This energy provider has shut down and is no longer operating.

Brilliant Energy goes bust: latest news & final bills

In March 2019, Brilliant Energy stopped trading and SSE took on all of its customers. In this complete guide, we explain what this means for all customers and provide up-to-date information on tariffs, final bills, login and contact details.

News and company profile

Information in this guide is no longer being updated since the closure of this supplier. All information presented here was correct at time of original publication and is for reference purposes only. For more up to date information please contact the new supplier directly.

First things first, let’s breakdown who Brilliant Energy was and what has happened to the energy supplier.

Who was Brilliant Energy UK?

Brilliant Energy launched in 2017 as part of the German Stromio Energy. The budget electricity and gas supplier claimed to provide fuel at affordable prices and had around 17,000 domestic customers across the UK.

Is Brilliant Energy still trading?

No, Brilliant Energy is no longer trading. The supplier ceased trading in March 2019 and all existing customers, including Northumbria Energy customers as this was a Brilliant Energy brand, were moved to a new energy supplier chosen by Ofgem.

Who took over Brilliant Energy?

When Brilliant Energy UK went bust, all customers were moved to an SSE tariff. This transfer was dealt with by Ofgem, Brilliant Energy and SSE employees, meaning Brilliant Energy customers did not have to do anything. In fact, Ofgem told customers not to do anything until SSE contacted them.

In the end, all customers were moved onto SSE’s Standard Variable Tariff. SSE was appointed the supplier of last resort, but all customers had (and have) the ability to switch to another supplier, or a different SSE tariff if they wished.

Final bills

As SSE took over Brilliant Energy customers, it was in charge of issuing Brilliant Energy final bills. These were based on final meter readings, so all customers were advised to take a meter reading as soon as the news broke that Brilliant Energy had gone bust.

Any credit customers had left with Brilliant Energy was honoured by SSE so customers should not have lost any money! Any leftover debt with Brilliant Energy will not be wiped - SSE will arrange a payment plan so customers can pay it back over an agreed period of time.

Login and account management

The Brilliant Energy account was where customers managed their account and tariff. The Brilliant Energy login process was quick and easy. With just a username and password, customers could log in and carry out tasks such as updating account details, providing meter readings or checking credit balance.

Now the supplier has collapsed, the Brilliant Energy login process does not work and customers will need to use the SSE online portal to deal with account management issues, such as credit and meter readings.

Brilliant Energy Tariffs

Tariffs are no longer offered For up-to-date pricing information, please contact the new supplier.

There was only one Brilliant Energy tariff, which was known as the Fair Deal. It was a one-year fixed tariff and had a £29 exit fee per fuel should customers choose to leave early. Brilliant Energy prices depended on the region you lived in as unit rates vary based on area. Customers that were with Brilliant Energy were switch to the SSE standard variable tariff.


Customers could choose to pay their Brilliant Energy bill by monthly fixed direct debit or quarterly variable direct debit. Another option was through a payment made directly to Brilliant Energy from the bank.

A payment plan could be set up for customers who struggled to keep up with their payments. This plan was designed specifically for the customer. It was based on their income and outcomes, as well as their energy usage.

Brilliant Energy also had a Payment Waiver for customers who had temporary difficulties paying their bills. This would waive up to six months of payments which customers didn’t have to repay. Applicable circumstances to qualify would have been redundancy or being signed off work by a doctor.

Brilliant Energy meter readings

Brilliant Energy meter readings could be submitted online through a customer's online account. For those who did not want to do it online, meter readings could also be submitted via telephone.

Like Brilliant Energy, SSE lets customers submit meter readings online through their online account. Customers who do not have an online account can submit readings through the online meter readings form.

Smart meters

Brilliant Energy was not installing smart meters at the time of its collapse. It was also unable to support smart meters meaning customers with smart meters who switched to Brilliant Energy UK would find their meters lost their ‘smart’ ability and just functioned as regular meters.

Flame and lightbulb

SSE does support and install smart meters so you can now request an installation.

Moving home with Brilliant Energy

When customers wanted to move house, they needed to contact Brilliant Energy in order to supply final meter readings and terminate their supply. A final bill would then be sent to the customer’s forwarding address based on the last Brilliant Energy meter readings.

Customers who wished to stay with the supplier after moving could arrange for a Brilliant Energy supply to be set up in their new home.

Old Brilliant Energy customers will now need to get in touch with SSE if they are moving home. The process will be similar to moving home with Brilliant Energy: supply final meter readings and receive a final bill.

Brilliant Energy Contact

The easiest way to get in touch with the supplier was to call the Brilliant Energy contact number. If this did not suit customers, there were other contact methods available, including email or post.

Former Brilliant Energy customers should now contact SSE with questions about their tariff and account.

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