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Engie: Reviews, Contact, Login & Tariffs

Engie's domestic customers have transferred over to Octopus EnergyOctopus Energy completed its takeover of Engie's residential business in January 2020. Those who have been affected are not obliged to stay with Octopus and are free to switch energy supplier should they wish to do so. Our review below has been kept as a reference.

Engie is a relative newcomer to the domestic market, having only started providing energy to UK homes in 2017. You may not have heard the name before, but behind this seemingly new player is a multinational with a long history of energy generation and supply. Read on to find out if Engie could be the right supplier for you.

Engie in summary:

Fuel mix: Coal, natural gas, nuclear, renewables, other   100% renewable energy for domestic customers
Fuel mix score: ★★★★   Electric vehicle charge point grant
Domestic market: Great Britain   Free smart meter rollout to begin soon
Customers: 70,000   No Warm Home Discount
Selectra score: ★★★   Some customers have seen unexplained charges on their bills

Engie: the key facts

Although it may not be a household name on these shores, Engie is actually the world's largest independent electricity producer. Let's take a look at Engie from its routes to fuel mix and present day activities.

1. History

Although Engie only entered the UK domestic market in 2017, the supplier is a large multinational company with a history of mergers and rebrands going back to the 19th century. Let’s take a look at some of its key moments on this journey.


1858: The Suez Canal Company is founded
1946: Gaz de France is created as the French energy industry is nationalised
2008: Gaz de France and Suez merge to become GDF Suez
2012: GDF Suez acquires UK-based International Power, creating the world’s largest independent producer of energy
2015: GDF Suez rebrands itself as Engie
2017: Engie enters the UK domestic energy market, becoming the largest supplier to do so in 15 years
2018: Engie launches white label Qwest Energy in partnership with Cheshire West and Chester council
2019: Ofgem fines Engie £2.1 million after an investigation finds that it manipulated wholesale gas prices in order to increase profits

2. Present day

Today Engie markets itself as a ‘global reference in low-carbon energy and services’, with a commitment to creating and providing sustainable energy. This can be seen through its involvement in several green energy initiatives, including opening a number of wind farms throughout the UK and providing renewable energy to 3,000 homes and buildings in London’s former Olympic Village.

Engie also supplies power to government buildings, hospitals, universities and other buildings around the country.

Upon Engie’s launch in the UK domestic market, it set out to differentiate itself from other energy suppliers with its ‘Rate Rollover Promise’. This is a commitment to automatically move customers on to the cheapest tariff possible once their fixed-term plan has come to an end.

Additionally, all of Engie’s domestic customers can benefit from 100% renewable electricity as standard on all of its tariffs. The supplier utilises smart technologies and is supporting the growth of electric vehicle ownership by offering its own homecharge point.

3. Engie in the news

Former coal plant to become sustainable village - November 2019

Rather than sell off its Rugely coal power plant, Engie has announced plans to build 2,000 solar-powered homes on the site. At least half of the energy provided will come from renewable sources, with solar panels placed on rooftops, fields and even on a lake.

30 % of the new energy-efficient homes will be affordable housing and the supplier has also claimed that houses will require a third less energy than the average new build.


Engie to operate UK’s electric bus chargers - October 2019


Engie has been chosen to install and operate electric vehicle charging infrastructure in nine European countries, including the UK.

In partnership with Heliox, the supplier will begin rolling out EV bus charging equipment to Germany, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, Spain and the United Kingdom.


Energy watchdog fines Engie £2m by for ‘spoofing’ prices - September 2019


Engie has been fined approximately £2.1 million following an investigation that found the supplier had been engaged in manipulating wholesale gas prices to increase trading profits.

The tactic, known as ‘spoofing’ skews prices by placing bids or offers to trade and then cancelling them before they can be carried out, artificially boosting prices.

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4. Fuel Mix

When it comes to Engie’s fuel production, you’ll find a lot of bragging about its green credentials online. While the supplier does offer 100% renewable electricity to its domestic customers, business customers do not receive the same green supply. Let’s take a look at how the rest of its fuel is produced.

Engie: fuel mix - ★★★★

As we can see, when it comes to the bigger picture, only 35% of the electricity Engie supplies in the UK comes from renewable sources, such as wind power and solar energy. While it’s disappointing not all of Engie’s energy comes from renewable sources, 35% is still slightly better than the UK average.

Interestingly, Engie also makes its carbon emissions data available for public scrutiny on its website. From this data we can see that its emissions were actually above average, at 233.51g/kWh, in comparison to the UK median of 208.88g/Wh. Not a great look for a supplier that makes so much of its sustainable image.

Engie schemes and extra services

As well as providing home energy, Engie also offers a number of extras to help its domestic customers. We've outlined a few of these below.

1. Priority Services Register

The Priority Services Register (PSR) is there for vulnerable customers who may require a little bit of extra support. Those of pensionable age, registered disabled, with long-term ill health issues or a visual or hearing impairment may qualify for the Engie Priority Services Register.

The support customers can receive under this program includes:

  • Account and bill information in accessible formats, such as large type, braille or audio tape.
  • Priority support in an emergency.
  • Advance notice of planned power outages during engineering work.
  • Password scheme - when a representative of Engie visits, they must provide a password as an extra layer of security.
  • Account statements and bills sent to a nominee, such as a family member or carer who has agreed to receive them.

Those on the PSR also have the security of knowing that they will never have their energy supply disconnected should they struggle to pay their bills on time.

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2. Annual Gas Service Check

If gas fittings or appliances haven’t been installed properly, they could produce carbon monoxide. This is highly dangerous and could lead to lasting brain damage and even death. Therefore it is essential that homeowners get a maintenance check every year. Fortunately, for certain customers, Engie will provide its own free annual gas safety check.

To claim the free yearly gas service check, you must be an existing Engie customer and:

  • Own your own home
  • Claim a means-tested benefit
  • Be living with one household member who is under five years old, of pensionable age, disabled or chronically ill

If any of your gas appliances are found to be unsafe, Engie will recommend a Gas Safe registered engineer to repair or replace it.

3. Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme

Electric car

The Office for Low Emission Vehicles Homecharge Scheme is a government-funded initiative to support the uptake of electric mobility. Customers who own an electric vehicle and have signed up to the Engie EV Home tariff can benefit from a saving of up to £500 off the price of an electric vehicle charge point.

4. Engie Rollover Promise

The Engie Rollover Promise commits the supplier to automatically transfer customers onto its cheapest available tariff once their fixed-term deal comes to an end, rather than a standard variable tariff.

As this is a rolling tariff, there is no commitment to stay with Engie and the customer is free to switch to another supplier at any time with no exit fee.

5. Engie smart meter rollout

With the UK government’s latest stated aim of having a smart meter in every home by 2024, Britons nationwide should soon be able to benefit from being able to monitor their energy consumption in real time and save money in the process.

Engie is currently in the process of rolling out the latest generation of smart meters, known as SMETS2, with customers being encouraged to register interest through the Engie website. The supplier has promised free installation of the devices, which will replace your existing traditional meter.

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Engie’s package comes with one smart meter per fuel and an in-home display (IHD). The IHD breaks down in detail just how much gas and electricity is being used and gives an indication of how much it is likely to cost, in almost real-time.

You can find more information on smart meters and the benefits of installing one in our in-depth guide to smart heaters.

Engie Energy tariffs and prices

Engie claims to be committed to providing sustainable energy and its green credentials are reflected in its range of tariffs, which all offer 100% renewable electricity.

Engie gives its customers the flexibility of both monthly direct debit or prepayment plans and looks to differentiate itself from other energy providers with its ‘Rollover Promise’. This commits the supplier to automatically move customers on to its cheapest available tariff once their fixed-term deal comes to an end, rather than a standard variable tariff.

Below, we’ve outlined the different Engie tariffs available so you can see if there’s one that suits you.

Tariff Fixed or Variable Price fixed for Payment method Features
Fixed Sept 20 V5 Fixed 1 year+ Direct debit or bill • 100% renewable electricity
• Prices fixed until March 2022
Fixed March 22 Fixed 2 years+ Direct debit or bill • 100% renewable electricity
• Prices fixed until September 2020
Safe and Easy Flexible Standard Variable Tariff N/A Direct debit or bill • 100% renewable electricity
• No fixed end date
• No exit fee
Pay As You Go Variable N/A Prepay • 100% renewable electricity
• No fixed end date

*As of December 2019

Engie business tariffs

Engie’s main focus in the past has been on businesses and it still provides energy and services to thousands of public and private organisations around the country. As it offers bespoke tariffs, there are a multitude of different options for businesses to choose from, depending on the size and energy use of the company.

For smaller to medium-sized businesses, Engie only offers fixed rate tariffs on contracts over a certain period of time. The main benefit here is that the supplier offers greener and more sustainable energy options and will also advise on ways for the business to become more energy efficient.

Larger businesses also have the option of fully tailored contracts. This gives them the flexibility of both fixed and variable tariffs adjusted to whatever energy requirements they may have.

How do Engie’s tariffs compare to the Ofgem price cap?

Magnifying glass with energy bill

The Ofgem energy price cap protects domestic customers by limiting how much providers can charge for their gas or electricity. So how does Engie fair against this price cap? Unfortunately, not too well. In our comparison test, we found that the price of Engie’s standard variable tariff was, on average £59.23* above the Ofgem cap.

Engie also offers fixed rate tariffs which may compare more favourably, however, we carried out the same comparison with a number of other UK providers and found that the standard variable tariff for many, including Tonik, Octopus and Bulb still came out some way below the price cap. Some of these providers also offered 100% renewable energy, so it is worth shopping around to get the best deal.

*figure based on a 3 bedroom house with 3 occupants in London. Figures may vary depending on region, house size, number of occupants and average energy usage.

How do I contact Engie UK?

Whether you need to discuss your tariff or are interested in becoming a customer for the first time, there are multiple ways to get in touch with Engie.

Should you wish to contact Engie online, you can do so through email, online form, Facebook or Twitter. However, it should be noted that at the time of writing it doesn’t currently have an online chat feature on its own website.

Should you need to discuss something more specific, you may be better off either calling the Engie contact number or sending an email. Check out our page on the best ways to contact Engie for full details.

Engie Login

You can manage your gas and electricity account online by logging in to the My Engie portal. Available on both desktop and as a mobile app for iPhone and Android, from here you can manage everything to do with your Engie home account, from paying your bills to submitting meter reads.

Engie reviews and verdict

Engie is currently rated excellent on consumer review website Trustpilot, with 4.7 stars out of a possible 5.

Customers state the supplier’s tariffs are good value for money and many felt they had saved money by switching from another supplier.

Many Engie reviews also rated its customer service very highly, with comments mentioning the friendly phone manner of its staff, as well as the relatively short waiting times.

Only 6% of the Engie reviews on Trustpilot rated Engie UK as poor or bad, with some customers claiming they were paying more than they initially expected when first signing up to a tariff. On a neagative point, a good number of customers across platforms such as Facebook and Google reported billing issues as the main reason for their bad reviews.

Engie: the Selectra verdict

Taking everything above into account, Selectra gives Engie a final score of 3/5.

As we can see from its fuel mix (at least for domestic customers), Engie has made a real commitment to clean energy. We must give it credit where it’s due for its investment in projects to create sustainable gas and electricity sources.

Having said that, there are certainly cheaper energy suppliers out there that also offer 100% green energy, meaning Engie has some steep competition.

Engie Selectra score - ★★★

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