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EDF Energy Login: Get Access to Your Account Fast!

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Customers of EDF Energy can log in to their energy accounts to manage their bill payments, submit meter readings and a whole lot more. If you’re new to the EDF Energy login process, we’re here to take you through it step by step. Read on to find out how to make the most of the EDF Energy MyAccount online service.

EDF Energy login: the first steps

To find the right place to log in to your EDF Energy account you can start with the EDF Energy homepage. In the top right hand corner you will see 'MyAccount'. Click on the text to be taken directly to the My Account homepage.

EDF Energy account page

Customers who already have an online account just need to enter their email address and click 'Next'. Click the 'Remember Me' box if you’re using your own computer or device and want to skip the login process next time.

Carefully enter your password and click 'Log into MyAccount'.

You may also be asked to enter a log-in code if you’re trying to get into your account from a new device. EDF Energy will send a code to your email address. Leave the EDF login page open and, in a new browser tab, check your email account, including your spam or junk mail folders.

Then, when you have your code, go back to the MyAccount page and type in the login code. You have to use the login code within 10 minutes or you will have to request a new one.

If you don’t have an online account you’ll have to set one up. On the right hand side under the heading 'Don't have an online account?', click the box marked 'Register your home'.

You'll be asked for some information to complete the process of setting up an account. Firstly, you’ll have to enter your email address. Once you have done this click the orange button marked 'Next'.

Now you’ll need to enter some more details.

  • The page asks you to fill in the personal details of the account holder: First name, last name, EDF Energy account number and the postcode for the address where you receive post. Your account number should be included in any emails or letters you have received from EDF Energy.
  • Create a password

In this case, EDF require you to create a password with:

  1. Eight to 16 characters
  2. One upper case letter
  3. One lower case letter
  4. One number

Once you’ve filled-in your login details click 'Next'. Now you’ll be given choices of how you want EDF Energy to be able to contact you. Make your selections and click 'Next'.

Now you must activate your account to begin using it. EDF Energy will send you an email with a link to verify your email address. Click on this link within 24 hours to activate your account. If you don’t complete this step you won’t be able to login.

Then, the next time you go to the MyAccount login page you will be able to enter your email address and password to get instant access to all your EDF Energy account details.

To speed things up a little bit, add the EDF Energy login page to your favourites in your internet browser. That way you’ll save yourself a few clicks of the mouse every time you need to see to any of your EDF Energy-related tasks.

I’ve forgotten my EDF Energy login details

If you’ve forgotten your EDF Energy login password you can use a special code to log in. Click on 'Email me a code' on the screen where you are asked to enter your password.

If you need to reset your password for any reason you can use a login code to access your account and then change the password from the 'About Me' section.

You can continue to use the login code system to access your account instead of your password as EDF say it is a more secure system. Login codes only work once and are then no longer valid.

If you have forgotten the email address for your EDF Energy login, not the password, you’ll have a couple of options.

Go to MyAccount and enter your last name, account number and postcode.

Your account number should be on any bill, letter or email from EDF.

Once that’s done click 'Find my email address'. If that doesn’t work you can contact EDF using the very helpful LiveChat service on the right hand side of your screen for more assistance.

Stuck logging in?Call one of our knowledgeable advisers and get logged in in minutes. Call 020 3966 4692 or Get a free callback now.

EDF Energy business login

For business owners who use EDF Energy to supply energy to their business premises, you’ll want to be able to access your bills online. Here’s how!

EDF Energy business login page

Go to the EDF Energy business page and click on MyAccount in the top right hand corner.

On the next page, on the right hand side under the heading 'Don't have an online account?', click the box marked 'Register your business'.

Enter your email address then click 'Next'.

Now you have to create a password, see above for instructions on how to create a good password.

Once you’ve filled-in your login details click 'Next'. On this page you’re given choices about how EDF Energy can contact you. Once you’ve chosen your options click 'Next'.

Before you can use your account you have to activate it.

Click on the button to ask EDF to send you and activation email then check your email for a link from EDF Energy.

If you don’t click on this link within 24 hours to activate your account you won’t be able to login.


EDF Energy MyAccount is the name for the online gateway to the collection of services offered by EDF Energy to domestic and small business customers.

Once you sign up for a login account with EDF (see the steps above) you can choose to stop receiving your bills through the post. Instead, you can have paperless billing, which means you’ll receive an email when your bills become available online.

To view your bills you log in to your EDF Energy account, following the steps above. There is a whole host of essential tools within MyAccount to help you organise your household’s energy needs.

Once you’re set up with an EDF Energy login you’ll be able to do all of the following things online, via your MyAccount page:

  1. Check your balance, bills and statements
  2. Check your energy usage
  3. Submit your meter readings - You can do this via the EDF App or by calling the correct EDF helpline (see how you can find the correct EDF helpline below).
  4. Change your tariff - In MyAccount choose'Change Tariff' from the menu and follow the instructions.
  5. Change your details - To change your account name or address use the LiveChat service. To change your email address, use the 'About Me' section in MyAccount.
  6. Set up and manage Direct Debits - You can use the Direct Debit set-up form on MyAccount or use the LiveChat service, you just need your sort code and account number.
  7. Arrange a smart meter installation - On MyAccount go to the ‘Smart’ section and just choose the date and time for the installation. You can also order a smart meter by calling the correct EDF helpline (see how to find the right EDF numbers below).

Do I need an EDF Energy login?

Although EDF Energy customers are encouraged to set up an online account to be able to self-manage their energy bills and usage, you can still do some of those things without an account.

You can submit regular meter readings to EDF Energy through their website or through their app on Google Play or on Apple iTunes without needing an EDF Energy online account.

You can also call EDF Energy’s automated phone line to submit your readings.

If you’ve just moved house and your new property is supplied by EDF Energy you can submit an opening meter reading on the phone. You’ll need your new address, fuel type (gas, electricity, or both) and the meter readings.

Customers who would simply rather speak to a real person to deal with their EDF Energy bills and other queries can certainly do so. There are numerous contact numbers depending on the topic of your query - see our guide to how to contact EDF Energy to help you find the right number.

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