This energy provider has shut down and is no longer operating.

Economy Energy Login: Access your New Account

Person using a laptop to login to the Economy Energy customer portal

The Economy Energy account was where customers could manage their energy tariff and keep on top of spending. Now the provider has closed down, the Economy Energy login process has changed. In this simple guide, we talk through all the new login details you need.

New Economy Energy login

Since Economy Energy stopped trading in January 2019, the process to log in to customer online accounts has changed. Ofgem appointed Ovo Energy as the supplier as last resort, meaning all customers were moved to an Ovo tariff and given a new online account.

In other words, former Economy Energy customers now need to use the Ovo Energy login process to manage their account.

Register for an account

While former customers will automatically be changed to an Ovo tariff, they will not automatically have an online account. Former Economy Energy customers must register for an online account with their new supplier.

Luckily, the new provider should have sent you all the information you need shortly after setting up your account. Your welcome pack should contain your new customer number as well as any other information you may need in order to successfully shift to your new supplier's web platform.

To register for an account, you need to:

  1. Head to and click the link that reads First time logging in?.
  2. Enter the email address associated with your account. This will be the same one connected to your Economy Energy account.
  3. You will receive an email containing a link to set up a password. Once you have created this, you will be able to access your online account.

Prepayment customers were transferred to Boost Energy. This means their new login process is with Boost Energy.

Old Economy Energy login

The Economy Energy login page is no longer available online. This means customers may no longer be able log in to their account. Since customers have been moved to Ovo, they should use the supplier’s online portal.

The old Economy Energy account login process was very simple and straightforward. The only information needed was the customer’s email address and password. Below we take a look at how customers used to log in to the Economy Energy portal.

  1. Access the Economy Energy login page. This could be done by typing Economy Energy login into your search engine and selecting the result that read ‘Login- Economy Energy’.
  2. Once on the customer login page, customers needed to enter the email address associated with their account.
  3. Then they needed to enter their password.
  4. After entering all the details, customers pressed the green login button.

If all the Economy Energy customer login details were entered correctly, customers would now have access to their online account.

Forgotten password

Customers who forgot their Economy Energy account login password could easily create another one. On the login page, customers could press the link that reads Forgot Password. Once clicked, an email with a link to reset their password would be sent to the customer’s email account.



To get an Economy Energy My account and customer login, customers needed to register for one. Again, this was an easy process that could be done from the Economy Energy login page.

To set up an account, customers needed to provide their account number and postcode. After supplying this information, the supplier would provide further instructions on how to register for an Economy Energy account. In no time, the customer would have access to their online account.

My Account

After completing the Economy Energy login process, customers had access to all the different features available on the online portal. These allowed them to manage their account without the need to contact Economy Energy, saving customers lots of time. The features on the Economy Energy account included:

 Manage energy usage

Customers with smart meters could monitor their energy usage, as well as the cost, during the given billing period.

Customers without a smart meter could not glean this information as their energy bills were based on estimates rather than actual meter readings.

 Check your balance

Prepayment customers could also use their Economy Energy My Account to keep track of how much credit they had left on their meter. This could help them to avoid running out of credit, having to use emergency credit or even losing their electricity and heating.

 Top up

Once logged in, prepayment customers could also top up their Economy Energy account. This service let customers top up whenever they needed to from the comfort of their own home, eliminating the need for time-consuming trips to the shop to top up.

Why did Economy Energy fail? Read our Economy Energy reviews guide to find out.

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