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British Gas Login: Get Access to Your Account Fast!

Customer at home using her British Gas login

Customers of British Gas log in to their energy accounts every day to manage their bill payments, submit meter readings and a whole lot more. If you’re new to the British Gas login process, we’re here to take you through it step by step. Read on to find out how to make the most of the British Gas My Account online service.

British Gas login: the first steps

To find the right place to log in to your British Gas account you can start with the British Gas homepage. In the top right hand corner you will see ‘My Account’. Click on the text to be taken directly to the My Account homepage.

British gas home page

From here you click the green ‘Access your account’ button.

British gas account page

Customers who already have an online account need to enter their email address and click ‘Next’.

British gas login page

You will then be asked to enter your password and that’s it - you’re in!

Customers logging in to My Account for the first time will be asked for the following information to complete the process of setting up an account:

  1. Personal details: name, title, address and postcode. You can include your phone number if you want to.
  2. Customer reference number, HomeCare number or sales order number (if you have purchased a British Gas product). The correct reference number will be included in any emails or letters you have received from British Gas.
  3. Create a password: choose something easy to remember but difficult for other people to guess, such as three seemingly random words representing things that are important to you (e.g. runbeachtoast - if you enjoying running along the beach before you have toast for breakfast. Just an idea!)

The next time you go to the My Account login page you will be able to enter your email address and password to get instant access to all your British Gas account details.

To speed things up a little bit, add the British Gas login page to your favourites in your internet browser. That way you’ll save yourself a few clicks of the mouse every time you need to see to any of your British Gas-related tasks.

I’ve forgotten my British Gas login details

Stuck logging in?Call one of our knowlegeable advisers and get logged in in minutes. Call 020 3966 4692 or Get a free callback now.

Confused man

If you’ve forgotten your British Gas login password you need to request a link to reset your password. Enter the email address that you use to access your British Gas account and you will be automatically sent an email from British Gas. Then go to your email inbox, open the British Gas email and click on the link to take you to the password reset page.

In the case that you have forgotten the email address for your British Gas login, not the password, you’ll have a couple of options. You can phone British Gas on 0333 202 9802 to help you reset your online account or you can use the live chat service on the website. Click here for full details of how to contact British Gas.

British Gas HomeCare login

Customers with British Gas HomeCare plans for central heating breakdown cover and boiler servicing can log in exactly the same way as British Gas energy customers. Follow the steps above to access your British Gas account and you’ll find all the details of your HomeCare services, including booking boiler services and renewing your HomeCare cover, in one place.

British Gas business login

For business owners who use British Gas to supply energy to their business premises, you’ll want to be able to access your bills online. Here’s how!

British gas business login page
  1. Go to the British Gas Business login page and click on ‘Register’.
  2. Enter your email address. Enter it again. That’s right - type your email address into both of the email address fields. It has to be exactly the same both times.
  3. Next you need to enter your British Gas account number and the postcode for your business. Your account number begins with either 60 or 67.
  4. Enter your contact details

You will then be asked to choose a password - make it memorable for you but difficult for a machine to predict. And that’s it! You are now equipped with a British Gas business login and you’ll be able to do all of the following things online, via your business account:

  • Submit your business meter readings
  • Pay bills
  • Tell British Gas about moving your business premises

British Gas My Account

laptop computer

British Gas My Account is the name for the online gateway to the collection of services offered by British Gas to domestic customers. Once you sign up for a login account with British Gas (see the steps above) you will automatically stop receiving your bills through the post. Instead, you will have paperless billing, which means you’ll receive an email when your bills become available online.

To view your bills you log in to your British Gas account, following the steps above. There is a whole host of essential tools within My Account to help you organise your household’s energy needs. Here is a snapshot of what you can do:

Manage your energy with British Gas My Account

Meters Bills Energy usage
Submit meter readings to avoid receiving estimated bills View and pay your energy bills See exactly how much energy you’re using
Request a smart meter Check your current tariff is the best one for you Learn ways to make your household more energy efficient
Put in final meter readings when you move house and enter base meter readings for your new home Adjust your direct debits View comparisons between your energy usage and other customers

As if that wasn’t enough, My Account is also the place to go to for all things related to looking after your boiler and your central heating system. You can book an engineer for an annual boiler service or to come out and repair your boiler and/or heating system after a breakdown. Once you’ve made an appointment for an engineer visit you’ll also be able to cancel or amend the appointment if your circumstances change and the original appointment slot no longer suits you.

British Gas Rewards login

a gift wrapped with a bow

British Gas customers can sign up to a loyalty scheme to receive all sorts of benefits in return for staying with British Gas. There are discounts for restaurants and theme parks, plus the chance to get free energy and to win concert tickets and holidays.

Logging into British Gas Rewards couldn’t be easier - once you’re logged into My Account (see the steps listed above) you will be able to access the Rewards part of your British Gas account.

Do I need a British Gas login?

Frustrated trying to login with no success?Call one of our knowledgeable energy advisers to sort out your energy account on 020 3966 4692 or Get a free callback now.

Although British Gas customers are encouraged to set up an online account to be able to self-manage their energy bills and usage, you can still do some of those things without an account.

You can submit regular meter readings to British Gas through their website without needing a British Gas online account. You need to provide your name, email address and customer reference number first. Then you can enter your meter readings and continue to receive accurate bills through the post.

If you’ve just moved house and your new property is supplied by British Gas you can submit an opening meter reading through the British Gas website. You’ll need your new address, fuel type (gas, electricity, or both) and the meter readings.

Customers who would simply rather speak to a real person to deal with their British Gas bills and other queries can certainly do so. There are numerous contact numbers depending on the topic of your query - see our guide to how to contact British Gas to help you find the right number.

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