Founded in 2014 by former Economy Energy co-owner Paul Cooke, Birmingham-based E Energy is a no-nonsense prepayment gas and electricity supplier with a focus on ‘keeping costs down’. How cheap are its tariffs really? Our extensive supplier guide covers everything you need to know about E Energy, from how to top up and login to tariffs and reviews.

Electricity: Coal, natural gas, nuclear, renewables, other  Loyalty and referral credit schemes
Fuel mix score:  Customer issues usually resolved quickly
Domestic market: Scotland, England and Wales  Wide range of additional services and support
Customers: 300,000  Reports of delayed refunds and final bills
Selectra score: Not the cleanest fuel mix

E Energy is one of the smaller suppliers on the market, but has gradually acquired over 300,000 customers on its single fixed-rate tariff since its launch six years ago. The pay-as-you-go energy provider looks to stand out from the rest of the market with its referral and loyalty schemes.

As E Energy only offers prepayment tariffs, the first thing you’ll need to know as a customer is how to top up.

What happened to Economy Energy?Controversial E Energy CEO Paul Cooke’s previous gas and electricity firm was ordered to cease trading in 2019, following a formal investigation by Ofgem. All customers were transferred to Ovo Energy’s prepayment arm, Boost. For more information and advice on what action you can take to recoup your losses if you were a former customer, visit our Economy Energy guide.

Top up

When you sign up with E Energy, the supplier will send you a key or card for your traditional electricity or gas prepayment meter. To activate your account and get your key or card ready to top up for the first time, you’ll need to insert the key or card for 60 seconds. Once you see a confirmation message flash up on the screen, you’re all set to go.

How to top up your account

Prepayment meter problems?Call us to solve your top up issues quickly and without hassle. Call 020 3936 0059 or get a free callback now.

If you have a standard prepayment meter you can visit a local newsagent or supermarket with PayPoint or PayZone to top up your E Energy electricity key or gas card. Most Post Offices will also be able to add credit to your gas meter.

There are a lot more options for topping up if you have a smart prepayment meter installed. Once signed up with E Energy, your card will arrive already activated and ready to top up for the first time.


Desktop, laptop and mobile

In addition to PayPoint, customers with smart meters have the option to top up using one of the following methods with their E Energy login:

  • The online customer portal
  • Smartphone app
  • Text message or SMS
  • Phone call

To make an e-payment through the website, simply click the ‘Smart Meter Top Up’ option, located to the right of the homepage. This will take you through to the E Energy login page, where as well as making payments, you can manage all your account details.

You will also find the option to make one-off payments without registering your account on the E Energy website.

How can I register for my E Energy Login?

  1. Direct your chosen web browser to the E Energy login page and click ‘Register to make a payment and manage your online account’.
  2. Select which meter you would like to register - gas or electricity. You will have to register the devices separately if you are a dual fuel customer.
  3. Enter your E Energy top up code and email address.
  4. Finally, enter your customer details.

I can’t remember my E Energy login password

Recovering your E Energy login details is a straightforward process. Simply click ‘Forgotten password’ on the login page and enter your email address. The supplier will then email a link to reset your password.

Reviews and verdict?

Now we’ve looked at how to top up and login, let’s see how the supplier stacks up against the competition when it comes to value for money and customer service.

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Price reviews

Firstly, let’s take a look at how E Energy fares against other suppliers in terms of cost. Our comparison test pits its standard Easy tariff against other fixed price prepayment tariffs on the market at the moment.

Our E Energy reviews scale compares prices for new customers switching to a dual fuel plan, using a three-bedroom London house with an average gas and electricity consumption as our example.

As gas and electricity costs vary across the country, your own bills may well work out cheaper, depending on your own situation and energy usage.

Scroll down to ‘E Energy tariffs and prices’ for a complete cost breakdown, including standing charge and unit price

Fixed prepayment tariffs
Supplier Tariff Yearly cost Annual savings
E Energy Easy £1,201.04 N/A
EDF Prepay Total Service Nov 21 £1,152.91 EDF: £48.13
Nabuh Lizzy 12 Month Fixed £1,058.33 Nab: £142.71

*Information correct as of April 2020. Quotes based on a three bedroom house in London with an average annual electricity usage of 3,100kWh and gas consumption of 12,000kWh.

These prices are an estimate based on a three-bedroom house in London using a medium amount of energy. Use our energy calculator tool to compare it with your own energy consumption and see if you could save more!

As we can see from the table above, E Energy was the most expensive provider of those we compared. While Nabuh’s Lizzy tariff worked out the cheapest, coming in at almost £143 less than E Energy. EDF’s Prepay Total Service plan was also cheaper, though only by £48.

Although EDF Energy’s tariff wasn’t the cheapest, it does participate in the Warm Home Discount scheme, a £140 energy bill rebate for eligible customers. Therefore, it could actually be the best value for money. To learn more and hear about exclusive EDF tariffs, speak to one of our energy experts by calling 020 3936 0059 today.

Customer complaints

Next, we used Ofgem’s publicly available complaints data to get an idea of how E Energy deals with customer issues compared to other similarly sized energy suppliers.

E Energy complaints
Supplier Average complaints per 10,000 Complaints resolved the next day Complaints resolved within 8 weeks
E Energy 79 75% 100%
Daligas 64 0% 100%
Green Energy UK 5 0% 63%
So Energy 24 53% 99%
Zebra Power 5 33% 100%

*Complaints data from Q4 of 2019. Domestic customers only.

Although it received by far the most complaints of the suppliers listed, E Energy’s customer service team was among the most effective, resolving most issues swiftly. Out of the 79 complaints reported in the last quarter of 2019, 75% were dealt with the next day, while all complaints were resolved within eight weeks.

Green Energy UK, on the other hand, received just five complaints for the same period, but were only able to deal with just over half of these effectively by the end of the eight-week deadline.

Our verdict

It’s clear from our comparison tests that E Energy is one of the most expensive prepayment fixed-price suppliers out there. However, it does offer discount credit through both its customer loyalty and referral schemes, which could actually mean paying less than on either Nabuh or EDF’s tariffs, depending on how many friends and family you could convince to also sign up.

When it comes to customer satisfaction, E Energy users had a lot to complain about. Of course, it’s better not to have any issues with your supplier in the first place, but customer issues were at least dealt with swiftly and effectively.

It’s worth keeping in mind that as a prepay customer, there’s a lot less tariff choice out there and you will generally pay more money for your energy.

As such, we would recommend looking into switching to a fixed or variable price plan instead, if possible. Even if you are already a prepayment customer, many suppliers will swap out your old meter for a new standard or smart meter for free.

Tariffs and prices

E Energy gets straight to the point by offering just the one tariff, the E Energy Easy tariff. As a fixed-price tariff, the cost of energy on this tariff stays the same no matter whether the wholesale market price goes up or down, so customers are not vulnerable to price hikes.

Customers can sign up for the E Energy Easy tariff for either their gas or electricity supply only or as a dual fuel package.

E Energy tariffs
Tariff Unit rate Standing charge Features
E Easy Gas 3.549p per kWh 36.34p per day •No exit fees
•Loyalty bonus
•Customer referral scheme
E Easy Electricity 17.399p per kWh 28.27p per day •No exit fees
•Loyalty bonus
•Customer referral scheme

Extra services and discounts

As well as supplying gas and electricity, E Energy offers a number of extra services and benefits to its prepayment customers.

E Energy Smart Meter rollout

Smart meter

Smart prepayment meters allow customers to top up their gas and electricity no matter where they are, using their E Energy login portal or app, by sending a text message or via a phone call. In addition to this, smart meter users have access to an extra £15 in emergency credit, should they need it.

When you sign up with E Energy, you can register your interest in having a smart meter installed for free as part of the UK government’s smart meter rollout.

In addition to a smart meter for each fuel, you will receive an in-home-display (IHD), which tracks and details how much gas and electricity is being used in real-time, to give customers a better idea of exactly how much they are spending on energy.

Warm Home Discount

E Energy customers who qualify could benefit from an extra £140 towards their energy costs with the Warm Home Discount, a government scheme aimed at tackling fuel poverty.

For more information and to see if you may qualify, visit our dedicated Warm Home Discount guide.

Priority Services Register

Another scheme E Energy offers for vulnerable customers is the Priority Services Register. Among customers who qualify for this extra help are the elderly and those with a registered disability or long-term health issue.

E Energy customers on the Priority Services Register can benefit from the following assistance:

  • All correspondence sent in alternative formats, such as large type and braille.
  • Meter move to somewhere more accessible, if out of easy reach
  • Priority support in power blackouts and emergencies.
  • Free gas safety checks.

Dual Fuel Loyalty Credit and E Energy referral scheme

E Energy also offers discount credit through its loyalty and referral schemes in an attempt to try and stand out from the competition.

Loyalty credit

All E Energy dual fuel customers automatically qualify for a one-off loyalty credit of £50 on their electricity meter once they have been with the supplier in the same property for 12 months.

Customer referral scheme

Customers who sign up to a dual fuel plan using a friend or family member’s unique referral code receive £25 credit for both themselves and the person who referred them after 28 days with E Energy.

Fuel mix

Next up, let’s take a look at where E Energy sources its electricity from. Under Ofgem regulations, all energy suppliers must declare this information once a year. We have included the UK average for comparison.

(UK average = coal 5%, natural gas 41%, nuclear 19%, renewables 33%, other fuels 2%.)

As we can see, E Energy is heavily reliant on traditional fossil fuel and nuclear for its electricity generation, while natural gas also makes up a whopping 60.3% of its fuel source, compared to the UK average of 41%.

E Energy is also lacking when it comes to investment in renewables, with only 8.9% of its fuel coming from wind, solar or hydro generation. This pales in comparison to the UK average of 33%.

Contact E Energy

Whether you’ve lost your key or card, can’t remember your E Energy login details or need to register a complaint, there are a number of ways you can contact the supplier.

Contact E Energy by telephone

If your preferred method of contact is by phone, you can call E Energy’s customer service team on 0333 103 9575. Lines are open from Monday to Friday between 8am and 8pm and Saturdays from 8am until 5pm.

Email E Energy

If your matter isn’t urgent and you’d rather email your supplier, you can get in touch with E Energy by writing to

E Energy on social media

E Energy is a no-nonsense supplier that claims to concentrate on its energy supply instead of “marketing campaigns, expensive offices, silly mascots or large corporate events”. It would appear that it takes the same approach when it comes to social media too.

As such it doesn’t maintain any Facebook, Twitter or Youtube accounts.. E Energy does have its own LinkedIn account, but its homepage contains minimal information.

E Energy address

Should you need to write a letter to E Energy or arrange an appointment in person, its head office can be found at:

E, T3
Trinity Park
B37 7ES

E Energy Complaints

Speech bubbles

If you’re not satisfied with the service E Energy provides, you should first contact its customer service team on 0333 103 9575 or The supplier will attempt to resolve your complaint at the first attempt, but if it is unable to do so, it will issue a reference number to track your issue while it looks into the matter.

If you are not happy with the way your complaint has been handled by the E Energy customer service team, you can ask to speak to a manager or email the complaints team directly at A representative will attempt to contact you within ten working days of your initial message.

Should eight weeks pass without an agreement, the supplier will issue a ‘deadlock letter’ with its final offer. If you would like to pursue the issue further, you can escalate your complaint to the Energy Ombudsman, which will come to an independent final resolution.

Energy Ombudsman contact details

Energy Supply Ombudsman
PO Box 966

blue telephone

Energy Ombudsman Contact Number
Please check with your provider if you don't know how much a call will cost.
Telephone: 0330 440 1624
*Monday to Friday: 8.00am-8.00pm, Saturday: 8.00am-1.00pm
(Closed on bank holidays)

Moving home with E Energy

Whether you’re moving out or have just moved into a home that is already supplied by E Energy, you can contact the supplier using the following methods.

Moving Out

If you’re an E Energy customer who is moving home, you’ll need to send a meter reading and the name and contact details of the new tenants in order to close your account. You can do this by emailing or calling its customer service team on 0333 103 9575.

Moving In

If your new home is already supplied by E Energy, you’ll need to transfer the existing account into your name. To do this, you should email a copy of your tenancy agreement or proof of home ownership to, along with your name, address and phone number.

All E Energy contact information

E Energy contact numbers and emails
Department E Energy contact number E Energy contact email
Customer services 0333 103 9575
Complaints 0333 103 9575
Moving home 0333 103 9575
Gas emergencies 0800 111 999
Electrical emergencies and power cuts 105

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