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Ebico Reviews: What are Customers Saying?

ebico reviews

A not-for-profit, ethically conscious energy supplier, Ebico isn’t your stereotypical provider. Focused on offering affordable tariffs and fighting fuel poverty, how does it measure up for customer service? Let’s break down Ebico reviews to find out.

Ebico customers have been transferred to British Gas. Ebico was supplied by Robin Hood Energy under a ‘while-label’ agreement. In September 2020, Robin Hood sold its customer base (including Ebico customers) to British Gas.

Ebico reviews

From customer service and value for money, to billing and account management, how do present and past customers rate Ebico? In this guide we break down these different areas of Ebico reviews so you can see what Ebico does well, where it is lacking and, ultimately, if you want to make the switch.

Ebico customer service

After prices and tariffs, customer service is probably the most important factor to consider when looking at switching energy providers. It determines how you will be treated, how your problems will be dealt with, how quickly your emails will be responded to and your phone calls answered. If a supplier performs poorly across these areas, it will leave extremely unhappy and unsatisfied customers.

So, what are Ebico reviews saying about its customer service? There’s quite a mix of opinion online regarding Ebico’s customer service. Some customers report that the supplier has ‘excellent customer service’, with helpful and friendly call agents that sort their issues promptly and professionally. In fact, in Which?’s annual customer satisfaction survey, Ebico customers ranked the supplier 4/5 for phone customer service and awarded top marks (5/5) for online customer service.

Excellent customer service, polite, helpful and (a) pleasure to speak to over the phone. Anonymous customer

However, a number of other Ebico reviews are far from shining, stating that the customer service they received was not only inefficient, but call agents were also rude and unhelpful. Many also complained of waiting a long time for their call to be picked up and not receiving a reply to an email for months on end.

Impossible to get a simple enough, recurring problem sorted with their useless customer services, many phone calls, wasted hours of my time. Heather

Proportionally speaking, more customers report a positive experience with Ebico’s customer service than a negative one, but such mixed online reviews is not a good sign. It seems when it comes to customer service, your experience might come down to a bit of bad or good luck.

Besides Ebico reviews, another way to assess the supplier’s customer service is its call-wait time. In other words, will you be waiting on hold for a long time when you ring Ebico? According to research carried out by Which?, Ebico has an average call-wait time of 3.78 minutes, which places it in the middle of the pack - a number of suppliers take a lot longer, but a number also have much faster times.

Moreover, while Ebico is faster than the majority of the Big Six, it is slower than one of them - Scottish Power -, which is not good for a company that presents itself as a better option that these main providers. So, when it comes to call-wait times, it’s not necessarily bad news, but there is definitely room for improvement for Ebico.

Value for money

stack of money

Much like customer service, Ebico reviews for its prices are mixed. Some customers consider the supplier to be great value for money and applaud its reasonable pricing. On Which?, Ebico actually received a full five stars for value for money. Meanwhile, other customers complain about substantial price increases that have made their tariffs expensive.

This contradiction is quite confusing - how can some consider a supplier to be good value for money and others complain it’s too expensive?

Firstly, let’s point out that value for money does not necessarily mean cheap prices. Value equates to the quality of service you receive for the amount you pay. In the case of Ebico, you get 100% renewable electricity. Green energy tariffs are usually more expensive than non-green tariffs, which could explain why some consider the supplier to be good value for money - it’s reasonable for renewable energy. Moreover, some customers simply love that it’s a not-for-profit company and are willing to pay a bit more for an ethical supplier.

Very happy with Ebico’s services and prices. Much cheaper than all of the larger gas and electricity suppliers. Even better that they are a not-for-profit organisation so no shareholders to pay. Anonymous customer

Having said that, we feel the Ebico reviews expressing dissatisfaction with the supplier’s prices have a foundation. Ebico styles itself as an alternative to the Big Six, offering economical tariffs to help those who struggle to pay their energy bills. However, from our own research, we’ve found that it’s far from the cheapest option on the market (Bulb Energy, Octopus Energy and Together Energy, for example, all have cheaper variable tariffs).

Additionally, some customers have seen two significant price increases: 1) when Ebico got rid of its zero standing charge variable tariff and moved all customers onto its standard tariff, and 2) when it increased the price of this tariff by £169 in April 2019. This latter rise saw customers bills increase by 16%, so it shouldn’t really be a surprise that they’re annoyed.

Originally had a fair price, not the cheapest on the market but reasonable. However, then hiked their prices to double what I was paying, with no real explanation. Ruth

Price increases are not unique to Ebico and it still remains a cheaper option than all of the Big Six suppliers, but customers are very divided on whether the supplier is good value for money. If you’re looking for economical energy deals, we advise that there are cheaper suppliers.

For a more detailed analysis of Ebico’s tariffs and how much they cost, check out our dedicated Ebico tariffs guide.

Billing & account management

Another important factor of an energy supplier is providing accurate, clear bills, and having a user-friendly website and online account service. Website and online account wise, Ebico reviews are full of praise. Billing wise, they’re quite mixed.

Since 2017, Robin Hood Energy has been responsible for all of Ebico’s energy account management services, including readings customer’s meters, creating and sending customers their bills, and dealing with payments.

Website & online account

The majority of customers note that the Ebico website is easy and simple to use. From our own experience we can attest to this. The website is logically laid out, making it easy to find the information you’re looking for.

Ebico’s online account service is also straightforward, user-friendly and the login process takes seconds.


In Which?’s 2018 survey, Ebico achieved 4/5 for both bill accuracy and bill clarity. As Robin Hood is now in charge of this aspect of Ebico’s services, Citizens Advice reviews the two companies together in this area, giving them an overall score of 3/5 stars, with 94.8% of customers receiving at least one accurate bill during a year, and 85.9% stating their bills arrive on time. These are not bad scores, although they do imply that Ebico can improve in its billing process.

Used to be good till they moved to Robin Hood. I give readings but they still send me estimated bills so they can overcharge me. Bills arrive a week after the pay by date.Anonymous customer

A lot of Ebico reviews report that the billing service has gone downhill since the supplier partnered with Robin Hood Energy. Since the change, they’ve been receiving more incorrect bills, the suggestion being that Robin Hood Energy have used estimated meter readings instead of accurate submitted readings to calculate the bills.

Billing does seem to be the biggest problem Robin Hood Energy faces. A massive 43% of all complaints the company received from July to September 2019 was focused on billing and meter reading services. It seems Ebico needs to have some words with its supplier in order to smooth out these issues for its customers.

Complaint handling

All energy suppliers receive complaints. How quickly they resolve these complaints can be a good indication of the quality of their customer service.

Unfortunately, we could not find any recent Ebico complaints handling reports online. The latest one we could track down was the 2015 report, which is a bit outdated. We did, however, manage to get some figures from Which? regarding how efficient the company is at resolving complaints.

According to Which?, in the second half of 2018 Ebico managed to solve 24% of the complaints it received by the end of the next working day and 57% within eight weeks.

Time frame
% solved by end of next working day
% solved within 8 weeks
Second half of 2018

These are quite appalling figures. We are particularly unimpressed by 57% solved within eight weeks. Eight weeks is the timeframe set by the energy ombudsman in which suppliers should resolve complaints. With Ebico only solving 57% in this time, it hints at a very inefficient complaints handling service and a number of dissatisfied customers with unresolved issues.

Need to place a complaint with Ebico? Read more about the complaint process and find the relevant contact number in our Ebico contact page.

Ebico energy reviews: the verdict on review sites

Despite the mixed sentiments expressed in Ebico reviews, scores on reviews sites are weighted more towards good customer experiences than bad ones.

review star rating

For example, on Trustpilot Ebico has an overall score of 4.1/5, of which 79% ranked the supplier as either excellent or good (the top two ratings available). Similarly, Ebico customers participating in Which?’s 2018 survey gave the supplier a customer score of 76%, ranking it 4/5 for bill accuracy, bill clarity and phone customer service, and 5/5 for online customer service and value for money.

This shows that while Ebico has clear issues with aspects of its customer service, account management and billing, prices, and complaints handling, the majority of customers are happy with Ebico as their supplier. Despite the areas where there’s room for improvement, most customers have not experienced problems and report that Ebico is a satisfactory supplier.

Selectra’s Ebico reviews verdict

Medium to high scores on review sites Poor performance in billing (inaccurate bills)
User-friendly website and online account Inefficient at handling complaints

Ebico reviews point to a decent energy supplier that provides a satisfactory service to its customers, but unfortunately it is nothing to shout about. While we love its 100% fuel mix and its not-for-profit business strategy, we are disappointed by the number of areas that need improvement on the customer service front.

Billing is the most obvious area. As we’ve mentioned, Robin Hood Energy is responsible for providing this service, but Ebico has a duty to its customers to ensure that it’s up-to-scratch and its customers receive accurate bills on time.

Generally, negative Ebico reviews have increased since Ebico’s partnership with Robin Hood Energy started. Initially, these problems could have been placed on the teething issues that come with adapting to a new licensed supplier, but after two years of partnership, they should have been ironed out.

As a result Selectra gives Ebico a review score of 3/5. Ebico is by no means a disaster in any area, but we think it can improve across the board.

Ebico: reviews - ★★★

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