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British Gas Reviews: Customer Service, Workplace, Complaint

British Gas Reviews

British Gas are the most popular supplier of gas and electricity in Great Britain. Owned by Centrica, another British company, British Gas’s roots date back over 200 years. They are one of the oldest companies in the world and currently supply energy to over 14 million homes and businesses across England, Scotland and Wales. This gives them an approximate market share of around 34% in gas supply, nearly three times as much as the second most popular company, SSE.

Complaint handling

Due to it being an extremely large business, British Gas do receive their fair share of complaints. This is due to the sheer number of customers that they have, plus being a larger company generally shifts the focus away from the customer slightly as other large scale priorities come into play. What’s important is that the company resolves the issue any customer may have as quickly as possible, ideally within the next 24 hours. British Gas by no means have an amazing complaints resolution record; however, it is certainly is not the worst. These are the ratings given to British Gas by three leading authorities within the industry (marked as percentage satisfaction rate)

Value for money

British Gas are consistently one of the most expensive suppliers on the market, so why do they continue to be the most popular UK supplier by such a distance? The principal answer for the majority of cases here is that it is a trusted name nationwide, meaning people are often quite reluctant to switch away from ‘old faithful’. The reality is that there is no difference in your supply regardless of who supplies you. The only thing that you are switching is your customer service, which British Gas have proved to be extremely mediocre on. According to two authorities within the industry, here’s what the scored on the ‘value for money’ category:

Place to work

As a workplace, British Gas seems to score pretty highly. As with most large companies, there is a huge range of positions and salaries available, ranging from £13,230 for a site gardener to £82,029 for a software engineer. Even the standard customer service representative is reasonably well paid with an average of around £23,903 annual salary.

The work/life balance was the second most highly rated attribute of working for British Gas after salaries and benefits. This scored a 3.7 star rating out of 5 on, which is pretty impressive. Here is the overall scores provided by two job portal authorities:

Energy mix

As the worldwide energy crisis becomes more and more pressing, the spotlight is being put on energy companies in each country. The importance of improving energy efficiency and providing as much renewable energy as possible is increasing by the day. As such, we take a look at the general energy mix of British Gas to see how much effort they are putting towards a sustainable future. At present they do not offer any 100% renewable tariffs, which would suggest that they are focusing on improving the overall energy mix of all tariffs.

Here we can see that 40% of electricity that is put into the grid by British Gas and Centrica comes from renewable generation sources. This is pretty positive and is a huge improvement over recent years. The latest figures (Q2 2017) from OFGEM suggest that around 23.69% of all electricity in the UK is generated from renewables, so British Gas is actually well above the average; however, the work and development does need to carry on rising to contribute even further to the national energy mix. Being the largest supplier in the country, there is a huge responsibility for them to set an example and provide the highest level of renewables.

Overall score

Overall, as the largest energy supplier in the country, British Gas do not do horribly when it comes to customer service and general satisfaction on a whole. They’re prices are certainly more expensive than the majority of providers out there, but their household name status gives them slight give on that subject, allowing them to bump up their prices without seeing huge drops in customer numbers.

Overall, Selectra has decided to give British Gas a 65/100 rating for overall customer service and satisfaction. The main thing that needs some work is their prices; however, given their work in renewables, this slight increase is perhaps slightly understandable. Along with our review, here’s some other authorities’ rating on British Gas: