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EDF Smart Meter: Installations, Help & Support

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The government smart meter rollout aims for energy suppliers to install smart meters in at least 85% of UK households by 2025. As an EDF customer, you can have an EDF smart meter installed in your home today and join those saving on their energy bills with the new smart technology. Read on to find out everything you need to know about EDF smart meters.

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What Is an EDF Smart Meter?


A smart meter allows you to monitor your energy usage in real-time both in the Kilowatt-hours (kWh) you use and in pounds and pence. With an EDF smart meter, you can install the EDF app on your smartphone to view your consumption anywhere you have a signal.

EDF Smart Meter Advantages

There are various benefits to having an EDF smart meter. We take a look at these advantages in the list below:

  • You'll no longer have to worry about submitting meter readings as the smart meter will do this automatically.
  • You can rest assured that your energy bills will be accurate rather than estimated.
  • You can monitor how much money you're spending on energy.
  • You can see how much energy your home consumes in near real-time.

EDF Smart Meter Installation

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In order to get an EDF smart meter installed in your household, you must be an EDF Energy customer.

If you’re not a customer, the first step to getting an EDF smart meter is to become one! EDF offers a wide range of tariffs suitable for varying needs and energy usage demands. Once you have signed up for an EDF tariff that suits you, you can book an appointment for a smart meter installation.

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Book EDF Smart Meter Installation

The easiest and quickest way to book an installation appointment is through your EDF Energy online account. Simply log in to your account, go to the 'smart' section and book a date and time for the installation.

Unfortunately, you cannot book a specific time for your appointment. Instead, you'll select a time slot and wait for the engineer to arrive during that time. Time slots can be four hours long (e.g. 8am to 12pm), and the installation can take up to one hour per meter (or two hours if you want both a gas and electricity meter). As a result, it’s best to make sure you can be at home for the majority of the day when choosing a date.

If you do not have access to your account, you can also book an appointment over the phone by calling the EDF smart meter installation team on 0333 200 5104. Lines are open Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm and on Saturday from 8am to 2pm.

Rearrange EDF Smart Meter Installation


If needed, you can rearrange the date or time of your EDF smart meter installation up to 48 hours in advance (two days before your appointment is scheduled). If you find you are not available for the appointment less than 48 hours before it is scheduled, you will need to cancel your appointment altogether and book a new one. You can cancel your appointment up to one hour in advance.

Like booking an appointment, the easiest way to cancel or rearrange your EDF smart meter appointment is through your online account. However, you can also ring the phone number listed above if it is more convenient for you to call.

EDF Smart Meter Installation Process

Before the engineer arrives to fit your new EDF Energy smart meter, the supplier will ask you to prepare the following:

  • Make sure that someone over the age of eighteen can be in the house for the whole installation process (this can be up to two hours).

  • Check that your meter can be easily accessed. Clear any clutter or furniture that could block the engineer’s access to your old meter. If you live in rented accommodation, you might find your meter is in a locked cupboard so you will need to get the key from your landlord in advance.

  • Make sure that you will be able to keep any pets in a separate room during the appointment.

Upon arrival, the engineer will get straight to work installing your EDF smart meter. As mentioned above, this can take up to one hour per meter, so it can be a lengthy two-hour process if you are having both gas and electricity smart meters fitted. During this time, your electricity and gas will be turned off for around half an hour.

If you need a constant supply of power, for example due to medical reasons, let EDF know in advance so they can take this into consideration when installing the EDF smart meter.

After the EDF Energy smart meter has been installed, the engineer will talk you through how to use your in-home display and give you a little demonstration. Your display should show your electricity readings quickly. However, gas information can take a few days to register.

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Can I Refuse a Smart Meter from EDF?


At present, an EDF smart meter is optional but highly recommended. Whilst the government is encouraging people to have a smart meter installation, there are no plans to make smart meters compulsory unlike certain regions in the UK where there are compulsory water meters.

Can I Take My EDF Smart Meter with Me?

If you are an EDF customer moving home, you will not be able to take your smart meter with you when you move. Uninstalling or tampering with your meter is illegal as it is the property of the energy company. If you’ve moved into a new property that doesn’t have a smart meter, you will need to request that EDF install one for you.

Using Your EDF Smart Meter

Smart meters are designed to help households become more energy efficient by letting users monitor energy consumption in real-time. They do this by communicating with an in-home display.

When turned on, the display receives constant updates from the smart meter regarding the household energy usage, allowing users to note when they use a lot of energy and try to cut down. With a smart meter, EDF will receive your meter readings automatically.

The in-home display (which will be set up by the engineer when they install your smart meter) will show you how much gas and electricity you use as you use it.

Every in-home display functions slightly differently. EDF uses the Chameleon 3 and Geo Trio displays, at the time of writing this. You can find a complete user guide for both these, as well as for older in-home displays the supplier has used in the past, on the EDF Energy website.

Here, we can talk you through a few smart meter in-home display basics:

  • A green traffic light means you are using less energy than usual. When you first start using your display, it will use the national average as a baseline. It will soon adapt according to your smart meter readings.
  • A red traffic light means you are using more energy than usual.
  • It’s best to leave your display plugged in with the cable provided. Even though it comes with a rechargeable battery, it is not designed to be a portable device and functions best when plugged in.
  • Place the display close to your meter as this will improve the connection. Make sure it is still easily visible so you can read it.
  • When you turn your display on, give it a few minutes to warm up and collect real time data (this will take longer for gas readings than electricity readings).

How Do I Pair My EDF Smart Meter?

lightning bolts

As we have said, the engineer will set up your in-home display when they install your meter, which means they will pair the device to your new EDF smart meter. Each time you turn the display on, it will read 'Attempting to pair' and should connect to your smart meter automatically. Once paired, your energy usage data will appear on the screen.

If the display is not pairing, it could be due to a connectivity problem. To solve this, try moving the display closer to the meter. If it has still not connected, give the EDF Smart Meter Team a call on 0333 009 7000. Representatives are available Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm and Saturday from 8am to 2pm

EDF Smart Meter Problems

As with all technology, sometimes your EDF smart meter or in-home display might go a bit wrong. Sometimes there is an easy solution, but other times the EDF smart meter problem might be a bit more complicated.

Why Is My EDF Smart Meter Not Working?


If your EDF Energy smart meter (the actual meter, not the in-home display) is not working, you should contact the supplier. It may be necessary for an engineer to visit your property and fix the meter.

If it's the EDF display that is not functioning, we first recommend plugging it into a different socket to make sure it's the display that has the issue.

If you're still not having any luck, try resetting the display. Depending on the type of display that you have, following the directions listed below:

  • Chameleon display — You should first unplug the display. Next, locate the power button on the back of the display and hold it down for five seconds. Wait for one minute, plug the display back in and turn it on.
  • Geo display — First, unplug the display and remove the batteries. After one minute has passed, re-insert the batteries and plug the display back into the power supply.

If the EDF smart meter display still doesn't work, it's best to contact EDF Energy to find out what to do next.

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What Should I Do If I See an Error Code?

First things first, if your EDF smart meter is showing an error code, your best call of action is to give the EDF Smart Meter Team a ring on the number listed above. You will need to have your account number in order to get help, so make sure you have it to hand when you call.


EDF Smart Meter Display Problems

If you're having EDF smart meter display problems, the answer to this could simply be that your gas data has not registered yet. If you have had the smart meter installed within the last week, give it a couple more days to see if the gas information appears (it takes longer than electricity). If it is still not showing after a week, contact the EDF Smart Meter Team on the number provided above.

EDF Smart Meter Showing Higher Gas Usage

Your display will always show your daily standing charge for gas and electricity (the set amount you pay every day no matter how much energy you use). The amount displayed will simply be your standing charge.

EDF Smart Meter Showing Different Prices

This does not mean your smart meter is broken. The price on your display and bill will always differ slightly as the price on your display includes VAT and your daily standing charge. These figures are listed in a separate section on your bill.

EDF Smart Meter Top Up


With an EDF smart meter, you can top up your meter online rather than having to go to the shop. You can also set up automatic top-ups and receive low-balance alerts to ensure you never run out of credit.

Below, we list all the ways in which you can top up your EDF Energy smart meter.

EDF Smart Meter Top Up on the App

To top up via the EDF app, click where it says "Top up your meter". Next, enter the amount you want to top up and tap "Confirm top-up". You will then need to enter your debit card details. These can be saved for future payments. Once you've entered the details, click where it says "Top up now".

If you want to set automatic EDF top ups on the app, go to the PAYG screen and select either "Manage electricity" or "Manage gas". Then select "Auto top-ups". Select when you want your auto top-ups to take place, as well as the amount of credit you want to add. Then enter your card details and click to "Update auto top-up".

EDF Smart Meter Top Up Online

You can top up your EDF smart meter via your online account. To do so, simply log in to your account and go to the My payments section. Select where it says "Make and payment" and enter your card details. As with the app, you can store these details for future top-ups. To finish your smart meter top-up, click "Pay now".

If you want to set up automatic top-ups on your EDF smart meter, you can also do so in the My payments section of your online account. Tap "Auto top-ups", and then choose when they will happen and for how much credit. Lastly, enter your card details and confirm the payment.

EDF Smart Meter Top Up by Phone

You can also call the EDF automated phone line to top up your smart meter. This line is open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. The number is 0333 200 5108.

To top up your smart meter, you should select option 1. You'll then need to enter either your EDF account number, top-up ID number, or telephone number. Once you've given this information, you'll be prompted to give your card details and select the amount of the top-up. You must then confirm the payment to finish the top-up process.

Top Up at PayPoint, PayZone or Post Office

As with a traditional PAYG meter, you can top up your EDF Energy smart meter at any Post Office, PayPoint or PayZone outlet. Simply go to the nearest retailer with your card and purchase the credit. You should keep your receipt in case there are any top-up problems. The receipt will have your Unique Transaction Reference Number (UTRN) on it that you can use to top up the meter manually should there be any issues.

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Top Up with Your UTRN

If it's been more than an hour since you topped up your EDF smart meter and the credit has still not appeared, you can enter your Unique Transaction Reference Number (UTRN) into the meter manually to add credit. This will be sent either by text or email. If you topped up at the shop, this number will be on your receipt.

EDF Smart Meter App


We highly recommend downloading the app if you have an EDF smart meter. With the app, you'll be able to do the following:

  • Top up your PAYG smart meter.
  • Make payments.
  • View your energy consumption in near real-time.
  • Monitor how much you're spending on energy.

The EDF Energy app is free to download from both Google Play and the App Store.

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EDF Smart Meter FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Are EDF smart meters safe?

Yes, EDF smart meters are safe and comply with UK and EU safety standards. Regarding smart meters in general, Public Health England has stated that ‘exposures to the radio waves produced by smart meters do not pose a risk to health’.

Are EDF smart meters second generation?

Since March 2019, all energy suppliers, including EDF, have been instructed to install second generation smart meters (SMETS2). Unlike first generation smart meters, all suppliers can operate SMETS2s, meaning customers can sign up to different energy providers freely without their smart meters losing their ‘smart’ ability.

If you have an EDF smart meter installed, it will be a SMETS2. If you have a SMETS2 and want to sign up to the company, your smart meter will still function when you make the change.

Does EDF charge for smart meters?

EDF Energy smart meters are at no additional cost to the customer as part of the Government's smart meter rollout. However, even though you won't be charged any upfront fees for the EDF smart meter, it's actually included in everyone's gas and electricity bills. If you choose to not have a smart meter, it won't cost you any less and you won't get any sort of discount on your bills.

Do I have to have a smart meter with EDF?

You do have the option to opt out of having an EDF smart meter installed. However, considering all the benefits of having one, we would recommend getting an EDF Energy smart meter.

Can my business get an EDF smart meter?

Yes! EDF is also installing its smart meters to businesses across the UK. You will simply need to contact EDF Energy business customer service and tell them you'd like a smart meter, EDF will then organise a suitable date and time for the installation.

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