Breeze Energy has gone bust! As of the 22nd December 2019, the supplier has ceased trading. All Breeze customers will be switched to British Gas. Ofgem promises that there will be no disruption in customers’ energy supply during this time. Customers are advised not to switch suppliers or do anything to their Breeze account until their new supplier have contacted them, except to take up-to-date meter readings.

Breeze Energy was a small energy supplier that opened its doors in 2015 and unfortunately closed down in 2019. It wanted to help customers save money on their gas and electricity bills by providing them with energy-saving tips and a cheap tariff. Here we take a look at reviews, new login info and why Breeze Energy stopped trading.

Gas: Natural Gas and Coal  Affordable prices
Fuel mix score: ★★  Positive customer reviews
Domestic Market: England, Scotland and Wales  Low use of renewable energy
Customers: 18,000  Limited choice of tariffs
Selectra score: ★★  No smart meters, prepayment meters or warm home discount

Breeze Energy history

Breeze Energy Supply Limited was founded in 2015. It was proud to be a local energy supplier from the North of England in Newcastle.

The company sold itself by focusing on offering customers cheap tariffs and money-savingenergy saving tips"> tips sent to their inbox.

Customers need to be careful when doing their research not to confuse the provider with Breeze Energy, an American company from Texas, which went out of business last year.

Who owns Breeze Energy?

The Breeze Energy supplier was a private limited company so was not owned by another company. Kelly Louise Hughes was the company CEO from December 2016 until it went into administration in December 2019.

How many customers does Breeze have?

In December 2019, Breeze Energy had around 18,000 domestic customers.

Has Breeze Energy stopped trading?

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Yes, Breeze Energy stopped trading on the 22nd of December 2019. Breeze Energy problems were not exactly evident and there were no telltale signs of its potential collapse. Instead, Ofgem forced Breeze Energy to close its doors as it failed to present a sufficient number of Renewable Obligation Certificates (ROCs) and then failed to pay the required fine on time.

Ofgem announced all Breeze Energy customers would be moved to a British Gas tariff when the supplier closed.

Find out more details on why the energy company stopped trading and what it means for Breeze customers in our dedicated page on the Breeze Energy closure or give our energy experts a call on 02039 360059 (Monday to Friday 8am-8pm)). They can offer advice on what you need to do and help you switch to a new tariff if you don't want to stay with British Gas.


British Gas and Breeze Energy administrators have agreed that customers’ final Breeze Energy meter readings will be used as their opening readings for their new account. Your final bill with Breeze Energy will also be based on these readings.

As of the end of January 2020, 14,000 final meter readings have been processed and the corresponding accounts have been finalised. If you have not already taken a final reading and been contacted by British Gas, you are advised to take a reading and get in touch with the supplier.

After submitting your final readings, you should get your final account balance, which will say how much you owe Breeze Energy or the amount the supplier owes you, within 2 weeks.

Breeze Energy reviews (2017 to 2019)

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Despite tough competition in the UK energy market, the Breeze Energy supplier seemed to get the formula right during its limited time trading as Breeze Energy reviews in the UK were generally glowing.

Breeze Energy customer reviews stated the supplier was quick to answer the phone, had excellent customer service and good prices. Breeze Energy reviews on Trustpilot show that 91% of customers thought the supplier was “excellent.” Many customers commented that they are extremely satisfied after switching from one of the big six suppliers.

A glance at Breeze’s website reveals an uncluttered and functional page without frills. While this simplicity meant a lack of information for more knowledgeable energy consumers, other customers were probably happy with the simplicity and user-friendliness of the site.

Customer service

It would appear that the old fashioned methods of communication were where Breeze really shone and the Breeze Energy customer service team was efficient and friendly. Phones were answered generally within less than one minute.

When we rang the supplier before it closed, we got right through to a customer service agent straight away, rather than having to wait in a queue or use an automated menu system. The customer service agents could answer all of our questions and were particularly keen on taking the right information and noting things correctly. However, there were some questions about their energy mix and meter reading procedures that they struggled to answer.

Due to size, one of the biggest limitations of Breeze Energy Supply Limited was its lack of options. It didn’t have the facility to take on customers who had economy 7 or prepayment meters. It also didn’t offer smart meters or have a dedicated app.

Breeze Energy customer reviews show it might have been a good supplier for customers looking for low prices and good telephone customer service, without any of the frills of some of the more technologically advanced or larger suppliers. However, for customers with economy 7, prepayment or smart meters, or those seeking a more advanced service, Breeze Energy wasn’t the answer.

As one of the UK’s biggest energy suppliers, British Gas offers many services Breeze Energy couldn’t, including smart meters, prepayment meters and a mobile app. However, it is not known for having cheap prices and customer reviews are generally more negative than Breeze Energy reviews were. Find out more about what customers think in our dedicated British Gas reviews page.

Account and login

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Breeze had an online portal where customers could carry out basic tasks, such as submit meter readings, and check credit balance and personal details.

Breeze Energy customer reviews on Trustpilot reported general satisfaction with the functionality of the online account, with none complaining about its features. The Breeze Energy login process was also straightforward - customers just needed to enter their email address and password to log in to the portal.

As the supplier of last resort, previous Breeze Energy customers will now need to log in to the British Gas online account system to manage their account. You should have been provided with new login details.


Technology wasn’t really Breeze Energy’s strong point meaning there was no Breeze Energy app through which customers could manage their account. Before its closure, the energy company did say that an app was in the works, but unfortunately, it was not released before Breeze stopped trading.

For the tech-savvy, the good news is that British Gas does have a functioning mobile app through which you can now manage your energy account.


Unlike most electricity suppliers on the market, Breeze Energy only offered one tariff. This Breeze Energy tariff was a fixed tariff that had a 12-month contract. Alongside Tonik Energy, Breeze was one of the few suppliers to waive exit fees for the duration of the contract.

When British Gas took over Breeze Energy Ltd’s customers, all customers were placed on the supplier’s variable rate tariff. Variable tariffs are typically more expensive than fixed-rate tariffs and it is not one of the UK’s most economical suppliers. If you want to switch to a cheaper tariff, you are free to do so at any time without facing any exit fees.

You can switch to a different British Gas tariff or compare providers to find a better deal for you. For a bit of extra help and advice, give our energy experts a call on 02039 360059 (Monday to Friday 8am-8pm). They can find you a better energy plan and help you save money on your energy bills.

energy bill and coins


Breeze Energy bills were pretty simple as the provider only had one tariff. They could be paid by direct debit, on receipt of bill by cheque, or cash or postal order. Customers could also choose whether they wanted to pay their bills monthly or quarterly.

Does Breeze Energy install Smart Meters?

At the time of closing, Breeze Energy did not install or support smart meters and there were no plans of when Breeze Energy smart meters would start to be installed. Under the government’s smart meter roll-out, all companies must install smart meters before the 2024 deadline, so we assume that if Breeze Energy had stayed trading, it would have had to have started to install them very soon.

Your new supplier does support smart meters so, if you have a smart meter that lost its ‘smart’ abilities while you were with Breeze Energy supply limited, it should have regained its ‘smart’ functionalities after you were transferred over. If you don’t have a smart meter, you can now book an installation appointment.

Disappointing fuel mix

Breeze Energy was not a renewable energy supplier and possessed an energy mix that wasn’t too far from the national average. This meant that the primary sources of Breeze’s energy were gas-fired power stations and coal.

In fact, renewable energy was the supplier’s downfall! Breeze Energy’s problems started because it didn’t provide Ofgem with a sufficient amount of Renewable Obligation Certificates (ROCs), meaning it didn’t source a satisfactory amount of its energy from renewable sources.

British Gas does better than Breeze Energy, sourcing 56% of its energy from green sources, but several energy companies do even better. Call us today to switch to a 100% renewable energy provider and do your bit for the environment.

Moving home

When moving home, customers needed to let Breeze Energy know and supply final meter readings so they could get their final bill.

If they wished to stay with the supplier at their new address, Breeze Energy could easily set up a supply for their new home. The new supply would be set up in 21 days or less.

Ex-Breeze Energy customers now need to let their new supplier know if they are moving home. The process is very similar to that of Breeze Energy: inform the supplier you are moving, supply final meter readings, and receive a final bill.

Warm Home Discount Scheme

Unfortunately, as a smaller energy supplier, Breeze Energy did not offer the Warm Home Discount.

British Gas does take part in the government scheme, so if you qualify you can now receive the £140 grant. Find out more about how to apply in our dedicated British Gas Warm Home Discount guide.

Business energy

Breeze Energy focused on the UK’s domestic energy tariff and therefore did not offer business tariffs. If you are interested in getting a business energy tariff, give Selectra a call today. Our customer service agents can help you find the perfect tariff for you at the cheapest price.

Breeze Energy contact

There were several different Breeze Energy contact methods available for general enquiries, including the Breeze Energy contact number, email address, postal address and social media. All the different ways to contact Breeze Energy are listed in the table below.

Breeze Energy contact number 0191 348 1212 (Monday to Friday: 9am-5pm)
Email address
Breeze Energy address Breeze Energy, Dobson House, Regent Center, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE3 3PF
Social media Facebook


Between July and September 2017, Breeze Energy complaints numbered 44 per 100,000 customers. 97% of those complaints were resolved within the same or next working day, and 100% were resolved within the mandated 8-week period.

If customers had complaints about Breeze Energy, there was a transparent complaints procedure to follow.

The first step was to get in touch with the Breeze Energy customer service team using one of the following methods:

  • Breeze Energy phone number: 0191 348 1212 (Monday to Friday: 9am-5pm).
  • Email:
  • Postal Address: Breeze Energy Customer Relations, Suite 11, Dobson House, Regent Center, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE3 3PF.

All contact regarding your previous Breeze Energy account should now be directed to British Gas. It is not required to deal with any ongoing complaints you had with Breeze Energy, but if you contact the supplier with your issue, it might be able to help. If not, get in touch with the Energy Ombudsman to see what it can do to resolve your complaint.

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