Looking for a simple gas tariff? Daligas - one of the UK’s gas only energy suppliers - offers two straightforward gas tariffs, one for domestic customers and one for business customers. Read on for customer reviews, login details, tariff information and more to see if it’s the right gas supplier for you.

Gas: natural gas  Simple tariffs
Fuel mix:  Flexibility in direct debit payments
Domestic Market: Scotland, England and Wales  No online account system
Customers: not known  Poor customer reviews
Selectra score:  Strange billing system that causes inaccurate bills

About Daligas

Daligas is one of the few energy providers in the UK that only supplies gas tariffs. Founded in London in 2012, its aim is to make the gas supply to british households and businesses simple and transparent, whilst maintaining low prices.

Daligas’ promise to customers consists of seven simple points:

  • Simple offer
  • Simple price
  • Low price
  • Transparency
  • Flexibility
  • Fairness
  • Reliability

Quick facts

  1. Daligas only offers gas tariffs
  2. The provider only has two tariffs - one for domestic and one for business customers
  3. It has a low customer rating on Trustpilot - only 2.4 out of 5
  4. Daligas does not have an online account system

Daligas reviews

The very fact Daligas only offers gas tariffs puts the supplier at a disadvantage compared to many other UK energy providers. Most customers find it much easier to have their gas and electricity supply (dual fuel tariff) with the same supplier - it means one bill, one payment and one renewal date for all energy bills.

However, there are some advantages to having separate tariffs with different providers. For example, in some cases separate tariffs might be cheaper than a dual fuel tariff as it allows you to make the most of the cheapest deals offered by different suppliers. Having two tariffs also makes it easier to switch one if you spot a better deal elsewhere. Finally, separate supplies can also make managing your energy usage easier as, with two bills, you can get a clearer picture of what you spend on gas and electricity, rather than just energy in general.

So, if you do decide to go for separate gas and electricity suppliers, is Daligas a good option for your gas? Unfortunately for Daligas, it does not have great reviews on Trustpilot or Google reviews, receiving a 2.4 out of 5 and a 1.8 out of 5 respectively.

In fact, on Trustpilot, 51% of reviews rate the supplier as ‘bad’ (the worst rating available). It doesn’t really bode well when over half of customer reviews are negative. Here, complaints range from poor customer service and inaccurate bills to frustration with the website.

They have absolutely no idea how to run a company or how to bill you right, and then when you try and contact they do not answer the phone or emails. Allan

A complaint that crops up more often than others is pricing. A number of customers mention that after a few years with the supplier, the price of their tariff rose quite dramatically. Others explain that when they wished to leave the provider, they were charged with very high bills.

These problems seem to be down to Daligas’ slightly bizarre billing system. The supplier bills customers based on a personal estimated annual cost that is calculated when you sign up. At least once a year, it then sends an accurate bill based on meter readings, which can be more than the estimated bills previously provided, meaning customers can suddenly owe the supplier money. This seems to be what happens when customers leave - Daligas sends an accurate bill and customers find they’re suddenly in debt.

The supplier’s recent complaints data also supports these mix of negative customer reviews, with the top five reasons for complaints being: lack of support when switching; disputes over meter readings; disputes over direct debit amounts; inaccurate bills; and bills not arriving on time.

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Daligas login and online account

Daligas is a bit old fashioned when it comes to account management. Its website is very basic and does not offer customers an online portal where they can manage their energy tariff. In this day and age, most energy providers offer this service so it will come as a frustration to Daligas customers. This means there is no Daligas login process and to make changes to your tariff or account, customers must contact Daligas directly.

Meter readings

One piece of good news however, is that Daligas customers can submit meter readings online! There is a Daligas meter readings online form you can fill out and send, saving you the trouble of ringing the customer service team every month. To complete the form you will need to provide the following details:

  • Full name
  • Email address
  • Daligas account number (this will be on recent bills/emails/letters received from Daligas)
  • Meter Point Reference Number (MPRN)
  • Daligas meter reading
  • Date meter read was taken

Don’t know what your Meter Point Reference Number is? Use our handy MPRN guide to find out.

Daligas tariffs and prices

Keeping things simple, Daligas only offers two gas tariffs - one tariff for business customers and one tariff for domestic customers.

Domestic tariff

The gas tariff currently available for domestic customers (Jan.2020) is the One Standard Excel 20 tariff. This is a variable tariff, meaning the unit rate and standing charge can fluctuate in line with the wholesale price of gas. As a variable tariff, it has no exit fees and no end date so you can stay on the tariff for as long as you like, but also leave whenever you wish.

Unlike most energy providers, Daligas has a universal unit rate and standing charge, meaning no matter what region you reside in, your unit rate and standing charge will be the same. This makes getting a quote from Daligas really easy.

Daligas variable tariff price
Unit rate 2.60 per kWh
Standing charge 25.00p
Annual cost £403.25

*figures based on a medium consumption household and include VAT at 5%. Accurate as of January 2020.

Energy Deal of the Month (January 2021)
Energy Offer Estimated Monthly Cost* Details
Selectra Deal of the Month
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Gas & Electricity: £76*
  1. Rates protected for 1 year
  2. Supplier with 4/5 score on Trustpilot
  3. Leave tariff 49 days before end without penalty
Call & Sign Up Today: 020 3936 0059 020 3936 0059
*Monthly price estimates are provided for guidance only and are not indicative of your specific energy costs. They are based on average consumption figures provided by Ofgem. To get accurate energy cost estimates for your home call 020 3936 0059 for free.

Business tariff

Daligas’ business tariff is currently called the One Business Simple 19 tariff. The provider does not provide much information about this tariff on its website. For more details, you can get a quote online using the Daligas quotation tool.

Budget Billing Plan

Daligas has introduced a new billing system called the Budget Billing Plan (BBP). Under this system, the provider will calculate your individual annual gas cost based on either your usage last year or the size of your property. This estimated figure is what the supplier will base your bills and monthly direct debit on.

electricity and calculator

However, at least once a year you will also receive an accurate bill from the provider based on your meter readings. This is known as a settlement bill. If you have used more energy than predicted, the settlement bill will state how much money you owe Daligas. If you have used less than predicted, it will show how much Daligas owes you and the provider will transfer the amount into your account.

This is a slightly strange way of billing customers and can lead to inaccurate bills and high settlement fees. As mentioned in our reviews section, many Daligas customers complain about receiving very high settlement bills when they choose to leave the provider due to this billing method.

Bills are automatically received by email, but you can request paper bills to be posted to your address for no extra charge.

Payment method

Daligas only has one payment method - monthly direct debit. This is usually the easiest way to pay energy bills and most customers opt for it when given the choice.

Under the Budget Billing Plan customers have two options when it comes to spreading out the payments.

  1. Seasonal direct debit - this means your payments are higher in the winter months and lower the rest of the year. This method can help you build up credit on your account so you are never left in debt when the more expensive winter bills come through.
  2. Fixed direct debit - this option means your payments are split equally over the year, so every month you pay the same amount.

Daligas will give you written notice of any changes to the date or amount of your monthly direct debit payment.

How to contact Daligas

As Daligas does not have an online account system, all account activity and queries need to be handled by the customer service team. There are a number of ways to contact Daligas, including by phone, email or even social media. First things first, you can ring the Daligas customer helpline on following Daligas contact number: 0800 111 4568. The line operates Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm.

Alternatively, you can send an email to customerservice@daligas.co.uk or post a letter to its office in London. The Daligas address is listed below.

Send a letter to

Daligas Ltd (Complaints Handling Team)
152-154 Coles Green Road

Despite not having a particularly modern website, the supplier does have a presence on social media. On Facebook or LinkedIn you can send a private message to Daligas’ account.

Daligas also has a live chat and an online contact form option on its website. The live chat lets you speak with a customer service agent in real time inside the supplier’s operating hours of 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday.

Emergency contact If you smell gas in your property you need to ring the National Gas Emergency Helpline on 0800 111 999.


If you ever need to place an official complaint with Daligas, you can do so via phone, email or post.

  • Phone number: 0800 111 4568 (Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm)
  • Email: complaints@daligas.co.uk
  • Post: Daligas Ltd (Complaints Handling Team), 152-154 Coles Green Road, London NW2 7HD7

For independent advice regarding your energy complaint, get in touch with the Energy Ombudsman.

Smart Meters

Unfortunately, Daligas does not mention anything on its website about smart meters so we assume it does not install or support them. Smart meters are more commonly used for electricty tariffs, but gas smart meters are available. Daligas smart meters could become a thing in the future, but for now all customers will have to settle for a regular meter.

Fuel Mix

Fuel mix refers to the sources a provider uses to get its energy supply, e.g. fossil fuels or renewables. Renewable gas is not as readily available as renewable electricity, but it does exist. No provider gets 100% of its gas from renewables, but most try to get as much as they can from green gas and carbon offset the rest.

Unfortunately, Daligas energy is not sourced from renewable sources. 100% of the provider’s energy supply comes from natural gas bought on the wholesale energy market.

Moving home

If you’re a Daligas customer and are moving home or business premises, you need to inform the supplier in writing at least two days before you move.

The day you move out, you will need to submit a final Daligas meter read and the supplier will send you a final settlement bill. This bill will based on the final meter read figure you provide. If the bill states you owe Daligas money, you will need to transfer the amount from your account. If it says you are in credit with Daligas, the supplier will transfer the amount to you so don’t cancel your monthly direct debit as soon as you move.

If you want to continue your Daligas supply after you’ve made the move, you will need to re-apply for your chosen tariff using the online application form.

Selectra’s score for Daligas

At Selectra, we rank suppliers based on price, fuel mix, customer reviews and the extra service they offer alongside energy tariffs. Unfortunately for Daligas, it does not perform well in any area.

It offers no renewable gas, no extra services (it doesn’t even have an online account system) and has poor customer reviews. While its prices are fairly reasonable, in a lot of cases the billing system seems to leave customers owing money at some point as the estimated bills are not really accurate.

Weighing all these factors up, we award Daligas 1 out of 5 stars.

Daligas Selectra score -

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First Place
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Second Place

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Third Place
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Dual Fuel (Gas & Electricity): £93*

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*Monthly price estimates are provided for guidance only and are not indicative of your specific energy costs. They are based on average consumption figures provided by Ofgem. To get accurate energy cost estimates for your home call 020 3936 0059 for free.