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Despite some recent trouble with Ofgem, Avro Energy is still in business and offering affordable energy tariffs to consumers across the UK. A supplier that aims to cut the fancy phrases and offer a simple service, it could be the no-nonsense energy supplier you’re looking for. Read on to find out if you should make the switch to Avro Energy today.

Domestic Market: England, Scotland, Wales  Selection of tariffs
Customers: More than 100,000  Affordable rates
Electricity sources: Natural gas, nuclear, renewables, coal, other  High-quality customer support

Who is Avro Energy?

Created in 2012 and starting to trade in December 2015, Avro Energy aims to offer cheap and simplistic energy. Founder Jake Brown wanted to create an alternative to the "Big Six" energy suppliers in the UK by setting up a company that cut out the jargon and put an end to high prices. As Jake himself stated:

The energy market can often be a frustrating place for consumers; we launched Avro Energy to help rectify these problems in favour of consumers.

So far, this strategy has seemed to work. Thanks to its ‘different approach to simplistic supply’, the supplier had amassed 70,000 customers just one year after launching. Its prices consistently rank as some of the cheapest on the market and it receives sold reviews online, although it has run into a few problems with Ofgem, the UK energy regulator (we discuss this more in the News section below).

Avro Energy Timeline

Being a new company, there isn’t much to put on an Avro Energy timeline. Nonetheless, we’ve included some of the company’s key dates in a short timeline to give a simple overview of the supplier.

  • 2012 — Avro Energy is created in the West Midlands by Jake Brown.
  • 2015 — It starts trading, officially joining the UK energy market.
  • 2016 — By the end of 2016, it has 40,000 electricity and 30,000 gas customers.
  • 2019 — From May 26th, Ofgem banned Avro Energy from selling its energy to new customers as it was not a DCC user. This ban was revoked in June and the supplier can now continue to function as before.
  • 2020 — Avro Energy came third out of 25 energy companies in Which?'s annual energy satisfaction survey.
  • 2021 — Avro Energy was listed as offering one of the top five cheapest energy deals in Great Britain.

In the News: Has Avro Energy gone bust?

Two years ago, Avro Energy was in a bit of trouble with Ofgem, but customers will be pleased to know that it is not being shut down.

In March 2019, Ofgem issued Avro Energy a final order to comply with its requirement to become a DCC user (aka. support smart meters). The supplier had missed its original deadline, November 2017, by quite some time meaning Ofgem was forced to escalate the issue, issuing the final order and banning Avro Energy from taking on any new customers from 26th May 2019.

On the 14th June 2019, Ofgem received evidence that Avro Energy had complied with the demand and had completed all the necessary steps to become a DCC user. Ofgem revoked the ban and Avro Energy was allowed to sell its energy tariffs to new customers once again. So, as of June 2019, Avro Energy is back in business as usual.

What’s a DCC user?A DCC user is an energy supplier that’s part of the Digital Communications Company (DCC) network for smart meters - a system that uses a secure wireless network to link suppliers to smart meters. In other words, a DCC user is a supplier whose customers are able to use smart meters.

Avro Energy Tariffs and Prices

electricity bill

Avro Energy offers a number of different tariffs to new customers. As with all suppliers, the names and exact details change quite frequently, but we can deduce the following from the information available on its website:

  • It offers at least one variable tariff, currently called Simple Energy.
  • It offers at least one tariff for customers with prepayment meters, currently called Simple Energy PAYG.
  • The majority of its tariffs are 12-month fixed-rate tariffs, such as the current Simple and GoSuper (Avro's cheapest tariff).

All of its tariffs can be taken out as Economy 7 tariffs. Despite most of them being 12-month fixed-rate tariffs, the supplier does not charge exit fees for the majority of its tariffs. This means that despite the year long contract, customers can leave anytime without facing a financial penalty in most cases.

Avro Energy tariffs are only available as dual fuel tariffs, meaning you cannot take out just an electricity or gas tariff. Furthermore, there is only one payment option for customers with credit meters — monthly direct debit. For a more detailed review of Avro Energy’s tariffs and prices, check out our dedicated Avro Energy tariffs page.

How does Avro Energy compare to Ofgem’s price cap?

One of Avro Energy’s founding values is to offer cheap energy, so how is it doing on that front? A good way to evaluate the prices of an energy supplier is to compare it to Ofgem’s energy price cap. While this won’t show you whether it’s the absolute cheapest option on the market (the only way to do that is to compare it against all the other energy suppliers), it will show you if its prices are fair by Ofgem’s standards.

Using Avro Energy’s variable tariff (Simple Energy), we compared its estimated annual spend against the price cap. We found that the supplier is definitely offering affordable energy. Coming in nearly £150 under the price cap, it’s fair to say that Avro Energy’s prices are more than reasonable.

We also compared this figure to the amount by which other suppliers were under, or even over, the price cap, and found that while Avro Energy is not the cheapest option, it’s still one of the most economical suppliers currently on the market (coming in just behind People's Energy, Green and Utility Point).

Does Avro Energy offer the Warm Home Discount?

Eligible customers will be very pleased to hear that Avro Energy has now joined the Warm Home Discount scheme and is therefore offering the Warm Home Discount (2020/2021). This government scheme is designed to help households at risk of fuel poverty during the colder, more fuel-intensive winter months.

The Avro Energy Warm Home Discount comes in the form of a one-off credit of £140 on your electricity bills. You can apply to receive the £140 towards your energy bills through the Avro Energy website.

If you are not eligible to receive the Avro Energy Warm Home Discount, there are other ways you can get financial support. Head to our guide on government grants and schemes to find out how to get help with your energy bills today.

Can you get help with your energy bills this winter? Find out more about the Warm Home Discount scheme and if you’re eligible in Selectra’s complete Warm Home Discount guide.

Priority Services Register

The Priority Services Register is a confidential register for Avro Energy customers that may need additional help and care, such as priority if there is a power cut. If you feel you fall under the category of a ‘vulnerable customer’ (e.g. you are elderly, disabled or have young children), you can ring Avro Energy on 0300 303 0635 and ask to be added to the register.

Does Avro Energy provide smart meters?

Despite Ofgem recently receiving evidence that the supplier had joined the DCC network, Avro Energy is still not installing or supporting smart meters. According to its website, it is currently working on its smart meter roll out plans but is not yet taking installment bookings. For more information on what this means for potential customers, read our Avro Energy smart meter guide (coming soon).

How long does it take to switch to Avro Energy?

It should take no longer than 21 days to switch to Avro Energy from the day you signed up. This includes what's called a "14-day cooling-off period" during which you can cancel your switch and you won't be charged any exit fees. Once these 14 days have passed, you can expect the switchover to take place within a week.

Contact Avro Energy

old phone

If you have any questions for Avro Energy, you can get in touch with the supplier online (through Facebook or Twitter) or send an email to its customer support team. If your matter is quite complicated and you would prefer to discuss it with someone directly, you can also give the customer support team a call.

For a full list of Avro Energy phone numbers and email addresses, read our Avro Energy contact page.

Log in to Your Avro Energy Account

Through the Avro Energy online account, customers can submit meter readings, view their statements and track their energy usage every month. With this information, you might find that the answer to some of your questions can be found in your online account too, saving you the time of contacting Avro directly. For example, if you’re wondering why your energy bill was higher than normal last month, you can check your usage for the month on your account, and see where and how you consumed more.

Struggling to log in to your Avro Energy account? Selectra’s Avro Energy login guide can take you through the process step by step.

Avro Energy Fuel Mix

Avro Energy gets nearly three quarters of its electricity from natural gas. Nuclear and renewable sources make up about 8% each, followed by coal with 6% and other fuels sources with 5%. We hope that Avro Energy can incorporate more renewable energy sources into its fuel mix in the future.

Avro Energy Summary: Reviews and Verdict

With a great score on Trustpilot (4.6 out of five) and Google Reviews (4.1 out of five), Avro Energy appears popular among customers. A particular favourite aspect is its cheap pricing, with many customers commenting that they have saved on their energy bills since switching and consider the supplier great value for money.

Another area of praise is its accurate billing and easy to use website, which suggests that the supplier is really sticking to its goal of offering ‘simplistic supply’. If you are interested in reading more Avro Energy reviews, we have a whole page dedicated to it! Head to our Avro Energy reviews guide for a detailed analysis of what customers are saying. Find out what it does well and where there is room for improvement.

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