?

Were Angelic Energy customers satisfied with the supplier’s performance? We had a look at Angelic Energy reviews to find out.

On customer review site Trustpilot, Angelic Energy has an average review score of 2.5 out of five stars. This Trustpilot score is based on just seven reviews.

Of the customers that left Angelic Energy reviews, 18% gave the supplier an either ‘great’ or ‘excellent’ rating, while 71% gave a ‘poor’ or ‘bad’ rating.

To see how the newly appointed supplier compares, head to our British Gas reviews guide.

Angelic Energy login: What happens to my online account?


The Angelic Energy login page is still available. However, you will need to open a new account with the new supplier (British Gas) in order to be able to actually manage your energy account.

To access the login page with the new supplier, former Angelic Energy customers should do the following:

  1. Go to the British Gas homepage.
  2. Click on where it says “My Account” in the top right corner.
  3. Click where it says “Register for an account” in blue letters
  4. Submit the requested details, such as your name, address and customer reference number. This number will come in your welcome pack.

What were the Angelic Energy tariffs?

Angelic Energy tariffs provided green energy and included plans for all types of customers, no matter the meter type or payment method.

This supplier no longer offers these tariffs For up-to-date prices, please visit the new supplier’s page.

The new supplier said it will match or beat the price of your current Angelic Energy tariff. You can find information on your new tariff in your welcome pack. If you are on a fixed tariff, your rates will be honoured for the remainder of the contract.

Once your contract ends, you will be put on the British Gas standard tariff. Currently, the estimated annual spend for a household on this tariff is £1,146.

If you choose to switch to a different energy supplier, you will not be charged any exit fees for leaving, even if your Angelic Energy included exit fees.

Angelic Energy top up: How do I add credit to my PAYG meter?

electricity meter

Angelic Energy customers that were on a prepayment tariff will receive a new key and/or card from British Gas, the newly appointed supplier. We advise you to use up all of the existing credit with Angelic Energy before activating your new key and/or card with British Gas.

With the new supplier, customers with regular prepayment meters will only be able to top up at either Payzone outlets or their local Post Office. You will not be able to top up at Paypoint.

The minimum required top-up amount is £5. Your amount must be to the nearest pound. For example, you cannot top up by £10.50, but you can top up by £10 or £11.

Former Angelic Energy customers with smart meters will automatically be switched to quarterly billing. This means that you will receive a bill every three months. It can be paid either by cash, cheque or by setting up a direct debit.

If you wish to change back to a prepayment tariff, you will need to contact British Gas or switch to a different supplier with prepayment options.

For more details about how to top up your meter with the new energy supplier, head to our dedicated British Gas top-up guide.

How do I contact Angelic Energy?

Are you trying to contact Angelic Energy? If you need to speak to a customer service representative about your Angelic Energy account, you will now need to contact British Gas, the newly appointed supplier.

The table below breaks down general phone numbers. For more contact details, head to our British Gas contact guide.

Information in this guide is no longer being updated since the closure of this supplier. All information presented here was correct at time of original publication and is for reference purposes only. For more up to date information please contact the new supplier directly.

Angelic Energy contact numbers
Department Phone number Opening hours
Customer service (now British Gas) 0333 202 9802 Monday to Friday: 9am-5pm
Power cut 105 24/7
Gas emergency 0800 111 999 24/7
Energy Ombudsman 0330 440 1624 Monday to Friday: 8am-8pm, Saturday: 9am-1pm

Angelic Energy FAQs for customers

We answer some common questions that Angelic Energy customers may have concerning the closure of their energy supplier.

1. When was my Angelic Energy account transferred to a different supplier?

Angelic Energy customers were transferred to British Gas as early as mid-September 2020. Before being transferred to the new supplier, you will receive a notice explaining what is happening to your energy account and what you need to do, if anything. You will also receive a welcome pack with your new tariff information.

2. My Angelic Energy account was in credit. Will I get my money back?

For customers who pay via direct debit, cash or cheque, the new energy provider will honour your credit balance with Angelic Energy. While it may take some time to sort out, your credit will be transferred to the new supplier.

On the other hand, if you were in debt with Angelic Energy, the money you owe will also transfer to the new supplier. You will now need to pay British Gas instead of Angelic Energy.

If you're a pay-as-you-go customer, your credit will not transfer to the new supplier. You should use up the credit currently on your key and/or card before activating and using the new ones that will be sent to you.

3. Will the price I pay for energy increase with the new supplier?

Initially, your rates will either be matched or reduced by the new supplier. If you are currently on a fixed-rate tariff, your rates are guaranteed until the end of your Angelic Energy contract.

Customers on variable tariffs are likely to see their rates increase in the future if the wholesale cost of energy rises.

4. Will my Angelic Energy smart meter still work?

Your smart meter will continue to work. However, it may lose its ‘smart’ functionality. Once the switch takes place, you will need to provide meter readings to the new supplier. Your In-Home Display (IHD) may also stop working temporarily.

The new supplier plans to install new SMETS2 smart meters for all affected customers in 2021. These meters will be compatible with all energy suppliers.

5. I don’t want to be with British Gas. Can I switch to a different supplier?

Former Angelic Energy customers are not obliged to stay with the newly appointed supplier. If you want to go with a different supplier, you will not be charged an exit fee for leaving.

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