In March 2019, Brilliant Energy stopped trading and SSE took over all of its customers. In this complete guide to the energy supplier, we explain what this means for all customers and provide up-to-date information on tariffs, final bills, login and contact details.

News and company profile

First things first, let’s breakdown who Brilliant Energy is and what has happened to the energy supplier.

Who is Brilliant Energy UK?

Brilliant Energy burst onto the energy scene in 2017 as part of the German Stromio Energy. The budget electricity and gas supplier claimed to provide fuel at affordable prices and had around 17,000 domestic customers across the UK.

Is Brilliant Energy still trading?

No, Brilliant Energy is no longer trading. The supplier ceased trading in March 2019 and all existing customers, including Northumbria Energy customers as this was a Brilliant Energy brand, were moved to a new energy supplier chosen by Ofgem.

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The collapse of Brilliant Energy made it the tenth UK domestic energy supplier to stop trading since the start of 2018.

Who took over Brilliant Energy?

When Brilliant Energy UK went bust, all customers were moved to an SSE tariff. This transfer was dealt with by Ofgem, Brilliant Energy and SSE employees, meaning Brilliant Energy customers did not have to do anything. In fact, Ofgem told customers not to do anything until SSE contacted them, and promised their energy supply would not be interrupted in the meantime.

In the end, all customers were moved onto SSE’s Standard Variable Tariff. This is not a cheap tariff and left customers complaining that their bills rose by 68%! The good news is that they didn’t need to stay on this tariff. SSE was appointed the supplier of last resort, but all customers had (and have) the ability to switch to another supplier, or a different SSE tariff, if they wished.

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Final bills

As SSE took over Brilliant Energy customers, it was in charge of issuing Brilliant Energy final bills. These were based on final meter readings, so all customers were advised to take a meter reading as soon as the news broke that Brilliant Energy had gone bust.

Any credit customers had left with Brilliant Energy was honoured by SSE so customers should not have lost any money! Any leftover debt with Brilliant Energy will not be wiped - SSE will arrange a payment plan so customers can pay it back over an agreed period of time.

If you have any more questions about the Brilliant Energy collapse and move to SSE, get in touch with Ofgem.

Login and account management

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The Brilliant Energy account was where customers managed their account and tariff. Like with most suppliers, the Brilliant Energy login process was quick and easy. With just a username and password, customers could log in and carry out day to day tasks such as updating account details, providing meter readings or checking credit balance.

Now the supplier has collapsed, the Brilliant Energy login process does not work and customers will need to use the SSE online portal to deal with account management issues, such as credit and meter readings.

SSE login


A Brilliant Energy app did not exist. While many customers were ambivalent about this, it was something that made the supplier slightly less convenient than other providers as apps allow customers to manage their accounts on the go.

Brilliant Energy reviews

At first glance, Brilliant Energy UK reviews displayed numerous problems with the supplier.

speech bubbles

As customer numbers increased, Brilliant Energy UK customer reviews showed the provider struggled to keep up. Customers reported phoning, emailing and contacting the company on social media without any success.

In our own experience, Brilliant Energy customer service was far from satisfactory. We contacted the supplier through its online chat and, while we did get through very quickly, the customer service agent we spoke to couldn’t answer our questions.

Customer bills was another area of complaint in Brilliant Energy UK customer reviews. Many customers complained about receiving estimated bills instead of accurate ones, and not getting reminders about submitting meter readings.

A number also noted issues with submitting meter readings, stating there were problems with submitting the readings via the online portal.

Reviews on Trustpilot

On review site Trustpilot, the supplier did not perform too badly. At the time of closing, the Brilliant Energy Trustpilot score was 3.9 out of 5, with 59% of customers rating it as excellent.

Customers here appear to have been generally happy with the service they received when they got through to Brilliant Energy customer service representatives, describing them as warm and caring.

These Brilliant Energy UK reviews highlight that it was quite good at providing the personal touch, but it seems the company started to struggle with delivering this level of service consistently as its customer base grew.

Selectra’s score for Brilliant Energy: ★★

How does SSE fare when it comes to customer reviews? Check out our complete SSE reviews guide (coming soon) to find out.

Brilliant Energy tariffs and prices

There was only one Brilliant Energy tariff, which was known as the Fair Deal. It was a one-year fixed tariff and had a £29 exit fee per fuel should customers choose to leave early.


In terms of price, Brilliant Energy offered economical tariffs but was not the cheapest option on the market.

Naturally, Brilliant Energy prices and rates would depend on the region you live in as unit rates vary based on area. They would also vary depending on energy use. Like with any supplier, Brilliant Energy prices were cheaper if you used a small amount of energy and more expensive if you used a lot.

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As we mentioned earlier, the SSE default tariff that Brilliant Energy customers were switched to is not a cheap tariff. Variable/default tariffs are typically a supplier’s most expensive option, and SSE is not known for its cheap prices.

Based on our own comparison, the below table shows the price of this tariff for a medium-sized household in London using the average medium rate of consumption.

SSE Variable Tariff Prices
SSE Variable Tariff Gas Electricity
Unit rate (per kWh) 3.990p 18.386p
Standard charge (per day) 31.30p 27.44p
Annual cost £593 £670

*correct as of Feb 2020

It is very likely Brilliant Energy customers will be paying more for their energy on this SSE tariff. We encourage customers to either move to a different SSE tariff to save some money or switch to a more affordable supplier altogether. Give the Selectra energy experts a call today to help you find a cheaper energy deal.

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Customers could choose to pay their Brilliant Energy bill by monthly fixed direct debit or quarterly variable direct debit. Another option was through a payment made directly to Brilliant Energy from the bank. The relevant Brilliant Energy bank details were as followed:

Sort code 30-65-41
Account number 3791460
IBAN GB64LOYD30654137919460

A payment plan could be set up for customers who struggled to keep up with their payments. This plan would be designed specifically for the customer, based on their income and outcomes, as well as their energy usage.

Brilliant Energy also had a Payment Waiver for customers who had temporary difficulties paying their bills. This would waive up to six months of payments which customers didn’t have to repay. Applicable circumstances to qualify would have been redundancy or being signed off work by a doctor.

Business tariffs

Unfortunately, there was never a Brilliant Energy business tariff as the supplier purely focused on the domestic market. If you are interested in a business tariff, there are plenty of UK energy providers that offer both dual-fuel, gas and electricity only plans.

Renewable fuel mix

One thing Brilliant Energy did do right was its fuel mix. While the supplier didn’t use 100% renewable energy, it managed to get 90% of its energy from green sources. It didn't use coal or nuclear power, with the remaining 10% of its energy coming from natural gas.

If renewable energy is important for you, you will be disappointed to know that Brilliant Energy’s replacement supplier, SSE, only sources 23% of its energy from renewables. Give our energy experts a call today to switch to a 100% green supplier.

Brilliant Energy meter readings

Brilliant Energy meter readings could be submitted online through a customer's online account. According to past customers, this was the easiest and quickest way to submit them.

For those who did not want to do it online, meter readings could also be submitted via telephone.

Like Brilliant Energy, SSE lets customers submit meter readings online through their online account. Customers who do not have an online account can submit readings through the online meter readings form.

Smart meters

Brilliant Energy was not installing smart meters at the time of its collapse. It was also unable to support smart meters meaning customers with smart meters who switched to Brilliant Energy UK would find their meters lost their ‘smart’ ability and just functioned as regular meters.

Flame and lightbulb

It’s disappointing that Brilliant Energy smart meters did not exist, but not entirely surprising considering it was a small supplier struggling with money problems. If the company had stayed trading, it would have to have developed the ability to support and install Brilliant Energy smart meters in line with the government’s rollout.

SSE does support and install smart meters so you can now request an installation. If you already have a second-generation smart meter, it should have regained its ‘smart’ abilities once your transition to SSE was complete.

Moving home with Brilliant Energy

When customers wanted to move house, they needed to contact Brilliant Energy in order to supply final meter readings and terminate their supply. A final bill would then be sent to the customer’s forwarding address based on the last Brilliant Energy meter readings.

Customers who wished to stay with the supplier after moving could arrange for a Brilliant Energy supply to be set up in their new home.

Old Brilliant Energy customers will now need to get in touch with SSE if they are moving home. The process will be similar to moving home with Brilliant Energy: supply final meter readings and receive a final bill.

Warm Home Discount

As a small supplier, Brilliant Energy did not offer the Warm Home Discount. Brilliant’s supplier of last resort, SSE, does offer the government scheme, which is great news customers who struggle to keep up with their energy bills in the winter. Find out if you are eligible in Selectra’s Warm Home Discount guide.

As well as the Warm Home Discount, the UK government offers a range of different grants and financial help you might qualify for to help pay your energy bills - check out our government energy schemes to find out more.

Contact number and other contact methods

The easiest way to get in touch with the supplier was to call the Brilliant Energy contact number. If this did not suit customers, there were other contact methods available, including email or post. All the contact details are listed in the table below.

Brilliant Energy contact number 0333 344 2067
(opening hours: Monday to Friday: 8am-8pm)
Brilliant Energy email address
Brilliant Energy location Brilliant Energy Supply LTD, 1 Canada Square,
Canary Wharf, London,
E14 5DY, UK
Social media Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook

Customers should now contact SSE with questions about their tariff and account.


When any energy company stops trading, administrators are appointed to deal with the details and fall out. The Brilliant Energy administrators are Kirstie Jane Provan and Jamie Taylor of Begbies Traynor, and Alan Simon of AABRS Limited.

Any questions about the administrators and their work should be directed to Abbie Suttling via phone on 020 7516 1500, or email at


Brilliant Energy wanted to differentiate itself from the big six energy suppliers by treating all customers fairly, and by acting transparently and professionally.

If customers had complaints, they could ring the Brilliant Energy telephone number, send an email or send a written letter through the post to the head office located in London.

  • Brilliant Energy telephone number (complaints): 0333 442 067
  • Email (complaints):
  • Brilliant Energy address: Complaints Team, Brilliant Energy Supply LTD One Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London, E14 5DY

The team would try to resolve problems within 24 hours. If they could not resolve them then customers could escalate complaints to one of the dedicated customer service managers. At this stage, Brilliant Energy promised to get in touch in 24 hours.

If you had an open complaint with Brilliant Energy, the new supplier, SSE, is not under any obligation to resolve it, however, feel free to discuss the issue with the supplier to see what it can do. If your complaint is open with the Energy Ombudsman, it should get in touch with you to discuss your case.

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