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EDF Energy Tariffs and Prices 2021

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Thinking of switching to EDF Energy but having a hard time finding the best plan? Or perhaps you're already a customer and are looking to improve your current rates. Whatever it may be, discover the best deal for your home with this complete EDF tariffs guide.

EDF Tariffs & Prices

EDF Energy tariffs come in a range of different offers to suit the needs of different households. As with most suppliers, energy customers need to be on the ball to get the best deal. All great tariffs come to an end, and if you don’t switch tariffs before your current one expires, you will automatically start paying the standard variable rates.

EDF Energy Standard Tariff

If you haven't switched EDF Energy tariffs in the past one to two years, you're most likely on the supplier's standard tariff. Even though this tariff is not the most expensive, it's far from the cheapest. This EDF Energy tariff does not include an exit fee, so you are free to change to a better EDF Energy deal without having to pay a cancellation fee.

EDF Energy Direct Tariff

This is the cheapest of the EDF tariffs. Customers on the Energy Direct tariff have guaranteed rates for 24 months. Bills have to be paid via direct debit and you must manage your energy through your online EDF account, rather than by calling the call-centre support.

EDF Easy Online 2 Year Fix Tariff

The Easy Online 2 Year Fix tariff protects your energy rates for two years from any price fluctuations. As with the Energy Direct tariff, all bills must be paid via direct debit and accounts are managed entirely online.

EDF Easy Online 3 Year Fix

EDF Energy recently launched an Easy Online tariff that provides fixed rates for three years.

EDF Total Service 2 Year Fix Tariff

Unlike with the EDF Easy Online tariff, this Total Service 2 Year offer provider 24/7 call-centre support and doesn't charge an exit fee. In addition to direct debit, customers can also choose to pay via either cash or cheque. These EDF Energy prices are guaranteed for two years.

This tariff would be your best option if you are adamant about having call-centre support or prefer to pay your bills on receipt of a statement. Otherwise, we'd stick with the cheaper EDF tariffs, which are managed online and paid via direct debit.

EDF Easy Online+BoilerCare Gold Tariff

This EDF Easy Online tariff includes six months of free boiler and heating cover when you buy six months of coverage from EDF's insurance partner. The policy covers the boiler, controls, thermostat and central heating system.

As with the other EDF Easy online tariffs, this one must be paid via direct debit and managed online.

EDF Easy Online+Bright Bundle Tariff

Compared to the other EDF Energy tariffs, this one is potentially more expensive. It's basically the Easy Online 2 Year Fix with the following additional features:

  • An Amazon Echo Show 5
  • The Philips Hue Colour Ambiance Lightstrip V4 and a Philips Hue Bridge.

Using the additional products included in the EDF Energy tariff, you'll be able to change the brightness and colour of the smart light bulbs with just your voice.

On Amazon, the Echo Show 5 goes for around £80 and the lightstrip kit costs around £110. Since this smart home tariff costs around £50 more per year than the normal Easy Online tariff, you're basically getting a £190 value for £50.

EDF Prepayment Tariffs

EDF Energy offers two options for customers with prepayment meters: the Standard tariff and the Prepay Total Service tariff. We break down these tariffs below. Neither of these EDF Energy tariffs include exit fees.

EDF Standard Prepayment Tariff

If you have a prepayment meter and haven't switched EDF tariffs in the past 18 months, you're most likely on the standard EDF prepayment tariff and paying the rates below. This tariff includes variable rates, meaning they fluctuate with the wholesale price of energy.

EDF Prepay Total Service Tariff

The EDF Prepay Total Service tariff is the best option for EDF prepayment customers. With fixed rates for 18 months, you don't have to worry about your EDF Energy prices going up unexpectedly for the next year and a half. This tariff does not include an exit fee, so you are free to switch if you find a better offer.

The EDF Prepay Total Service offer is one the few fixed-rate tariffs offered to prepayment customers in all of Great Britain.

For the average household, this EDF prepayment tariff could be cheaper than the EDF standard tariff for pay-as-you-go customers.

EDF Economy 7 Prices

EDF Economy 7 tariffs are available for customers with Economy 7 meters. These tariffs provide cheaper electricity for seven hours at night in exchange for more expensive rates during the day. Payment methods include direct debit, cash, cheque and prepayment.

Typically, EDF Economy 7 tariffs are only used by customers with storage heaters. Since this type of heating system collects energy during the night, customers with storage heaters can save money on their electricity bills by taking advantage of the cheaper night-time hours. You'll need to regularly be able to schedule a significant proportion of your total electricity consumption during this off-peak time in order to actually benefit from the cheaper price.

EDF Economy 7 times vary across the country. The seven-hour period of cheaper electricity generally takes place from midnight to 7 a.m. in the winter months and 1 a.m. to 8 a.m. during the summer months. Note that these hours may vary depending on your location.

To calculate the annual electricity spend, a good rule of thumb is using the average annual electricity consumption for consumers with Economy 7 meters, which is 4,200 kWh of electricity per year, as well as the average consumption patterns, which are 58% during the day and 42% during the night.

EDF Electric Car Tariff


To switch to EDF Energy tariffs for electric cars, you must either own or lease an electric vehicle. To register for an EV tariff with two rates, you must a have smart meter that is compatible with EDF Energy. This would include all second-generation smart meters, as well as any first-generation smart meters that were installed by EDF Energy.

EDF Business Tariffs

EDF Energy tariffs for business vary from its domestic offerings quite a bit. Businesses do not have the right to the 14-day cooling-off period that domestic customers have during the switch process. This means business owners cannot change their minds and cancel their energy plan after agreeing to a new contract. Another difference is that EDF Energy tariffs for businesses tend to be for longer periods of time than domestic energy plans.

EDF Energy offers nine different tariffs for small business customers. These include one variable tariff and eight fixed-rate options. Fixed-rate tariffs range from one to four years. The cheapest tariff is the one-year fixed plan. However, you do run the risk of having to contract more expensive rates in the future if energy prices increase.

EDF Energy also provides fixed-rate energy tariffs for large businesses and corporations. The supplier also offers completely customized Performance Contracts for businesses spending over £1 million a year on energy.

Get an EDF Energy quote

To get an accurate EDF Energy quote, you'll need your annual gas and electricity consumption. According to Ofgem, the average annual usage for a medium-sized home is 2,900 kWh of electricity and 12,000 kWh of gas. Your consumption can be found on your latest energy bill. If you don’t have a bill to hand, try using a consumption calculator to find out your usage.

You can get an EDF Energy quote on the supplier’s website. Simply go to the homepage and click on where it says 'Get a quote' in the top bar.

EDF Tariff FAQs

Let's have a look at some common questions people have about EDF Energy tariffs.

How much is EDF's exit fee?

Depending on the EDF tariff, the supplier charges an exit fee between £0 to £50 per fuel for terminating your contract early. Here are some recent exit fees to give you a rough idea:

  • Standard variable tariff: £0 per fuel
  • Energy Direct May23: £35 per fuel
  • Easy Online 2 Year Fix May23: £15 per fuel
  • Easy Online 3 Year Fix Jul24: £15 per fuel
  • Total Service 2 Year Fix May23: £0 per fuel
  • Easy Online+BoilerCare Gold May23: £30 per fuel
  • Easy Online+Bright Bundle May23: £50 per fuel
  • Standard prepayment tariff: £0 per fuel
  • Prepay Total Service Nov22: £0 per fuel

If you need to terminate your contract because you're moving, note that you may be able to take the tariff with you and you won't be charged the exit fee!

Has EDF raised its prices?

EDF Energy increased its prices in April 2021. This happened in accordance with the increase in the energy price cap, which rose from £1,042 to £1,138 on 1 April 2021.

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