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EDF Energy Tariff Prices - Gas and Electricity

Household Tariffs

EDF Energy provide a large number of tariffs for residential properties across Great Britain. These come into two key categories: fixed; and variable. This relates to your unit rate and how it could change, or not, over the next year or two. These include the 'Standard' and the 'Blue' range. As they update them constantly, your best option for getting an up to date quotation would be to give us a call using the information below.

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Below, you can also see how much one of their most popular tariffs will cost you, on average, in each of the 13 regional pricing zones.

Standard variable region comparison
Region Elec price per kWh Elec yearly price Elec TCR Gas price per kWh Gas yearly price Gas TCR Dual Fuel Yearly
Northern Scotland 15.9p £561.79 18.13p 3.438p £525.53 4.21p £1,087.32
South Scotland 14.64p £522.73 16.87p 3.438p £525.53 4.21p £1,048.26
North East EN 15.11p £537.38 17.34p 3.616p £547.71 4.39p £1,085.09
North West EN 15.30p £543.24 17.53p 3.438p £525.53 4.21p £1,068.77
Yorkshire 14.76p £526.31 16.98p 3.438p £525.53 4.21p £1,051.84
Merseyside & N Wales 15.66p £554.31 17.89p 3.438p £525.53 4.21p £1,079.84
East Midlands 15.00p £533.80 17.22p 3.438p £525.53 4.21p £1,059.33
West Midlands 15.15p £538.36 17.37p 3.616p £547.71 4.39p £1,086.07
East EN 15.16p £538.68 17.38p 3.616p £547.71 4.39p £1,086.39
South Wales 15.41p £546.49 17.63p 3.438p £525.53 4.21p £1,072.02
London 15.28p £542.59 17.51p 3.616p £547.71 4.39p £1,090.30
South East EN 15.72p £550.07 17.95p 3.616p £547.71 4.39p £1,103.97
South West EN 16.61p £583.60 18.83p 3.616p £547.71 4.39p £1.131.31