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E Energy - Reviews, Contact, Prepayment Tariffs, Top-up

E Energy, having only begun trading a few years ago, have already acquired a customer based of over 200,000 customers. This gives them a market share of around 0.36% of the British energy markets. They pride themselves on their excellent customer service abilities, with all their call center agents located in Great Britain. They also have zero exit fees on their tariffs, instead, they have rewards for those people that stay with the company. E Energy is also a prepayment-only supplier.


Supplier Reviews

Despite having over 200,000 customers, publically available reviews are at a minimum. From the little that are available we can see a very mixed bag. Some customers seem to agree with the core principles of E Energy, having said that their customer service skills were exceptional, especially their answer time on the phone. However, there are some that have commented on their door to door sales pitch and their unannounced price increases.

Provided below are the available reviews for E Energy and their respective ratings:

As mentioned above, the verdict on E Energy is extremely mixed. Their customer service skills seem to be one of their strongest suits; however, their prices can be a bit expensive from time to time. As such, we would recommend that you sign up for one of their tariffs when it is at its cheapest and is under a fixed unit rate contact. This will protect you from any unexpected price rises.

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Prices & Tariffs

As mentioned briefly above, E Energy only offer prepayment energy tariffs. This means that if you have a direct debit meter you would not be eligible for any of their tariffs. You would have to install yourself with a new meter, which is not impossible, but a bit of a pain for future switches. They currently only offer two variable tariffs: ‘Reward Oct ‘17’, for those who have been with a company for some time; and the ‘Easy Oct ‘17’, for new customers.

Below you can see the tariff label information (TLI) for the Reward Oct ‘17 variable tariff:

Reward Oct '17 (Jan 18)
Region Elec price per kWh Elec yearly price Elec TCR Gas price per kWh Gas yearly price Gas TCR Dual Fuel Yearly
Northern Scotland 14.960p 27.47p £564.03 2.980p 27.87p £474.23 £1,038.26
Southern Scotland 13.450p 27.47p £517.22 2.980p 27.87p £474.23 £991.45
North East EN 13.760p 27.47p £526.83 2.970p 27.87p £472.98 £999.81
North West EN 13.360p 27.47p £514.43 3.030p 27.87p £480.48 £994.91
Yorkshire & Humber 13.760p 27.47p £526.83 2.970p 27.87p £472.98 £999.81
Merseyside & N Wales 14.370p 27.47p £545.74 3.030p 27.87p £480.48 £1,026.22
East Midlands 13.290p 27.47p £512.26 2.960p 27.87p £471.73 £983.99
West Midlands 13.590p 27.47p £521.56 3.030p 27.87p £480.48 £1,002.04
Eastern EN 13.610p 27.47p £522.18 3.000p 27.87p £476.73 £998.91
South Wales 14.110p 27.47p £537.68 3.020p 27.87p £479.23 1,016.91
Greater London 12.870p 27.47p £499.24 3.110p 27.87p £490.48 £989.72
South East EN 14.080p 27.47p £536.75 3.120p 27.87p £491.73 £1,028.48
South West EN 14.770p 27.47p £558.14 3.130p 27.87p £492.98 £1,051.12

As prepayment tariffs go, E Energy’s aren’t too badly priced; however, they are nowhere near as cheap as the cheapest direct debit tariff on the market. At time of writing (Jan 18), the average price for the cheapest dual fuel tariff on the market is £905.33 per year, which is through iSupply Energy. E Energy’s variable tariff for new customers would cost you around £1037.75, a huge £132.42 more expensive per year.

Energy Mix

As the depletion of fossil fuels become more and more of an issue, the Government have set regulations in place to monitor the increase in renewables and push companies towards clean generation. One such measure is to require all energy suppliers in the country to publish information about their fuel mix.

In the below chart we can see the amount of electricity that E Energy source from each generation type. Their renewable generation supply is quite remarkable compared with the national average. Their 44.5% portion of renewables is 20.3% higher than the national average. That said, like many other suppliers, they are yet to supply a >100% renewable tariff, which is an increasing trend throughout the country.


E Energy have a variety of ways through which you can contact their customer service center. They pride themselves on having extremely fast response times, so you shouldn’t have to wait too long on the phone. You have 4 options: You can give them a call using the number provided below; send them an email; fill in their contact form; or send them a letter at the address in the box below. If you have an urgent query, your best option would be to give them a call.

blue telephone

Contact Number Please check with your provider if you don't know how much a call will cost. 0333 103 9575 *Monday to Friday: 9am-5pm; Saturday & Sunday: Closed

Online contact form

Send a letter to...

E Energy Ltd., T3 Trinity Park Birmingham B37 7ES

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