Avro Energy Tariffs: Standard & Fixed Rates

Avro energy tariffs

Avro Energy is a small supplier known for its no-nonsense, cheap energy tariffs. Despite preaching simplicity, there are a lot of Avro Energy tariffs to choose from, including variable, fixed rate and prepayment options. In this guide we break down the different types of tariffs it offers new customers and take a look at the big question - what do Avro Energy tariffs cost?

Avro Energy tariffs

The tariffs and prices offered are probably the most vital factors to consider when choosing an energy supplier. Customer service, extra services and reviews are also important to take into consideration, but at the end of the day, your main concern is getting a good, affordable energy supply! To see if Avro Energy tariffs are a good option for you, we have broken down what tariffs are available, before later taking a look at price.

As with most energy suppliers, Avro Energy changes the tariffs available for new customers over time, meaning that you may see tariffs on its website that you cannot sign-up for. It also means that, while we will name a few current Avro Energy tariffs in this guide, you may not be able to take out the exact ones we mention. Having said that, any new tariffs added will be similar to the ones we discuss, therefore you can still gain a good idea of what Avro Energy has to offer.

All Avro Energy tariffs are available as Economy 7 tariffs and are dual fuel, meaning you cannot take out gas or electricity individually. If you want Avro Energy to supply your energy, it will supply gas and electricity, not one or the other.

Avro Energy standard tariff

family monitoring energy usage

Avro Energy offers one standard variable rate tariff to new customers. A variable tariff means that the unit rate for both gas and electricity can fluctuate according to the overall energy market price. In principal, the price of your energy could be different everyday. If energy prices drop, a variable tariff can be very rewarding, but there is also the risk of prices rising - this is the gamble you take with a variable tariff.

Avro Energy’s standard tariff is also its default tariff. If your fixed rate Avro Energy tariff ends and you do not take out a new tariff or switch to another supplier, you will automatically be put on this tariff. The good news is, as it is a variable tariff, you are not tied into any contract and can leave anytime without facing a financial penalty.

Avro Energy fixed tariff

Most of the tariffs Avro Energy offers new customers are 12 month fixed rate tariffs. On one of these tariffs, your unit rate for both electricity and gas will stay at a set price for one year from the date you sign-up. Unit rates and standing charges are typically cheaper than those on a variable tariff, but it means you cannot benefit if there are any big drops in the price of energy.

At the time of writing, Avro Energy has eight different 12 month fixed rate tariffs for new customers (it does not have any 24 month fixed rate tariffs). Bear in mind that all of the fixed rate tariffs might not be available where you live, availability therefore depends on which region of the UK you live in. You can find up-to-date information on these tariffs on the Avro Energy website.

Avro Energy prepayment tariff

One Avro Energy tariff is designed for customers with prepayment meters. Unlike customers on all other tariffs - who are charged for their energy monthly - customers with this tariff receive their energy on a ‘pay-as-you-go’ basis. This means you pay for your energy up front - if your account runs out of credit, your energy supplier will turn off your supply until you top-up your account (just as pay-as-you-go-phone contracts).

Not all suppliers provide prepayment tariffs, leaving consumers with prepayment meters limited choice. It’s nice that a small supplier such as Avro Energy recognise these consumers and has a tariff for them.

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Business tariffs

Avro Energy does not offer any business tariffs. All Avro Energy tariffs are for domestic use only.

If you are looking for a new energy supplier for your business, you will find our guide explaining the different types of business energy tariffs available really useful. It also gives you an idea of how much energy your business uses per year based on its size, as well as advice on switching suppliers.

Does Avro Energy have exit fees?

From our research, we found a lot of review sites reporting that Avro Energy does not have exit fees. This is not true! While the majority of Avro Energy tariffs do not have exit fees, we found one or two do.

an energy contract

Currently, the Simple and eSelect and Simple and Collective tariffs have a £25 exit fee per fuel, which means you will have to pay a total of £50 if you leave either tariff before the end of the 12 months.

From this information we can conclude that Avro Energy does not have a standard exit fee applied to all fixed rate tariffs, but occasionally it does enforce one. Before signing-up for any Avro Energy tariff, make sure you check if it has an exit fee. The information is included in the description of each tariff on the Avro Energy website.

What’s an exit fee?An exit fee - also known as a cancellation fee - is the amount of money you will be charged if you decide to leave your energy tariff before the specified end date. When you sign-up for a fixed rate tariff, you enter into a contract with your supplier for a specific amount of time. If you wish to leave this contract early, you have to pay a financial penalty, aka, an exit fee.

Avro Energy current tariffs: prices

Now we turn to the burning question - what do Avro Energy tariffs cost? It’s impossible to determine the exact cost of any Avro Energy tariff as a number of factors influence price, including your energy consumption and where you live. For example, a couple living in a small flat in London will pay less for the same tariff as a family of four living in a three bedroom flat in Yorkshire.

While we can’t give you an exact price, we can still give you a rough idea of Avro Energy prices. In the table below we have listed the unit rate, standing charge and average annual cost for a medium sized household (2-3 bedrooms) in London on Avro Energy’s Simple and Supersave tariff (a 12 month fixed rate tariff).

Unit rate per KwH
Average annual spend: £894.52

When it comes to price, Avro Energy is considered one of the cheapest options on the market by many review sites. We conducted our own research into this by comparing its variable tariff against Ofgem’s energy price cap. Coming in a secure £145.81 under the price cap, we can confirm that Avro Energy tariffs are competitive and affordable, but not the cheapest (Tonik and Bulb, for example, both came in over £150 under the price cap).

What are Avro Energy customers saying about its prices? Head to our Avro Energy reviews page to find out.

Getting a quote from Avro Energy

As we have mentioned above, the price of an Avro Energy tariff will depend on your individual circumstances. While we’ve given you a rough idea of its prices, the best way to see what you would pay is to get a personalised quote.

You can do this on Avro Energy’s website. After filling out a couple of details, such as your address, energy usage (if you do not know this, you can select the ‘estimate’ option and choose based on the size of your house e.g. medium house with 2-4 occupants), and current supplier, Avro Energy will suggest the best tariff for you, how much it will cost you and how much you can save by switching.

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Additional charges

As well as the price for the actual energy you use, you could face some extra charges from Avro Energy, such as a fee if you miss a payment or if your meter needs to be moved. You might find you never have to make such additional payments, but it’s always useful to be aware of them just in case. We’ve recorded all of the possible additional charges you could face in the following table.

Additional charge
Meter accuracy test
Meter disconnection
Meter reconnection
Meter removal
Meter repositioning
Meter disconnection warrant
Isolation switch
Direct debit refusal
£20 (per time)
Late payment
£25 (for each 30 days bill remains unpaid after direct debit refusal)
Pre meter disconnection visit
Subject access request

Selectra’s verdict: is an Avro Energy tariff right for you?

Avro Energy offers a good range of tariffs for a reasonable price, but it is not the cheapest on the market. It is definitely affordable - customers rank it high for value for money - and we like that it has so much choice when it comes to fixed rate tariffs, but if you want rock-bottom prices, there are better options.

Furthermore, Avro Energy has not published its fuel mix information, so we do not know how much green energy it uses. If renewable energy is important to you, there are companies that offer 100% green energy tariffs (e.g. Tonik and Octopus), and a number of others working hard to reach that 100% goal.

As a result, we award Avro Energy 2/5 for its tariffs and prices. It’s cheap, which we recognise, but you could save even more with a handful of other suppliers. Plus, we do not like that its fuel mix is unavailable.

Avro Energy: tariffs - ★★

For more information on Avro Energy, check out Selectra’s full Avro Energy supplier profile.

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