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Avro Energy - Reviews, Login, Tariffs, Contact & More

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Avro Energy is a small energy supplier that started its journey in the UK energy markets in 2012. The company is based in Hinckley in the West Midlands. As of yet, not a great deal of information has been published by the company regarding its customer base, but the last time a statement was made, in December 2016, they had a total 40,000 electricity customers and 30,000 gas customers, giving them a market share of roughly 0.08%.


Having only been in operation for a couple of years, Avro Energy have built up a pretty huge customer base. As such, there is no shortage of reviews available to see how they are fairing. The most notable of the available review platforms is Trustpilot. Having a reputation for being lent more towards negative reviews, Avro Energy have earnt themselves a 9.1 out of 10 rating from over 1,250 customers, 75% of which gave them 5 stars.

Below you can see reviews from some of the available online platforms:

Overall, especially from the masses, we can see that Avro Energy score fantastically in customer satisfaction on a whole. Their biggest positive feature seems to be how ‘easy’ everything is in the whole process. Bill clarity, switching and their online account were all mentioned in reviews as being extremely easy to understand and handle.

Tariffs & Prices

In terms of prices, Avro Energy are certainly one of the cheapest on the market, putting all big suppliers and most independents to shame with rock-bottom prices available in all areas of the country. Like many smaller providers, Avro Energy only have one tariff. This is to keep things simple and avoid confusion with different terms and conditions. Their ‘Simple and Control’ tariff is a 12 month fix that is updated each month.

Here you can see the tariff label information (TLI) for their ‘Simple and Control’ tariff

Fixed Until January 2019 TLI
Region Elec price per kWh Elec standing charge Elec yearly price Gas price per kWh Gas standing charge Gas yearly price Dual Fuel Yearly
Northern Scotland 12.810p 17.850p £462.26 2.830p 17.850p £418.87 £881.13
Southern Scotland 11.970p 18.375p £438.14 2.746p 17.850p 408.37 £846.51
North East EN 11.849p 18.113p £433.44 2.772p 18.113p £412.61 £845.05
North West EN 11.865p 18.113p £433.93 2.777p 18.113p £413.27 £847.20
Yorkshire 11.655p 18.900p £430.29 2.783p 18.900p £416.80 £847.09
Merseyside & N Wales 12.007p 17.850p £437.36 2.783p 17.850p £412.965p £850.33
East Midlands 11.550p 17.850p £423.20 2.756p 18.900p £413.52 £836.72
West Midlands 11.445p 18.480p £422.25 2.751p 17.850p £409.03 £831.28
Eastern EN 11.760p 17.850p £429.71 2.746p 16.800p £404.54 £834.25
South Wales 12.180p 19.950p £450.40 2.783p 19.950p £420.63 £871.03
Greater London 11.813p 17.850p £431.34 2.756p 17.325p £407.77 £839.11
South East EN 12.180p 18.900p £446.57 2.825p 18.900p £422.05 £868.62
South West EN 12.180p 23.625p £463.81 2.835p 19.005p £423.74 £887.55

At time of writing (Jan 18), the cheapest tariff available outside of comparison engines is Zapp!’s ‘December Tariff (medium consumption)’, which costs an average of £822.13 per year in the Yorkshire region. This is just £24.96 cheaper than Avro Energy’s current tariff and puts them in 6th place of cheapest tariffs for January 2018.

At present, no information is currently available about Avro Energy’s fuel mix; however, when published, information will appear here. No 100% renewable tariff is being offered explicitly at this time.

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Account login

If you are a new or existing Avro Energy customer, you can login to your account via the button placed below. You should be automatically given your login details when you sign up for your account; however, if you aren’t sure what they are and you can’t find them in your email, you can press the ‘forgotten password’ option to recover and reset your credentials.

Once you sign in to your account, you will be able to carry out the following:

  • Account management
  • Submit meter readings
  • See usage statements and bills
  • Amend personal details

Login to your account


Avro Energy have a couple of ways through which you can contact them, including a contact number, email and support address. Switching can also be done over the phone, so if you aren’t comfortable setting up your new account online, you can simply do so by giving the number below a call. Note that calls may be recorded for training and quality purposes.

blue telephone

Contact Number
Please check with your provider if you don't know how much a call will cost.
0330 088 57545
*Monday to Friday: 9am-5pm; Saturday & Sunday: Closed

Send a letter to...

Avro Energy Limited
Wheatfield House
Wheatfield Way
LE10 1YG

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Smart meters

No information, as of yet, has been published regarding Avro Energy’s stance on smart meters: as to whether they will be releasing their own version or not. As each UK energy provider has their own smart meter design, and Avro Energy being a quite small company, it may be a while until they release their own design. That said, if you do have a smart meter already installed in your property, don’t worry that Avro Energy is not smart meter ready. Your smart meter will automatically revert to ‘dumb mode’ so that your meter will operate like a standard direct debit.

Find out more about smart meters