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Ebico Tariffs: Latest Energy Plans & Prices

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Before closing in September 2020, Ebico’s mission was to help those who struggled to pay their energy bills each month. Therefore, we understand that Ebico tariffs were economical and flexible in order to fit different customer needs. In this guide, we look at the details and prices of the supplier’s latest tariffs, including the famous Ebico Zero tariff. We also examine how these tariffs compare to those with the newly appointed supplier.

Ebico customers have been transferred to British Gas. Ebico was supplied by Robin Hood Energy under a ‘white-label’ agreement. In September 2020, Robin Hood sold its customer base (including Ebico customers) to British Gas.

Ebico tariffs

Like most providers, Ebico offered a range of tariffs for new customers to choose from. From fixed rate and variable tariffs, to a tariff with no standing charge, Ebico tariffs were adaptable to fit a variety of customer needs.

Ebico, like most Energy suppliers continuously changed the tariffs they offered. In this guide we are going to take a look at the most recent Ebico tariffs and prices that were available before the supplier closed.

Ebico rarely made dramatic changes to its tariffs, usually simply introducing a new version of an existing tariff with different unit rates. For instance, Ebico offered version four of the Ebico Prime Fixed 12 tariff, which followed on from version one, two and three.

In other words, while the names of the Ebico tariffs on offer changed over time, the core features of the tariffs tended to stay the same. So, with that in mind, let’s dive into the Ebico tariff details.

Ebico fixed tariffs

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A fixed rate tariff means the unit rate for both gas and electricity stays the same for a set amount of time. Ebico offered a good amount of choice when it came to fixed rate tariffs, ranging from a 12-month contract to a 24-month contract, all of which could be taken out as a dual fuel tariff or a single fuel (gas or electricity) tariff.

As these Ebico tariffs had a fixed rate, there was a £30 exit fee per fuel. This means that if a customer chose to leave the tariff before the set amount of time was up (12, 18 or 24 months), they were charged £30 for gas and £30 for electricity. Since Ebico has closed, customers will no longer be charged an exit fee if they decide to not stay with the new supplier, British Gas.

With Ebico, it appears you could get lower rates and standing charges if you chose to tie yourself into a contract for two years. The 24 month option had cheaper rates than the 12 month and 18 month options.

These tariffs are no longer offered For up-to-date pricing information, please contact the new supplier.

Ebico also has a 12 month fixed rate tariff with no exit fees. This means that despite the fixed unit rate, customers can leave before the 12-month period ends without facing a financial penalty. However, the unit rates and standing charges are more expensive than the 12-month option with exit fees discussed above.

Ebico variable tariffs

A variable tariff means the unit rate can change: if the overall price of energy rises, the unit rates can increase, if it falls, the unit rates can decrease. These are a good option to take advantage of drops in energy prices, but it also means customers are not protected from sharp increases in prices.

There were two Ebico tariffs available as variable tariffs. Both could be taken out as dual fuel or single fuel (gas or electricity). They were also available for Economy 7 meters and had no exit fees.

These tariffs are no longer offered For up-to-date pricing information, please contact the new supplier.

Ebico prepayment tariff

These tariffs are no longer offered For up-to-date pricing information, please contact the new supplier.

Ebico Zero tariff

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A tariff that Ebico was particularly well known for was its zero standing charge tariff, aptly named the Ebico Zero tariff. Previously, this existed as a variable tariff with no standing charge; however, this version was scrapped in 2018 as Ebico decided it was not ‘commercially viable’ in light of Ofgem’s price cap.

To replace this popular tariff, Ebico introduced a fixed-rate version. The Ebico Zero Green Fixed was a 12-month fixed-rate tariff with no standing charge. Despite having a fixed unit rate for 12 months, there were no exit fees, so customers could still choose to leave the tariff without facing a cancellation fee before the 12 months were up.

Despite the lack of standing charges and exit fees, there was a small caveat to this tariff. This was the only Ebico tariff to enforce an Annual Billed Value. This meant that customers had meet a required minimum spend per year on their gas and electricity.

For customers who chose to leave the tariff before the end of their 12 month contract, the Annual Billed Value was calculated on a pro-rata basis, meaning Ebico calculated the required minimum spend based on how many months the tariff had been active.

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If the Annual Billed Value had not be reached when the tariff ended (either after 12 months or earlier), the customer was charged for the difference.

These tariffs are no longer offered For up-to-date pricing information, please contact the new supplier.

Instead of having a standing charge, the Ebico Zero tariff has high unit rates. In fact, its unit rates were more expensive than those applied in all of the other Ebico tariffs. Based on the average consumption levels in the UK, the Ebico Zero tariff was the most expensive tariff that the supplier offered!

Ebico night owl tariff

The Ebico night owl tariff was an Economy 7 tariff that offered free electricity during the night. From 12 a.m. to 7 p.m., customers on this Ebico tariff saw their unit rate for electricity drop to zero, although they did still have to pay a standing charge. Moreover, they were not allowed to consume more than 60% of their total energy usage during these hours.

Whilst these tariffs did not offer free electricity during off-peak hours, their Economy 7 versions meant the unit rate was significantly cheaper at night than during the day.

How do Ebico tariffs compare to the new supplier?

These tariffs are no longer offered For up-to-date pricing information, please contact the new supplier.

For information beyond tariff prices, check out our article on British Gas customer reviews to see what others have said about the supplier.

Ebico tariff FAQs

1. When did my Ebico tariff transfer to British Gas?

Customers on Ebico tariffs were transferred to British Gas as early as mid-September. Before you are transferred to a British Gas tariff, the supplier will contact you to explain what is happening to your account and what you should do (if anything). You will also receive a welcome pack with your new tariff name and rates.

2. I pay for my tariff via direct debit. Do I need to cancel it?

You do not need to change anything with your direct debit payment. The amount you pay for your Ebico tariff will remain the same until your contract ends. However, British Gas will now appear on your statements instead of Ebico. Once your contract runs out, you will then be placed on the British Gas standard tariff unless you select a new one or switch your energy supplier.

3. I am on the Ebico prepayment tariff. Will I get a new key and/or card?

Customers that were on Ebico's prepayment tariff will receive a new key and/or card from the new supplier. We recommend you use up all of your existing credit from Ebico before inserting the new key or card from British Gas or your existing credit may be deleted from the meter.

4. Will my Ebico tariff rates increase with the new supplier?

The new supplier has agreed to match (or even reduce) existing Ebico tariff rates for those were transferred from Ebico. If you are on a fixed-rate tariff, these rates will be guaranteed through the original duration of your Ebico contract. You will then be placed on the British Gas standard tariff unless you switch to a different tariff or supplier. If you are on a variable tariff, your rates may eventually increase if the wholesale cost of energy increases.

5. Will I be charged an exit fee for switching to a new supplier?

Even if your Ebico tariff included exit fees, you will not be charged these if you decide to switch to a tariff with a different energy supplier.

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