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Ebico Login: How to Log in to your Online Account

ebico login

From the Ebico online account to the newly released Ebico App, we cover everything you need to know about Ebico account management. A step-by-step guide on the Ebico login process, instructions on how to set up an account and details about the Ebico App are all included in this complete Ebico customer login guide.

Ebico customers have been transferred to British Gas. Ebico was supplied by Robin Hood Energy under a ‘while-label’ agreement. In September 2020, Robin Hood sold its customer base (including Ebico customers) to British Gas.

Ebico login: how to access your account

The Ebico online account is where customers can manage their energy tariffs. It’s a useful service that means you don’t need to contact Ebico for simple tasks, such as submitting meter readings, giving you more control over your energy tariff.

All this sounds great, but what if you’re having trouble accessing your account? It’s not much use to you if you can’t log in! We are here to help. Follow our step-by-step Ebico login guide and log in to your account in just a couple of seconds.

To log in to your Ebico account:

 Locate the Ebico login page. There are two ways to do this:

  • Type Ebico into your search engine and click the result that reads Ebico - Fair energy deals / Join Ebico to get a great energy….This will take you to the Ebico homepage. From here, you will see My account written in the top right hand corner. Click this and you will get to the Ebico Login page.

  • If you type Ebico login into your search engine, the result Login - Ebico will appear. Click this and you’ll be taken directly to the Ebico login page. This is probably the fastest and most effective option.

 Now you’re on the Ebico login page. In the box below Usernmae/E-Mail Address, enter the email address or username connected to your account. The email address will be the one you provided when you initially registered for your online account. This is probably easier to remember than your username.
 In the box below Password, type in your password. Like your email address, you will have set this up when you registered for your account.
 Press the pink button that reads LOGIN.
 If you have entered your email address and password correctly, you will now have successfully logged in to your Ebico online account.

If you have entered your details incorrectly, a red box that reads ‘There was a problem. Sorry, your email address and/or password was not recognised’ will appear. In this case, try re-entering your details, paying close attention to spelling and capital letters (remember that passwords are case sensitive), and press the LOGIN button.

If it fails to work again, you have two options. You can try resetting your password (see instructions below) or you can contact Ebico to sort out the issue. We would advise resetting your password first as this is less time-consuming, but if you are 100% sure you’ve entered your password correctly, don’t hesitate to give Ebico customer service a call.

Want a shortcut to the Ebico login page. Click the button below to be taken straight there.

How to reset your Ebico password

Even people with great memories forget their passwords sometimes - with so many online accounts with different passwords to remember, it’s normal that one occasionally slips your mind. Normally it’s no cause for concern as it’s straightforward to set a new one, and this is true for your Ebico password.

a shield lock

On the Ebico login page, you will see a link that reads Forgot Your Password?. Click this link and you will be taken to a new Reset your password page. On this page you are asked to enter your email address (this should be the one connected to your account), and then press the pink SEND PASSWORD RESET LINK button.

Ebico will send an email with further instructions and a unique link for resetting your password to your email address. Open the email, click the link, follow the instructions and you will have a new password and access to your account in no time.

What if I’ve forgotten my username/email address?

You can use your email address or username for the Ebico login process. If you forget your username, you can simply use your email address instead - chances are you won’t forget this! However, if you have a lot of email accounts and can’t remember which one is associated with your Ebico account, you can recover your username and email address quite easily.

To do this, head to the Ebico login page (follow the instructions set out above). You will see a Forgot Your Username? link. Click this link and you will be taken to a new page where you’re asked to enter your energy account number (you’ll be able to find this on one of your Ebico energy bills), postcode and surname. When you have filled these details out, click the RECOVER MY USERNAME pink button.

That’s all that’s needed from your part - Ebico will do all the rest and send you your username/email address so you can log in to your account.

Register for an Ebico log in

The reason you can’t log in to your Ebico online account might be because you don’t have one! You will not automatically have an account when you sign-up for an Ebico energy tariff. You need to register for an account yourself. It’s really easy to do and will only take you a matter of seconds. Just follow our handy instructions listed below:

 Head to the Ebico login page (for more detailed instructions on how to find this page, see the steps listed in the Ebico login section above).
 On the login page, click the pink Register link (this is located on the bottom right hand side of the Login to my account box) and you will be taken to the Register page.
 Fill out all of the required details. These include:

  • Your account number (you can find this on one of your energy bills)

  • Postcode (must match the information provided when you signed-up for your energy tariff)

  • Surname (must match the information provided when you signed-up for your energy tariff)

  • Email address (this will be the email address you use to log in)

  • Password (create a password you can remember as you will use it every time you log in).


 Click the pink REGISTER button.
 Ebico will send an email to your email account containing an activation link. Click the link and you will be fully registered.

That’s it. You will now have an Ebico online account through which you can manage your energy tariff.

What can you do on your Ebico account?

Now you’re an expert on the Ebico login process and can access your account, let’s take a look at what you can actually do on your account. From submitting meter readings to recording your energy usage, the Ebico account makes managing your energy tariff easy and straightforward. Here is a full list of what you can do:

 Submit meter readings - every month you can enter your meter readings so Ebico can precisely calculate your energy usage and give you an accurate bill (only applicable to non-smart meter customers).

Taking your meter readings can be a bit confusing. Check out our step-by-step meter reading guide to help you through the process.

 View bills - rather than remembering where you put your last Ebico bill, you can just log in to your account and see it online. This service also helps you compare your bills each month to see if and when you are spending more/less on your energy.
 Make payments - this is pretty self explanatory, you can make secure payments to Ebico through your account. You can also edit your direct debit details.
 Update personal details - if you need to change certain personal details, you can edit them in your account rather than contacting Ebico customer service.
 Check communication - anything Ebico has sent you about your tariff and account will be saved in your account so you can consult it at any time.
 Track energy usage - you can keep an eye on your energy consumption by year and month. This will help you stay on top of your energy usage and spending.

Want to know how much energy you are using? Swiftly calculate your energy consumption with our handy energy usage tool.

The Ebico App

a mobile phone

As well as the online account service, Ebico now also has a mobile app! Unfortunately, it’s not currently available for customers on a Pay As You Go tariff, but all other customers can make use of its handy benefits.

Similar to the online account, the app lets customers manage their energy tariff, including submit meter readings, view bill and track energy usage, from their mobile phone or tablet. While you cannot make payments through the app, it does offer a couple of services that are not available on the online account, such as:

  • The ability to request a smart meter

  • Chat with Ebico customer service through the live chat (operating from 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday, and 9am to 5pm Saturday )

First generation smart meter (SMART1) customers can also grant permission for their energy usage data to be updated on the app every half an hour, giving them access to half-hourly energy consumption information. Additionally, they can set up an energy usage alert meaning they will receive a notification through the app when they have used more energy than their set amount. Unfortunately, these services aren’t yet available to customers with second generation smart meters (SMART2).

The Ebico App is compatible with both Apple and Android devices, and can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play. As it is quite new (released in October 2019), there are next to no reviews online - we could find just three on Google Play. All of these give the app top marks, stating it is easy to use and helpful. So far so good then.

The current app is the first version of the Ebico App. The supplier is looking to improve the service and develop more features, hoping to realise a second version in 2020. It aims to make this version available for Pay As You Go customers too.

What are Ebico customers saying about its account and online customer service? Read our Ebico reviews page to find out. For more information on the supplier as a whole - it’s history, values and extra services - check out Selectra’s Ebico provider page.

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